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  1. Most malaysian/singaporean restaurants have it. Prataman, Ellie, Bannana Leaf, Tropica, etc. It's a seafood egg noodle dish.
  2. Hmmm... did you ever get around to the Churros? =D Got a friend from NYC in town, might swing by tomorrow for brunch.
  3. We were the table of 5, we`ll definitely have to come by in the next 2 weeks then. Geez, so much for new years`resolution for keeping off the pounds! Thanks again for a great meal!
  4. Hey Chef Fowke, We just had an excellent meal at Mon Bella, I was very impressed with your French No Dine-out menu. Your Tuesday Tasting menu looks interesting as well, I'll probably swing by next week to try your Italian No Dine-out menu next week with a another set of friends. Thanks!
  5. ← Actually Oyster Guy told me the farm that was farming Stellar Bay Gold no longer farms them. =( So now I'm looking for a substitute.
  6. I don't think these are quite the same. I'm looking for Stellar Bay Gold oysters from Cortes Island. I have contacted these guys though, just waiting to hear back.
  7. Hi all, Trying to find some Stellar Bay Gold oysters for a dinner I'm preparing for. Oyster Guy pointed me to Albion Fisheries awhile back but they no longer sell to the public it seems. Anyone know where I can find Stellar Bay's in Vancouver? I found Neptune Food Service has them too but again only to wholesale. Thanks.
  8. Was here last weekend. Our table was unimpressed at the least. Service was extremely slow, food was lukewarm, very ordinary , and took 10min to flag down the waiter to pay. Place was only half full too, waste of a dinner when we were only in town for a weekend. Hope we just caught an off day.
  9. Wife is living in Seattle until April or so, so I use quickcoach.com quite frequently. They have a coupon for 50% off in the Entertainment book, one way comes out to 18-20$ with coupon. Much better than greyhound IMO, but QC has a stop/pickup spot down the street from my house so obviously I like it better.
  10. Mitch's was excellent. Persuaded a friend to buy a round ticket to Honolulu for only 2.5hrs just to goto Mitch's and it was well worthwhile. Getting that kind of quality of fish is very difficult from where I am. Otoro, lobster sashimi etc is rare where I live. Lobster miso soup was excellent. Thanks for the tip!
  11. Tried to book a table for 7 at PDC but they didn't have space so they referred us to LV. We started with a few plates of the Tripe and a Charcuterie plate. Both very good, Tripe reminded me of the Tripe burger I had in Florence. Throughout the table, several of us had the duck confit, halibut, salmon, deer(myself), and fried livers. My deer was very enjoyable, and all other dishes had positive remarks from my company. Highlight of the table was probably the salmon. It was perfectly cooked, moist and very flavourful. My friend claimed it was one of, if not the best salmon he's had (and he's had quite a few). Coming from the west coast, we were definitely surprised. Sorry for the brief comments, weekend was a blur as it was for a bachelor party. I did manage to hit PDC without the big group, and the following night after Liverpool we had a final Montreal dinner at Le Club Chasse et Peche.
  12. Looks like Albion no longer sells to the public, new owners for a year now. Didn't have any Stellar bay gold's anyways. =(
  13. Not to hijack the thread, but since you mentioned hamachi, would you recommend the same places for hamachi?
  14. Thanks OG! You just made my day! Last season I only made it to Whistler once, but I'll definitely have to drop in this upcoming season.
  15. Any suggestions for a source for fresh buffalo mozzarella? Just came back from Italy, had a really nice antipasto of prosciutto and buffalo mozz, was hoping to reacquaint myself.
  16. Just wanted to say thank-you for the list. We were in Paris and Italy for 18 days and managed to get a seat at L'Ami Jean our last night in Paris. It was excellent, I just wish my french comprehension was better, we were practically eenie-meenie-moe on the menu.
  17. Oyster Guy, I dropped into Bearfoot some years ago, I had some particular oysters that were very impressive, my wife who has never liked raw oysters had a dozen to herself. It was described as two hippie marine biology PHD's on some island's special award winning oysters =D They still haunt me. UPDATE: Found the Oyster thread, Stellar Bay's from Cortes Island! Finally!
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