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  1. Quote Not to disparage the quenelle, but personally, I've never found it to be very attractive. I think "football blobby thing" describes it quite accurately. I've never really understood what the big deal is. I like to do anything BUT that shape. I must respectfully disagree about the Quenelle . A perfect Quenelle will look as though it is floating atop what ever it may be garnishing. In many prepared dishes it will be a garnish that will add just the right amout of richness, lightness, and finish. It can make a dense or rich item appear to be lighter, not only in looks but in taste. There should be nothing blobby about a quenelle. The only trick is to approach your medium with a closed spoon. Open requires to many swipes to achieve perfection. By closed spoon, I'm referring to the top of the spoon as you begin your swipe inwards towards yourself. Assuming you're holding the spoon like the handle of a bicycle, the top edge should be pointing towards your face or chest closing the opening between the cream and the top of your spoon. Does that make sense? Luv the Quenelle If it's not perfect then go commando
  2. I totally appologise if I'm repeating someone else. I just did not have the time to read everything w/ mom's day and all. I have made my own with some great sucess. It does involve collecting old residential ice makers. Even the commercial will work. There are many cube size varieties. Check it out. pan
  3. Skwerl, Chances are if you bought a sealed can of pectin from a bakery supply, it is mostly apple pectin. Any numbers on the can like 440 or E440 ii? I know this does not answer your question, but I will think more and look in my office if I have any testing methods.. pan
  4. The pate brisee would work but I need to make it chocolate. Would you happen to have a recipe which would include cocoa? ←
  5. Audrey, I might be repeating someone, didn't have time to read. You can use a simple pate brisee. Blind bake and use a rasp jam so the cake layer stickes to it. Then build as usual. pan I have also made it with a japonaise type bottom
  6. panini

    Fry Bread

    Hi Bluechefk, I would be thinking more along the lines of a crisp chip type bread. Possibly a premade bread refried or a focaccia type dough rolled very thin. Just my opinion. I've actually had this... somewhere???? maybe Jamey Fader at Lola??? See if Lola has a site and maybe they describe the fry bread. HTH's Panini
  7. No, not halogen bulb. A regular heat bulb. Halogen will not produce enough heat. pan
  8. Hello, a 250 watt light is what you're needing as others have said. I would make sure the core of the wire is large enough to handle the watts. It is best used with a creamic outlet. This can be found at any major home center. I would recomend that you install a dimmer switch somewhere between the plug and the bulb. I had the helper at Home Depot gather everything and explain the simple installation. If using a box, you can lower and raise the bulb for heat intensity but the dimmer will do better. I find clear bulbs to create a lot of glare so I go with the red ones. HTH's decades of sugar work Panini
  9. I am so new I don't even know how to post properly. I wanted to mention clear flour if you are mixing the day before. I've always used a percentage blend with rye depending on my needs. pan
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