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  1. I'm sure the food will be wonderful. That being said, 1. An interesting cheese course. 2. Good wine glasses ala Culin Aire in Montclair. 3. Quality coffee made well. I can count on one finger the places that do this right.
  2. Kam Man has a great selection of baked and steamed buns as soon as you walk in the door. The pork, chicken curry and scallion buns are the best in my opinion. They have steamed buns, but they are not that great.
  3. You might try trader Joes. Their house brand of Greek yougart is $2.99 for a 16oz container.
  4. I've been here many times and have found the food quality good, but not revolutionary or cutting edge. What I do find quite good is their wine list and the cold seafood tower. The service has alway been top notch and the sommelier knows his stuff. If you drive, there always seems to be street parking within a block. The room is lively and you can have a conversation without screaming or listening to others conversations. In todays enviroment that says alot.
  5. Haven't been there yet, but their website is quite annoying. No menu and terrible music you can't get rid of.
  6. You might try Maria's on RT23 S in Wayne, always fresh made.
  7. I know that alot of people are pissed at A&P but a "new" A&P has opened up here and it looks pretty good. The grand opening was yesterday and it was packed with suits from corporate and customers. The store is on the smallish side and it appears to be copying the Wegmans/Kings model. High grade cheese, cold cuts, meats , poultry and fish. A nice looking bakery with in store baked breads(Ace brand) and a good looking produce section. They have heirloom tomatoes and baby veg. The store is a little confusing because it is small. I think they should have put this in their flagship Woodcliffe Lake store and just renovated this store. They're open 7am to 12 midnight and carry enough gourmet varieties to make it a decent choice around here, although there is a kings two towns away.
  8. Picnic Chef I got takeout about a week ago(In those nasty styro clamshells). I had the same reaction that you had, mac and cheese crappy, little smoke flavor in the meats. I arrived there at 6PM and there was only one table sitting. Deathwatch?
  9. I'm taking my daughter to college on 8.22. We will be in the Allentown area for a few days. I've searched, but found nothing. Budget is not an issue, but I think casual fits the bill. No chains please. Thanks.
  10. I know none of these are that close Piast on River Drive in Garfeild Stefan and Sons in Botany Village in Clifton International on RiverDr(St) in Fairlawn All three of these are excellent delis/butchers that make alot of their own CC.
  11. Ela If you like good Spedini you might try Joe and Joe's in Pearl River, NY Its on Central Ave across from the firehouse. The portions are huge and the prices are fairly low. Anouther interesting addition to the area is Defiant brewery. They have 6-7 homemade brews and you can get takeout of beer. They don't have any food.
  12. Calandra on rt46e in Fairfeild makes really good jelly(cinn sugar and powdered) and cream donuts. Their bread and rolls are also top notch. Allwood Bakery in Clifton also has great donuts, besides excellent pastries and onion rolls.
  13. I'm talking about Jerry's in Englewood, on Dean ST, down the block from Balthazar.
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