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  1. I'm sure the food will be wonderful. That being said, 1. An interesting cheese course. 2. Good wine glasses ala Culin Aire in Montclair. 3. Quality coffee made well. I can count on one finger the places that do this right.
  2. Kam Man has a great selection of baked and steamed buns as soon as you walk in the door. The pork, chicken curry and scallion buns are the best in my opinion. They have steamed buns, but they are not that great.
  3. You might try trader Joes. Their house brand of Greek yougart is $2.99 for a 16oz container.
  4. I've been here many times and have found the food quality good, but not revolutionary or cutting edge. What I do find quite good is their wine list and the cold seafood tower. The service has alway been top notch and the sommelier knows his stuff. If you drive, there always seems to be street parking within a block. The room is lively and you can have a conversation without screaming or listening to others conversations. In todays enviroment that says alot.
  5. Haven't been there yet, but their website is quite annoying. No menu and terrible music you can't get rid of.
  6. You might try Maria's on RT23 S in Wayne, always fresh made.
  7. I know that alot of people are pissed at A&P but a "new" A&P has opened up here and it looks pretty good. The grand opening was yesterday and it was packed with suits from corporate and customers. The store is on the smallish side and it appears to be copying the Wegmans/Kings model. High grade cheese, cold cuts, meats , poultry and fish. A nice looking bakery with in store baked breads(Ace brand) and a good looking produce section. They have heirloom tomatoes and baby veg. The store is a little confusing because it is small. I think they should have put this in their flagship Woodcliffe Lake store and just renovated this store. They're open 7am to 12 midnight and carry enough gourmet varieties to make it a decent choice around here, although there is a kings two towns away.
  8. Picnic Chef I got takeout about a week ago(In those nasty styro clamshells). I had the same reaction that you had, mac and cheese crappy, little smoke flavor in the meats. I arrived there at 6PM and there was only one table sitting. Deathwatch?
  9. I'm taking my daughter to college on 8.22. We will be in the Allentown area for a few days. I've searched, but found nothing. Budget is not an issue, but I think casual fits the bill. No chains please. Thanks.
  10. I know none of these are that close Piast on River Drive in Garfeild Stefan and Sons in Botany Village in Clifton International on RiverDr(St) in Fairlawn All three of these are excellent delis/butchers that make alot of their own CC.
  11. Ela If you like good Spedini you might try Joe and Joe's in Pearl River, NY Its on Central Ave across from the firehouse. The portions are huge and the prices are fairly low. Anouther interesting addition to the area is Defiant brewery. They have 6-7 homemade brews and you can get takeout of beer. They don't have any food.
  12. Calandra on rt46e in Fairfeild makes really good jelly(cinn sugar and powdered) and cream donuts. Their bread and rolls are also top notch. Allwood Bakery in Clifton also has great donuts, besides excellent pastries and onion rolls.
  13. I'm talking about Jerry's in Englewood, on Dean ST, down the block from Balthazar.
  14. I was at Jerry's yesterday and they were in the middle of a makeover. They have taken all the wine out of the front and setup a larger wine area in the back. The Deli counter remained in the same place, but they have moved the pastries to the back and have slightly enlarged the area. The overall feel is alot more open. The problem I have with the new look is the lost feel of discovering something new and different that I always had when I've gone to Jerry's. Btw I didn't check the ceiling. I was at Balthazar also It seems to me that their quality has slipped. For the prices that they charge there shouldn't be anything stale. When I got home and tried the rolls and danish I bought it was all stale. I'll be making a phone call today.
  15. Don't skimp on the side burner. If you can find one that is about 12k BTU's, get it. In warm weather I find myself doing alot of frying outside. It cuts down the smell in the house and cleanup on mine is a snap.
  16. I'm really suprised about the tude. I'm a regular shopper there and usually find everyone helpful. There are times when the place is packed and it gets crazy (lunch and around holidays) and the help gets a little frayed. I think that is the real exception not the rule. The other thing about Jerry's is the amount of help and the number of years of service. I've been seeing the same people there for years. As far as Morto goes I've never heard of it having MSG.
