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  1. Chin Chin always does it for me, I know I am going to get flack for this. Jimmy the owner is the best. Many years of memories there. Oh yes and the XO SHRIMP.
  2. Kids don’t want hot chocolate they want Frozen Hot Chocolate: Serendipity 3 www.serendipity3.com/
  3. I am not an Italian American ala Olive Garden (YKKKKK) fan of Carbonara but the on NO RESV looked freaking sick (good sick that is). Anyone have a recipe for that as well, authentic as possible of course... How can I get a hold of that episode, on demand or web?
  4. Was watching TONY B on No Reservation's tonight and he was eating cacio y pepe in a supposed secret location in ROMA, what is the name of this place? Anybody know? I NEED TO KNOW NOW!!! Furthermore anyone have a knockout recipe for cacio y pepe? Who makes the best cacio y pepe in NYC?
  5. Still bothered from last night. I am writing to you all for your opinion. Was at a very popular BBQ place in Brooklyn (will leave nameless for now) that sells meat by the pound. In addition to my brisket and pork belly order, I ordered a 1/2 pound of raw house-cured bacon. I have ordered this before and loved, loved, loved it. On my last order of the bacon, they sliced the meat long and thick, ala Peter Luger's (fried up, it was unreal). Now this time, the BBQ slicer/counter guy called the back of the house guy and summoned the bacon. It weighed 1lb so he cut the rectangle in half, maki
  6. Off with my head if I missed this already but I am looking for the best Peking Duck in NYC, you know, one of those crispy oil dripping golden beacons of flavor. I don’t care if you think its Daniel's Duck Ala Press or some dumpy whole in the wall MSG Shack. Post away people, I am salivating already….(post the price if you know it)
  7. Ok my 88 year old (soon to be 89) Grandfather has been buying panettone on Bleecker Street in Manhattan his whole life, he goes to either Bruno's (no longer there, now in Staten Island where he lives) and or Rocco's. As the years goes by he is getting crabbier and keeps saying "it’s not the way it used to be", he is done with both Rocco’s & Bruno’s. He is looking for an authentic dense, fruit filled and moist Genovese style (not Milanese) Panettone. No box suggestions please either. I will travel with him wherever. HELP!!!
  8. Tell us about this amazing deal...What do we get?
  9. Hi Egulleters, I need help in a hurry, my girlie and I are heading down to the Food Network SOBE Wine Food Festival in Feb and I need help on choosing an event, I am tossed between two. I can only pick one and my choices are: Perrier-Jouët BubbleQ hosted by Tom Colicchio & Friends http://www.sobewineandfoodfest.com/2009/vi...ts.php?event=38 or Fontainebleau Miami Beach presents Wine Spectator’s “Best of the Best" sponsored by Bank of America http://www.sobewineandfoodfest.com/2009/vi...nts.php?event=5 Both sound amazing and I just don't know what to do... Please help me decide, I need to A
  10. I have this cool idea/desire? Would it be acceptable this Friday Oct 31 Halloween night to go to fine dining or trendy restaurant like NOBU in my pajamas for dinner? I would go dressed as this because it’s Halloween of course, very comfortable and when the heck can you go to a NOBUesque restaurant in your pjs? If not pajamas is it acceptable to go in a costume at all?
  11. Ok people I did what I felt was almost the hopeless and expensive task of getting tickets to the NYC FOOD & WINE FESTIVAL BURGER BASH in Brooklyn Friday night...If you have been under a rock here it is: http://www.nycwineandfoodfestival.com/2008...ts.php?event=91 NOW...I am surprising my girlie with the tickets and she is a stickler on dressing to the occasion, what the heck do I tell her to wear? I mean its a "Burger" event, jeans and sneakers come to mind but then again its should be celeb studded being the Marquee Event of the whole festival. Should I dust off the Brioni sports coat and
  12. I had dinner alone last night @ Urban Rustic in Williamsburg, was quite delicious (turkey meatloaf, unreal rustic mashed potatoes and a squash succotash [that was a bit salty]. I really like the place immensely as well as their concept and what they stand for however I think the help there really is poor. I asked if certain items were good and for the them to digress a bit and all I got was a bunch of blah/ its organic it’s good. It seems as though the staff is not passionate as the cook staff, just regular ol hipsters at the helm with non careless attitudes. What do you guys think? In no wa
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