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  1. Four Rosettes to Launceston Place and Murano?
  2. If not even calling him Raynor provokes him to intervene, I guess he'll never do so.
  3. Well said, one of my persistent gripes as well. (not at the CC which I haven't tried but in so many other places). That said, I learned recently that Summer truffle proper (Tuber aestivum) is in fact the same species as Tuber uncinatum (Burgundy truffles for the French and various local types of black truffles for us Italians, e.g. 'nero del Baldo') which is much better. The difference thus is not genetic but derives from environmental factors. (Tuber melanosporum is of course yet different and the best). I think they should put 'Tuber cardboardum' on some menus to describe accurately what the
  4. I guess it depends what that someone is particularly interested in. If it's ambiance, I'm sure there are many spectacular/lovely/cosy places scattered all over Britain. If it's cuisine, I doubt one can do much better than picking The Ledbury.
  5. What an idiot - forgot to mention the best of them all: Dulce Patria. For me, this place has everything going for it: extraordinary presentation, precision, richness, intensity, balance, creativity. No other meal in a month in DF came close to the quality I experienced there. And the prices are surprisingly kind, too, for this level of cuisine and ambiance.
  6. I too was disappointed by Pujol. Several dishes simply lacked taste or interest (e.g. a jicama salad that might impress only if you've never tried jicama before, and a beef tostada that while pleasant wouldn't compare with the best beef tartares, and a cerdo confitado with a mole that was insufficient in quantity and not stunning in quality), while one, an aubergine 'barbacoa', was positively unpleasant, the aubergine bitter and watery. Best dishes for me were a quail en recado negro with concentrated, stunning flavour and perfect cooking, and the desserts: one, a sort of avocado mousse (cremo
  7. Incredible how many times I've read and experienced this. For the life of me I don't understand why cooks put subpar truffle in their dishes: they are effectively putting a name, not an ingredient. By the way thanks for your quiet dedication to the cause MaLO, much appreciated. I for one am 'guilty' of having stopped reporting, it's a shame this board is dying.
  8. Quite right too! My all UK list then (again in no special order): 1) Drover's inn (Memus, Angus) 2) Koffman's (London) 3) The Kitchin (Edinburgh) 4) One O One (London) 5) Apsleys (London) 6) The Ledbury (London) 7) Medlar (London) 8) The Peat inn (St Andrews, Fife) 9) Martin Wishart (Edinburgh) 10) Helene Darroze (London) The weakest of the 10 was at Darroze, it was not a uniformly good meal even though it had pinnacles. I also tried Alyn Williams this year but wasn't so impressed as others. Drover's Inn is just a humble Scottish pub, but with the quality and freshness of ingredients, cooked p
  9. I'm a fan of Arbutus even though I only go about once a year - I never had a poor dish here, no matter how cheap the menu from which it was taken. Today at lunch I had a two course meal a la carte: the S&M burger, much praise has been bestowed upon it and it is all true, even if mine today was for my taste a bit salty; and the rabbit loin with shoulder cottage pie and the pancetta and the endive, a surefire hit of a dish if cooked well, and this one certainly was. For me Arbutus lacks the environment to be the place for a great relaxed meal in the complete sense, everything feels a bit rus
  10. Thanks for keeping up the honourable tradition. For me, in no particular order: 1) Malga Panna (Trento, Italy) 2) Koffman's (London) 3) The Kitchin (Edinburgh) 4) One O One (London) 5) Osteria Francescana (Modena, Italy) 6) The Ledbury (London) 7) Medlar (London) 8) The Peat inn (St Andrews, Fife) 9) Locanda Margon (Trento, Italy) 10) Consorzio (Turin, Italy) At La Reserva 12 (Malaga) I had the freshest fish and fantastic Iberico and Manchego, a truly memorable experience that can probably be replicated in many other simple places in Spain, but for me it just happened to be there. In Berlin I,
  11. I've tried the Iberica branch that is at walkable distance from my London pad (the other is in Marylebone - the branch I mean, not the pad). Half-empty as expected on a Saturday night (who wants to be in Canary Wharf on a Saturday night?). Not bad at all. They are at the high end of ingredients in the London Spanish scene. We especially liked: - the trio of Ibericos, which affords really interesting comparisons between three incarnations of the delicacy, with subtly different sweetness and fat (for the aficionados they were Beher etiqueta oro from Salamanca; Jabugo; COVAP Alta Expresion-Los P
  12. My sentiment exactly. I didn't know Tom Kerridge and from the chefsunite story I assumed he was an uncouth bully. Instead he came across as warm, sympathetic and understanding, a gentle giant. Quite a change from the usual style of this part of the competition. A 2* without pressure. And by the way his dishes looked more inviting than Wareing's to me
  13. To bring an international perspective, the activity on the main Italian food discussion site (Dissapore) shows no sign of abating. But that is not a forum, it has a collective blog format, run by a team of professionals and semi-professionals, with numerous posts by them on a daily basis, often more than one a day. Sometimes readers contribute posts. This stimulates very lively discussions among a vast readership. Individual blogs rarely if ever are good sites for discussion, but I think Dissapore have nailed exactly the right format. In the end there is only so much that one can discuss after
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