  17. I a gree with Nenton, you get what you pay for. I always ask prices before buying. That being said, here's three more bakeries with a good bang for the buck. Village Baker, Clifton. this newish bakery has two items woth going out of your way for, ruggelusch and donuts. The ruggelusch is $8.00/ lb and blows away the best. The Polish donuts (.75) are stuffed with a tart raspberry preserve and come powdered sugar and cin. sugar. The pastries and tart are top notch also. no real cakes as such. Allwood Bakery, Clifton. An old style bakery with fabuluois onion rolls, Miami and flat, great cookies @ $10/ lb, pastries and danish @ .75/ ea. The cakes pies and donuts also get two thumbs up. Rockland Bakery, Rockland, NY. Its not in NJ, but its right on the border. This wholesale bakery also has a huge retail business. You go right into the production floor to pick your own breads, rolls,and bagels. Everything is right out of the ovens. The rye, egg rolls, challah, onion board, and kaiser rolls are top notch and very cheap. The rest of the bread products are good, but not great. The sweet baked goods are also top grade and very inexpensive. On the weekends the place is mobbed.
  18. I've been, not worth a mention.
  19. Let me start this with saying that I am not a big fan of Bobby Flay on TV. I've been to Mesa Grill twice and both meals were very good. I went to Cafe Americain on Wed with a fellow egulleteer (who knows the house) before the Ranger game. We went in at 5:15 and were seated immediately and told the waitstaff that we needed to be out by 7PM. We ordered a half bottle of Alsacean to have with the seafood tower ($65) that we had ordered. Four types of oysters, clams,stone crab claws, three types of mussles, Scallop cerviche, razor clam cerviche, U16 shrimp, scallops and a number delicious dipping sauces. It was was easily enough for four, a bargain considering the amount of selections and the quantity. We followed this with a Strip steak to split ($36) and a cauliflower gratain ($8). We drank a bottle we had brought with us, an excellent 1990 St Julien. The steak was a little overdone for me (I like it black and blue), but the cauliflower was delicous. We finished with creampuffs with a whiskey sauce. Overall an excellent meal with top notch service that got us out on time. Btw, the place was packed when we left and still had a good crowd when we returned at 9:45. I fould the accoustics lively ,but I could speak and be heard and there was good table seperation.
  20. Seven of us went on Sat. night (from No. Bergen). Everything that has been said previously is 100% true. Besides being treated like royality, we left with bottles of hot sauce, BBQ sauce and two types of dipping (schmearing) sauces. The Fred Flinstone and the sausages were perfect. Three adults, four teens that inhaled everything except the bones from the two Flintstones. which the dog finished yesterday, $200 tax and tip and drinks included.
  21. We had an early St Patricks boiled dinner on Sat. On Sun morninig I made: Chopped cornbeef,diced potato, and carrots all fried together with red onions. My son Poached an egg and had that on top of the hash on top of a english muffin. We also squeezed some fresah OJ (a Sun Tradition). If my cholesteral could handle it I would have this every Sunday.
  22. The only reason I knew the name of the place is because I asked for a business card. I've been trying the stores up and down the street and this is tops for dumplings, buns and pancakes (esp the kimchee).
  23. "Oh, there's a place in Montvale on Chestnut Ridge Rd called Canton Gourmet. At least that's what it was called the last time I had gone. I never was ecstatic about them but it was local and edible. They may have improved since I went last like...2 years ago especially because they were getting more packed. Anyone know? I've done take out from there on the weekends. From my dated experience, King Fung was better than this place." ← This is a place I like alot. It gets real packed around 12:30 on the weekends (when they have Dim Sum). Its very much like going to Chinatown in that you might find yourself sharing a table. They have carts and everything is very fresh. The selection is decent and they have takeout. The regular menu is quite good also. It looks like a suburban chinese menu, but there are many hidden treasures in it. This is a place that's worth a try. BTY In the same shopping center is a wonderful Sushi restuarant called Gen, but that's anouther story.
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