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  1. Can't wait to try this place when I'm home for Christmas. Anyone been yet and want to weigh in?
  2. And he's bringing in all the top bartenders in the city: http://www.kansascity.com/entertainment/di...ory/798305.html
  3. I had a nice meal last night at Blue Grotto. We had a Greek salad; the antipasti platter; a pizza with pancetta lardons and leeks and red onions; and a bottle of red wine. I think the bill was $65 before tip. The salad was put together well with the perfect amount of lemon-y dressing. The walnut-encrusted goat cheese was a nice finishing touch. The antipasti platter was enormous and teeming with cured meats, good cheeses, a little syrupy balsamic vinegar, an assortment or pickled and roasted vegetables, and some crispy, seasoned crackers. All high quality ingredients and composed beautifully. The pizza was authentic--similar to what I remember from Italy. They have a huge wood burning oven in the center of the restaurant that handles only one or two pizzas at a time. The flavor was dynamite but I think they cooked it too soon and it sat around for a while before we got it because it was slightly cool and soggy. The waitress was happy to have it re-fired, though, and that made it a little better. The ambiance is pretty hip (especially the bar area) and the whole operation was efficient and professional. I think it will do very well in Brookside.
  4. I think Blanc is just OK. Certainly overpriced for what it is. I'll still take Jim's Fatburger or Corner Cocktail any day of the week.
  5. If that was directed towards me, I'm not Loyd. I just copied and pasted from an email I got today.
  6. MelBee's IS SAYING GOOD BYE It is with the deepest feelings that I thank all of you for your long and continued support. Because we have enjoyed your continued patronage, it is difficult to tell you we will close on Thursday, July 31. This next Tuesday, July 15 will be our final wine dinner. We appreciate your generous donations for the Village Church Pantry and encourage you to continue to bring them in. On Thursday, the 24th we hope you will join us in honoring Christine Germann, the Pantry & Clothes Closet Director at our Christmas Eve in July Dinner. During the remaining days we hope you will give us the opportunity to say good-bye personally. Effective Monday, July 14, we will be open for dinner only Monday thru Saturdays.
  7. I don't think there's a Bobblefish in Kansas City and I can't think of a sushi place that's downtown and in Westport. There's a wine bar called Boozefish in Westport but there's not one downtown.
  8. To get us back ON topic, does anyone know if the online menu is current. Now, for the last shot back: moosnsqrl, you shouldn't assume that my visits to TCF *haven't* been business meetings. In fact, all four times (yes, I remember each and every time) has been for business purposes. ← The online menu is current.
  9. I was at Justus on Tuesday and had a great meal. They have some new summer preparations including a ceviche, a new preparation for the striper bass with arugula and ramp sauce and a new pork shank dish. On this particular night, a group of 20, including some celebrity chefs, a reporter from the Chicago Tribune, and the people from Paradise Locker Meats, came in. Chef Justus had prepared a special charcuterie plate with tarragon/chicken sausage, rabbit-stuffed pig trotters, pork head cheese, pork rillettes with mulberry sauce on house-made crackers, pickled brusselspouts, and gingered apples. He also had prepared a special appetizer of turkey fries that had been prepared like sweetbreads, with a berkshire bacon and porcini cream sauce. The food was of course excellent and it was a really special night. I look forward to seeing what's written up in the newspaper.
  10. Fritz's near Gates in Watt's Mill is good. Has anyone been to Werner's on Johnson Drive? I heard Nate Appleman, April Bloomfield and a whole cast of other characters will be in town this weekend to check out the KC food scene. Anyone else hear that?
  11. This is my first Jazz Fest and I'll probably be at the Fairgrounds a good amount but will be doing some late night stuff as well. Are there any food-centered events outside of the Fairgrounds? I ate at August and Jacques-Imo's in the fall, my first trip to nola. I'm kindof on a budget this trip but what places will give me the best bang for the buck? Also, I thought I'd just throw this out there since I'm trying just about every place else.....does anyone have access to Meters tickets at Howlin' Wolf?
  12. I was there last week and it was between that and the Game of the Week (pheasant sausage). I went with the Game of the Week and it was disappointed in myself that I didn't have the room to go back for the tongue sausage. I shared that with my group and got to taste the crawfish sausage, the duck sausage, and the two chicken sausages. Those duck fat fries are awesome. I was surprised that a lot of my transplant friends had never heard of Hot Doug's.
  13. My expectations were definitely met and then some. Even though there wasn't anybody in the place at 6:00 on a Monday, my girlfriend and I still really enjoyed the atmosphere. As a poster before me said, I liked everything I had and don't have much constructive criticism. It was just a treat to be able to sample such serious cocktails. We had the Riveria, Pulque, Americano, and Spring Sidecar. After tasting the Riviera, I plan on making my own pineapple-infused Campari. The Pulque was such an intense, smoky cocktail. It was a little much for my girlfriend but I loved it. The Spring Sidecar was fruity and delicious. Very spring-y. The deviled eggs with brown butter and candied pork belly were awesome. Possibly the best deviled egg I've ever had. Thanks again to Toby for turning me onto the lemon/egg white/simple syrup combo. My raspberry/blackberry cocktails were a hit at the seder I attended on Saturday. Between the drinks and my matzoh ball soup, I think they'll probably invite a goy every year from now on.
  14. I'm bringing in a group on Monday before we go to Iron and Wine. I've never been more excited to go to a bar. Quick question: I just made some blackberry and raspberry-infused vodka. Any suggestions on an awesome cocktail I could make at home?
  15. So what's the best place to eat at after winning a national championship? Rock chalk Jayhawk!
  16. I don't remember chefburger being all that expensive. As an aside, I think it's interesting that some of my favorite burger places don't use the best meat. The Flea Market uses McGonigle's meat but I doubt Corner Cocktail or Jim's Fatburger are sourcing top-quality beef.
  17. Ha. I forgot that it does have a fried egg on top. Not sure about the bacon. Allsome. I wants a wangburger from the Wheel now too.
  18. I'm going on Friday. Can anyone who has been recently comment on what menu items are particularly fresh/good right now?
  19. Damn. I liked that gallery. It's crazy how fast the restaurants are going up around here.
  20. I'm 215 lbs of season pro. I'm getting the Widowmaker next time I go: cheddar, black bean-chorizo chili and fried red onions. Ahi Burger also sounded good. I might get that.
  21. I ate there tonight and I really had a good burger. I like the layout of the place and the prices are reasonable. I had the hawaiian, which had bacon, pineapple, and sriracha coleslaw. The burger was cooked perfectly and the bun couldn't be any better. Everything tasted really fresh. I figured the burger would be sloppy and fall apart with all those ingredients but it somehow stayed together. There are a wide variety of sides and milkshakes to choose from. I had fried green beans, which were excellent. I'd go back.
  22. In no particular order, these are my three favorite burger places in KC: - Westport Flea Market (just east of SW Trafficway on Westport Rd) - Jim's Fatburger (70th and Prospect) - Corner Cocktail (on the east side of 85th and Wornall)
  23. I will have trouble going for a burger in Westport and not just going to the Flea Market.
  24. kendix


    On a slightly related note, a place called the Nice Cafe has opened in Lawrence that does veggie food: http://www.lawrence.com/places/nice_cafe/
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