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  1. will be in Israel next week. Thinking about dinner at Uri Burri. Any info on what one may expect to pay for a meal there, probably a chef's tasting manu? Thnaks, Matthew
  2. Crepes For U - a small creperie in the atrium in front of the supermarket makes fantastic sweet crepes. Dinner at New San Dor followed by a crepe from Crepes For U is a perfect evening.
  3. Had an absolutely stunning meal at Wing Lei. A beautiful, grand room. Excellent, gracious, friendly service and out of this world food, beautifully presented. Started with Cantonese Soup, followed by beef tendon appetizer. For main courses had the pork belly & eggplant with garlic chili sauce & snow pea leaves with crab meat. Both dishes were fantastic. For desert had a chilled mango "soup" with tapioca pearls & alond cookies. Las Vegas is lucky to have such a fantastic restaurant
  4. New San Dor is a new Hong Kong Style/Cantonese restaurant in this shopping center. Opened about 3 weeks ago. It's fantastic. Have eaten there 3 times now. Excellent Peking Duck, steamed flounder with soy & scallions. Don't miss the crispy garlic chicken. One of the best chicken dishes I've had in a very long time. Don't usually get excited about chicken, but I can't stop thinking about this dish.
  5. Looking for info on the best Chinese Restaurants in Las Vegas. Have read a little about some of the high end Chinese restaurants in the casinos, Wynn, Venitian, MGM... I believe Chinese is one of the world's greatest cuisines and worthy of an experience and treatment equal to what we see in the best French or New American restaurants. Wondering if anyone has any experience with these high end Chinese restaurants. Are they really great? What are your recommendations? Are there Chinese restaurants in Las Vegas away from the casinos that are worth a special trip? I appreciate any help you can provide. Cheers.
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