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  1. Ah, Menudo. For the morning after the night before!!!
  2. I certainly agree with dls. I bought my Cookshack Smokette SM-009 quite a few years ago and like it very much. I usually use it for briskets and pork butts. It really IS a "load it, set the temp, add the wood, plug it in, and walk away" smoker. If you need the socialization aspect of tending to charcoal/wood smokers then this probably isn't for you. I simply got lazy after using "regular" smokers for so many years. Like dls I wish I’d have bought earlier. I see that the money back period is 30 days but barring some minor defect, they ARE built like a tank. It still has a 2 year warranty period and shipping is STILL free. This still won’t replace your grill. It isn’t designed to reach the heats a grill does. I’ve never tried smoking a steak!
  3. This explains it a little more. Safeway pulled out of our area years ago but there's a Tom Thumb nearby and will have the printed directions. I suspect there IS some liquid in the roasting pan to keep the grease from smoking.
  4. Thanks fifi. If something as simple as that really worked it wouldn’t be a recent discovery. Suppose the Washington Post is shilling for Safeway? Say it isn’t so!
  5. I stumbled across ANOTHER turkey roasting technique. I’m a guest this year so won’t have an opportunity to try this. It’s a high heat technique, fine tuned. It appears Safeway perfected this technique. They claim you can roast a 10-22 pound turkey to perfection in 2 hours or less. Roast in a 475°F preheated oven until the meat reaches 160°F Let rest 30-45 minutes. The detailed directions appear to be available only from a Safeway store (for obvious reasons). This is the Washington Post article. You may have to register to access it, but it’s free. I am a guest this year so won’t have an opportunity to try it. I’ll bet one or more of you will be curious enough to try it and report.
  6. I laughed 'till I cried. That is, until I realized I AM him. click
  7. I like Hamm's Custom Meats in McKinney.
  8. Huevos del Toro

    Muscovy Duck

    On addition to "normal" roasting methods I've tried Alton Browns Mighty Duck method with good results. My only disappointment was losing the rendered fat. I might have been able to chill the liquid and pick the solidified fat cap off.
  9. Have yourself a good cry. In the spring and early summer brisket here (Dallas, TX) can be found on sale for 89-cents to $1.19/pound. We load up, freeze several and use them throughout the BBQ season. Smoke 'em low and slow, invite your friends (who MUST bring the beer), and enjoy.
  10. The latest issue of Cigar Afficionado magazine has an interesting article on the "Kentucky Bourbon Trail". Sorry, the text of the article isn't available online but worth the read anyway.
  11. BRAINSTORM!!! I've used venturi pumps for many years to empty my waterbeds. I don't know how much vacuum it will pull but it will suck the meat from your hand with enough force to be easily felt and seen. They're inexpensive and may be worth a try. You'd have to have a "container" for your product that has a female hose connection to attach the hose. Also, I don't know how well the venturi pump would work if the hose isn't primed. Just a thought.
  12. Weber has a pretty complete treatment of pork butts. Naturally, it revolves around using the Weber Smoky Mountain (Weber Bullet) charcoal smoker but the information isn't restricted to using their smoker. There is a lot of useful information on selection and preparation.
  13. I really like my Yama. I like my French press too but the Yama doesn't leave sediment. Vacuum, press, or drip, it mostly depends on grind and water temp and time of contact. At least that's the way it seems to me.
  14. This works great for opening up beef bones to expose the marrow.
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