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  1. Taking a rare trip to NYC next month. Would like to dine at someplace good but money of course is a issue. I like bistro and brasserie fare. Also if there are any other reasonable modern places that possible serve game, I would like that too. Looking to spend around $100 w/o drinks. Thanks
  2. NoNiceTime

    Tofu Recipe

    In a lot of salad bars in the NY area I see a tofu dish I would like to make at home. Its simply a triangle of tofu sliced down the middle with some marinated veggies. Do they cook the tofu first and then serve it chilled? What type of tofu should I use to make this?
  3. The blond chick was kind of sexy though. What what have made the show funny if one of diners sent back one of the dishes saying is it really necessary to freeze foie gras?
  4. Pretentious. I wonder if if Anthony himself would've have watched a show like this 15 years ago.
  5. NoNiceTime

    Dinner! 2008

    Cinco De Mayo dinner Fish Tacos
  6. NoNiceTime

    Dinner! 2008

    Bitter Mellon w/ egg whites and black beans
  7. Chefs are a joke but it doesnt matter because GR is pure comedy.
  8. Let me see I can watch Guy and Marc comment on a Chocolate Chip Cooking battle or do a load of laundry?
  9. NoNiceTime

    Endive recipes?

    I use thisBraised Endives recipe all the time
  10. I've gotten my hands on some fresh RTM. Are there any unique methods to preparing these compared to other mushrooms types?
  11. NoNiceTime

    Dinner! 2008

    Veggie Egg Foo Young
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