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  1. So what types of white wines are best suited for risotto? I think most recipes simply suggest a dry white wine, I've only used chardonnay but I don't know the differences of white wines. I've been using $20 bottles but I think I'll cut it back to $10 bottles since I'm indifferent about drinking whites.
  2. Well that would be great news I thought that the wine would have to be used within a few days after opening, even in the fridge. Thanks for all the advices.
  3. I'm not familiar with those 4 packs, what size are the bottles?
  4. I've just made my first few batches of risotto recently using some white wine which the recipe's had called for. I've seen recipes substituing wine with vermouth (I beleive it was vermouth) and I've seen a recipe without wine or any alcohol. My reason to not bother with wine is mainly $$. I am not a fan of white wine at all, so I have to buy a bottle every time I make risotto, of which only a small portion of the bottle is used for cooking, then I have to drink the wine relatively shortly after it's been opened even though I don't really enjoy it, just not wanting to waste it. So I'm curious if some experienced risotto fans can comment how important white wine is to risotto, if it can be substituted (vermouth?) or dropped all-together. The reason I ask here as opposed to experimenting for myself, is that I when I cook risotto it will be for few people at a time and I would not want them to be dissapointed. Thanks in advance.
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