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  1. So I did the epicurious recipe posted earlier, made some tzatziki , and gave it a shot. Crunchy on the outside, though a bit soft on the inside. It tasted much better than the boxed stuff! (the stick type things are fried potatoes) Sean
  2. SeanWalberg


    I like marinating it in maple and soy, bake in the oven on some parchment at 400F. A new favourite is this: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/recipe_views/views/5908 The flavours are wonderful, I've become a fan of chipotles recently and this one really made me happy. Sean
  3. Are you talking about Falafel Place on Corydon? If so, I think we're neighbours, I'm on the same block as it. Sean
  4. I do something similar, except that I line an ice cube tray with plastic wrap, put a tablespoon of the chipotle in each, cover, and freeze. Then I transfer all the frozen tablespoons to a plastic bag that keeps in the freezer. Do you puree the sauce, too? I just do the pepper itself, as that's what the recipes most often call for. Sean
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