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My loves in life are food, writing, languages and India. I have been food blogging for many years, though I have deleted and restarted blogs multiple times!

I have written one book so far, "Mango Soup". It's an Indian vegetarian cookbook, full of healthy, delicious recipes that everyone can enjoy. I self published it with a print on demand company (a book is only printed when someone orders one) and it is availble to buy online through multiple outlets. My second book is currently in the works. It's a book about pancakes, of all shapes, sizes, colours and flavours. The third book, who knows? I also write poetry and stories, so perhaps the third book will be one of my novels!

I love travelling, and my favourite place to be in the entire world is anywhere in India. The food, the culture, the people, the language, the movies, the traditions...I've made it my life's study and purpose!

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