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  1. I know I'm a little late to the party, but if I need to make a lot of potato salad, I bake the potatoes, let cool, then peel. Great potato flavor, and little standing. I can peel the cooked potatoes sitting at the kitchen table. Just a late thought.
  2. Killens in Pearland is incredible. We drive from Beaumont at least once a month for it. Best brisket I've ever had.
  3. Yes, I've made this - several times. It's better than you can imagine. I add the red wine vinegar.
  4. Dana

    Potato Salad

    I always roast the potatoes. Water from the potatoes is evaporated during the roasting and makes for a much more intense potato flavor. Easy to peel as well.
  5. Dana

    Breakfast! 2013

    Try some cardomom!!
  6. You'll want to use what ever is in the fridge first before it goes bad (assuming the electricty is out). Keep the freezer doors closed as long as possible. Do you have a generator? You pantry items are good for when the fridge things are gone. Be wary of salt - a lot of shelf stable items such as canned soups, etc, are loaded with salt, and if clean water is an issue, you'll want to stay away from it as much as you can. Be sure to stock a few cases of water. Fill your bathtubs with water so you can use it to flush (this is very important). Survivor of hurricanes Rita and Ike
  7. Can't go wrong with Pappa's Brother's Steakhouse. Not really innovative, but very nice.
  8. My Indian friend even leaves them out of recipes she uses - she says they smell like old tires.
  9. Robirdstx - We have a Floyd's here in Beaumont as well. If you haven't tried the seafood gumbo, you're in for a treat. It's the best I've had, including my own!! The chicken sausage, not so much. Their cajun ceviche from the appy menu is great, too. We should get together sometime...
  10. My mom taught me to cut up a chicken. I learned most everything else on my own - out of self-preservation - in most cases. However, being able to cut up a chicken quickly is something I'll always thank her for.
  11. Last time we were there, there was construction and it was a little tricky to get to, but so worth it. That place is awsome. Everything you can think of and then some!! They also do mail order.
  12. Pappa's Bros. is a classic old school steakhouse. I love it. We've been to Mark's several times, and love it as well, although I don't think of it as cutting edge, just a lovely atmosphere and fine, fine food. Hugo's is good, although I don't think of it when planning a special occasion. We went to t'afia several years ago - the atmosphere was almost austire, and the menu was a little weird - in thirds, as I remember, something about it seemed odd. The food was good, though. Reef is supposed to be fabulous, we haven't been there yet. Although not fine dining, Max's Wine Dive on Washington has a great vibe, super food, and out-of-the ordinary wines.
  13. Great blog, Shelby. Glad you found a way to make wild turkeys edible. My husband has gotten a few, and I'm always glad when he gives them away!! I grew up in ElDorado - how far are you from there?
  14. Dana

    Christmas 2010 Menus

    Marlene, maybe you could offer to make a turkey for New Year's Day. Although turkey with cabbage and black eyed peas doesn't sound that great.
  15. Andrea is offering free shipping if you order 2 sets of glasses through this weekend, plus the discount for eG members. This is a sweet deal for anyone whose thinking of giving wine glasses this holiday season. I just ordered 2 sets for the kids...
  16. Andrea Immer Robinson has an interesting turkey quesadilla with sweet potato mole video on her website that I'm going to try.
  17. Good to see you here on the blog, Matthew!! Can't wait to see some of your delicious creations!!
  18. Dorie Greenspan advises taking the sprout out as well. Same reason - bitterness.
  19. My version of the Hachis Parmentier I kept the veg in with the meat mix and served it with creamed peas. This is really delicious. I did the crock pot routine - it worked perfectly.
  20. Meeting Dorie was one of the highlights of my cooking life. She is just delightful, open, genuine and funny. This was one of the best classes I've attended, and I've been to quite a few. She answered my millions of questions, as well as those of other attendees, gave tips and told stories. The food was just delicious. The lamb and apricot tagine is burbling away in my oven right now. (except I'm using chicken thighs, a suggestions Dorie made.) It smells wonderful. Pictures to follow. If you ever get a chance to meet her, jump on it!!
  21. A couple of things from lunch today. Bubble Top Brioche p. 496 ready to go into the oven Out of the oven - a little darker than I would have liked. My oven is a piece of junk and sometimes decides to up the temp several hundred degrees. And the Cauliflower Bacon Gratin several others have made. This is very different from anything I've made before - custard-y and really very nice.
  22. I had forgotten about that thread!! Thanks for reviving it, philadining. We had the pleasure of eating at Link's Butcher in May. I've been thinking about that boudin since then. I love that he uses pork shoulder instead of ground pork. Thanks also, for the hint about the extra help.
  23. Creamy Cauliflower Soup p. 68 I put this together for lunch last week along with a sandwich. I used my immersion blender to puree, and you can see it's not as smooth as it could be. It was only lunch, and I had some other stuff going on - smoothness at that point just wasn't that big a deal. I did drip a little truffle oil on top. Quick, simple easy and delish.
  24. Those colors look pretty good to me, LindaK!!! Veal Marengo (p. 264) I cannot get many different veal cuts here - shoulder is one one that is not available. (shanks, chops, scallopinni and ground are about it), so I subbed in shanks, braised them about an hour longer that the recipe (with shoulder) called for, separated the varous little muscles, and added them back into the stew. Served with little red potatoes that I peeled around the middle, we really enjoyed this and will make it again. The sweetness from the onions and played very nicely with the earthy mushrooms. If a stew can be elegant, this is it!!
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