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  1. what a disappointment. at least the alsatian tasting was worth my $7 cab fare back to gramercy park on wednesday. we tasted 14 or 15 wines, 12 of which were grand crus, including 2 vendage tardives and 2 SGNs. a few of them sucked, but overall a cool guided tasting with a couple of '90s and semi-compelling information about some of the producers. BUT NO ZIND-HUMBRECHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i also went to the seminar on portugal's dry wine. i really want to buy more wine from there to support their work with indigenous grape varietals. plus, i think toruga nacional is super when it's not overextracted & blended with toooo much cabernet. as soon i saw so many people at the KJ & alize booths, i knew what i was in for. but i tasted through guigal anyway & then skipped the booths for the most part. guigal was, as usual, uninspiring. i can't believe la doriane (condrieu) fetches the $$$$ it does. all the whites were very, very thin. sommelier solutions--did anyone here go to this? what did you think? that MS from atelier is something else, i'll tell you. very bobby flay-esque, i kept thinking to myself. and an interesting discussion on wine bars developed during the open forum. clearly no one knows what do do or think about their appeal, and then morrell concluded his remarks on the subject with a comment about the key to their future lying in the internet. huh? i was suprised to see soooo many people from the other coast there, though.
  2. thanks for keeping me in mind, nina & all; indeed, monday nights are my "saturday night" (or perhaps my "thursday night" in manhattan terms). i am going to d.c. on monday the 3rd, or 4th, or whatever that date is. but i can get together this monday the 28th.....what's up with everyone? nina? or else the monday that's either the 10th or 11th? i'm up for alsatian gewurztraminer.....but i'm in agreement re: german 2001s. best vintage in a long time.
  3. what he said. or she said. whatever you are, thank you. well said.
  4. for some reason i'm not looking forward to it too much....it's seeming like a bit of an advertising extravaganza.
  5. i should just go down there myself & visit him, but did colin mention anything about renee having her baby yet? maybe that's getting a bit personal....
  6. tom stevenson, for reference--he does the sotheby's books. not dry, either; you could actually read this from cover to cover & not use it just for reference. i love clive coates, MW, on burgundy!!!!!!! "Cote D'Or: a Guide to the Great Wines of Burgundy" highly recommended, with compelling stories & histories of producers. this is one of those books i want duplicate copies of so i don't have to schlep it around, i use it so often. any favorite books on german/austrian wine? i kind of like parker's recent take on the austrian 2001 vintage in the other month's advocate.
  7. martyL, i didn't feel like paying for the burghound access, so i don't think i can read the analysis you're talking about, can i? perhaps i can get my hands on it somehow...thanks for the heads up on that one. yeah, i had domaine defaix 2000 from bougros. wow. and not even a favorite producer of mine. it was fat & concentrated.
  8. i've been drinking a lot of gran cru chablis lately, so it's been on my brain. i'm also tasting domaine laroche's new releases tomorrow, so i thought i'd inquire....favorite vineyards? vintages? producers? right now bougros is at the top of my list. perhaps 89 or 90 from brocard or renee dauvissat. but i haven't tasted from preuses--what i understand to be richer in style--or valcluse. does anyone like wine from these vineyards? note on a related wine....stony hill chardonnay is very chablis-like. no oak, quite steely. there's some about town (in nyc).
  9. i would add von strasser. i don't know about staglin family.....it might be 2nd or 3rd growth. my first growths would be: harlan bryant family schafer "hillside select" araujo colgin dalla valle "maya"
  10. thanks to you both for your input. what do you mean by specs' cornering the market, though? don't they just have a retail store? are you insinuating that people wouldn't be into going to a wine bar, that they're barely into buying wine at retail & drinking it at home?
  11. cabrales, looking forward to the details; although, that's it--i'm going either sunday or monday now. i don't want to wait until next week! also, to add a bit of my own emotional baggage with regards to grapes-- they were always forbidden in my home, growing up: the grape boycott initiated in the 70s and sustained throughout the 80s and 90s made me very weary of finally indulging two years ago when the boycott was dropped. (i also worked for the united farm workers on multiple public campaigns in the 90s.) and i still feel a bit wierd when my teeth pierce the skin of grapes. but goodness, ..... anyone else recall the boycott when they enjoy that juice now???
  12. steve, atlas is re-opening in mid-october. will your book include any wine list or wine director references?
  13. tuscan 1% milk? could you elaborate? if anyone's bringing raw milk i'm in.
  14. well in that case i need to enter three years' worth of tasting notes into a database, and i'm also behind on vintage research..... this kitty litter really needs to be scooped through, too.... oh, and i really should pay my visa bill in full this month--$483.77....
  15. nina, have you been to BH yet? i just saw an old college friend of mine at veloce last night, and her mention of working there reminded me that i still need to go.... are they open on monday nights??
  16. Oooh, I finally have a use for the '98, '99, and '00 bottles of Tuscan 1% milk my roommate has left in the fridge. The '99 in particular, as I recall, made a particularly nice batch of Kraft Macaroni & cheese. It'll be interesting to see how the flavor has developed over time. tuscan 1% milk? could you elaborate? if anyone's bringing raw milk i'm in. where is this going to be? sorry--i don't have time to read the 4 pages of posts.... wine? cheese? a horizontal of washed rind sheep's milk cheeses? or cow's....
  17. and maybe bringing her some of that olive oil....
  18. absolutely. it's showing impressively, especially for a domestic cheese...ha ha.
  19. it's eight months old, same age as the wheel that won the award in washington. weren't you there, liza?? i know someone here told me they were there....i think it was you....sorry but my memory is approaching 30.
  20. no, i do not consider frish herbs such as mint & rosemary "spices". nor do i consider them as such when they're in their dried forms. they are leaves harvested from plants & are "herbs". my favorite herb is definitely thyme. my favorite spice is comino, as i call it in spanish. cumin in english. coriander rivals it on some days, but i just try & let them complement each other, something they do well.
  21. i have a friend who is talking about opening a wine bar/lounge in houston with a cheese program. how do houstonians feel something like this would be received? are there any places like this now that they should visit while they're there over the next week? any input would be appreciated....thanks. (i'm writing from nyc, where we both live. we're both in the industry now.)
  22. Where do you get it in NYC, Steve? why, at bar demi on 17th street, nina.....this really sweet yet very mod place in gramercy park. perhaps steve could imagine spending $24 on a bottle of something he so highly recommends..... and i bet they wouldn't charge him corkage after quaffing that with you.
  23. yeah, i'd like to know, too. seems i've seen the numbers somewhere... and i'd say "glass" too, but how many times do i drink a "glass" vs. how many times do i drink a "bottle"?
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