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  1. Anyone know of a place to get real, fermented pickles in Tampa? Or real sauerkraut?
  2. jwgjr

    Chili – Cook-Off 15

    IN reviewing multiple award winning chili recipes, I note that most of the winners add spices in stages (calling them, e.g., "dump 1," "dump2," etc.). On average, dump 1 is allowed to stew for about an hour, dump 2 for about 45 minutes and dump 3 for 20-30 minutes. Anyone know the reason/technique behind this?
  3. Ouch, I must just have an expensive area for buying them. Even target was $10 for 10. I'll have to try better online places. As for the pellet gun ones, I hadn't thought of the size but suspected there might be lubricant in there... too bad. No reason those things should cost as much as they do (I remember filling 30oz paintball canisters for under $4...). Thanks for the advice and the links!
  4. Ok, I recently got an iSi Soda Syphon. With it I ended up having to buy iSi CO2 chargers, which ran 10.99 plus tax for a carton of 10- 8g chargers. Cheapest I found them was 9.99 online for an off brand. (Some places list 6.50 but then make up for it with shipping.) So about $1-1.20 apiece when all is said and done. Walking into the sports section of my local big-box, though, I see 40 packs of 12g chargers for pellet guns selling for $23. Makes it about $0.60 each after tax with 50% more CO2. Question is, any reason I can't substitute? Before you mention the amount of CO2, iSi allows for doubl
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