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  1. Does anybody know more sources for locust bean gum aka carob?
  2. Hello, Does anybody know where to get Stollen, Yule Logs, and sizable Linzer Tortes in San Francisco? Thanks!
  3. I went there about a month ago. My cousin and I went just as they opened. We sat at the bar area looking out onto the street. Forgive me if I'm a bit hazy, I drowned myself in espresso that day. The main reason why I wanted to go there was because of an article in Financial Times. It had highlighted its "California" style service. I'm from NYC and was curious to see what this service type this was. I figured it was something like a Danny Meyer restaurant. But I can't comment on my service experience unfortunately because of where I sat it was so uncomfortable for a server to navigate.
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    Well that sucks, it seems like it could be a nice restaurant. We actually didn't finish the rib-eye so we packed it to go. The next day we scraped off the sauce and made it into a sort of vietnamese beef salad with raw beets. I don't want to say it tasted better.... but you could definitely sit down and enjoy the beef flavor.
  5. Hey all, I just went to Tavern in Brentwood tonight. I haven't seen a thread on this place yet so I'd like to share what I experienced. Before eating there for dinner I had a snack at the larder. It was nice. They had some breads, prepared foods, and sweets. The macarons & thin mind cookies weren't bad. The counter employees were nice as well. The whole building itself is very nice and friendly. The dining room was bigger than I thought, it goes out further in to an area with glass ceilings allowing the light to enter. Its very relaxing. I just moved over to SoCal from NYC so
  6. I just had my last NYC meal here before moving to California. And I had a good time. The warm salad with black lentils tasted very fresh, and the shrimp salad was tasty. The entrees were good. We had the pineapple cake & buterscotch sundae for dessert. The pineapple cake was really good, especially with both fresh & cooked. The sundae was okay, it was too sweet. But I like Gramercy for their desserts. Anyway I'm glad to have gone there again before I leave. I've only ever been there though with Chef Michael so I can't compare. I did have a Stone Pale Ale as my drink, I didn
  7. just went there today. we were lucky enough to sit down right away, i think it was around 7pm. i tried the crisps & peanuts. they were good, but i'm not going to go around raving about them. the peanuts were fun. i got the head cheese then shared the pig's foot. they were both good. i don't want to compare, but the last time i had pig's foot was at au pied de cochon in montreal. that was in august 2009, but it still runs through my mind. i love april bloomfield and i've been a patron of hers at spotted pig for at least 4 years now. but that pig's foot at au pied de cochon is like
  8. Thanks for posting the article. Excuse my ignorance but it says he won an award for conservation. I went to Bouchon in Yountville last September and remember Bluefin Tuna being on the menu in the form of a sandwich (Bluefin Tuna Nicoise sandwich). The waiter didn't say if it was wild or farmed, I didn't really pay much attention to it at that moment as my mind was so focused on french fries. Aren't they critically endangered or am I missing something? I brought my parents to per se for my mom's birthday and they spoiled us rotten, my parents will never forget that experience. For that I than
  9. Hey, I hope I can help somewhat. I haven't been in a kitchen for 3 years, as I switched to ice cream. But I worked & staged in 3 star NY, 2 star Michelin places. My friends are still in the kitchen and sounds like much hasn't changed. Photos - To be honest I haven't seen anyone with a camera in a kitchen since culinary school. I doubt anyone will seriously care. They might give you a look then turn back to their station. Just be sensitive to the individuals you are near. Working Hours - I always arrive early. And if they say you can go its up to you to stay. They wouldn't mind if you sta
  10. Thanks, I think I've come to understand what California cuisine "is" from reading this thread. That is refreshing as I am leaving my home to move there. I come from a heavy French/Italian background so let's see how I can fit in.
  11. I just got back from Paris and the Paris-Brest & Tarte Tatin were to die for. The store itself was very nice. I stood outside until they opened. Some things went quick, I passed by later in the day as my hotel was close. Sadly, we don't have anything close to pastries like this in New York. But that makes it even more precious to someone like me. I'm recommending this place to everyone I meet that is traveling that way.
  12. No place is like New Jersey, and no place is like Passaic... well maybe Naples. I wouldn't even say I'm from NJ. In terms of in-state I never left my hometown for anything unless it was to go to NYC or the airport. And I hardly left the East Village unless it was to cross Houston St to go to work. I'm somebody who never had to WALK more than half a mile, forget driving. I try to have an open mind, I've been traveling since I was 3 (to Lourdes, France to "cure" my crippled grandfather") And I use to live in China. To be honest, when I flew to California to meet my partner to scope out loc
  13. LOL I'm being serious when I say I met people from California who have never ate a fig or blood orange. I say fig they say newton. Some of these people I've met were from Orange County if that explains anything. And most of them were Asian. I'm part Asian myself, but we've always eaten figs. Maybe its a cultural preference? I don't know. California is a very contrasting place which is a good thing in some ways. I look forward to moving there. My plans are to open my own ice cream shop eventually. One of my favorite flavors to make in the past was Black Mission Fig Ice Cream, fresh t
  14. I'd like to know what people say are the differences between Northern & Southern California cuisine. I'm from NYC, but use to spend my summers as a kid living with my cousins in Cupertino in South Bay. We use to take trips to Napa and San Francisco. So I am somewhat familiar with the food there. I took it to be like what people say, but I remember more Asian influence. Maybe only in Cupertino & San Jose? They use to have a sizable Japanese-American group. And is California Pizza Kitchen really from there? The other thing I noticed is most Californians I've met have never had
  15. I just got back from Christmas vacation. I tried Berthillon, but not Pozzetto. It was okay for me. Everything was very sweet and not only in my opinion. I would go back if I was in the area, which is not often lol. I tried another place on Rue du Bac but I forget the name. It was okay as well, not bad for a pit-stop. I also randomly found Grom in Paris. Its pretty much the same as in West Village here in NYC. I did try quite a bit of places in Italy especially Florence and Bologna. The highlight of my whole trip was La Sorbetteria Castiglione in Bologna. It was a bit soft for my taste,
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