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  1. Also, I bought it at a local store in Denver called Marczyck which i LOVE. I know people here have mentioned before ordering from Dietrich's but I did not have time to do that though the Marczyck pound was more expensive than what I hear Dietric's is.
  2. Thanks guys! We won't use the leaf lard for the Empanada Extravaganza but we will render some today for Thanksgiving Fest. Regards! Su
  3. Hi kids. I am in the process of making some empanadas and we bought some Niman Leaf Lard which I was really excited to use but this lard looks nothing like the lard I generally buy in a bucket, or crisco or so. This lard is thick and has connective tissue. Sorry if i sound like an ignoramus but how DO I use this lard? Do I need to render it? What is the easiest way to do so? Thanks in advance for your responses! Su
  4. Hey guys. This is all great information. Will be useful when I am permanently in the area, too! I am just baking these two pies so it is good to know that it will be Ok. I even found a place that has leaf lard and am excited about trying my crust with that. Su
  5. Thanks guys! I went ahead and purchased what the SO wanted. Let's see how it all goes.
  6. Hello Hello! It is that time of the year where I start making pies and stuff. I have my great recipes that I generally use but this year I am spending Thanks Giving with the SO and his family in Denver. I had not been planning on doing anything because I generally feel uncomfortable cooking at other people's kitchen but I guess my SO offered me and my baking skills for Thanks Giving. Apparently, I will be baking an apple pie and perhaps a pumpkin pie, with my very own crust. I have never baked at high altitudes and am a bit nervous about the process. I would love to hear your feedback and possibly recipes for a delicious pumpkin pie and/or apple pie baked at high altitudes that would be great. Looking forward to your feedback, suggestions and recipes! Sue
  7. Thanks! I was thinking about Saz18 and some others but wanted to find out if this obscure one is a Templeton and whether one should mess with a man's choice of libation? :-) Thanks! Sus
  8. The holidays are coming and I have been trying to track down an Iowa Whiskey my SO tried once in Chicago and really liked. He said you could only get it in Iowa and Chicago. I did some research and found Templeton Rye but I am trying to rule out other possibilities. Any other suggestions as to good similar whiskeys (if it is indeed Templeton's Rye) would be greatly appreciated....though I am inclined to gift him the one he tried and loved.
  9. Greetings, I have been asked to make a gazpacho meal for my in laws. I have decided on white gazpacho as they love gazpacho and we already had some this week. I figured white gazpacho would b the way to go for some variety. The question now, is, then, do you have a favorite recipe that will dazzle the in laws? Is there a traditional way to serve white gazpacho? I know that the tomato gazpacho is often paired with tortilla espanola or tortilla de patatas. Is there something comparable for white gazpacho? Thanks in advance and regards!
  10. So on a recent trip, I learned about this delicious dying breed of honey: questa honey. I would like to give it as a gift but have no idea of where to find it and order it. Suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  11. I am so sorry if this has been asked before but I have been reading through some cookie threads that have some wonderful cookie recipes I would like to try (Korovas, CIA Mudslides anyone?). However, I am having a really hard time finding simply delicious chocolate chip cookies recipes. I don't like them crisp, though I like them thin, and soft, though not too soft. Oh oh. Any help, even if to point me to the right thread, would be appreciated! Thanks!!! Sus
  12. Just so everyone knows, as i was headed to do the surf and turf my mother had already purchased some pretty hefty and tasty rib eyes. I improvised by cooking them in the cast iron, then turned it down and placed a flat pan (that I later found out buried somewhere in the apartment's owner pantry) pan side down over the steaks to create sort of an oven. The steaks were delish. I ended up making Ed's potato salad and everything was just delicious.
  13. I like it. Maybe do a surf and turf---scallops and 1inch or less thick london broil? Off to the supermarket to look around and experiment. Thanks so much for the inputs!! -Sus
  14. It's the day before mother's day and I am visiting my family in Puerto Rico. I am renting an apartment that has no oven. Now, I had planned a nice meal for my family in my apt which included a lovely arugula salad, potato salad (could not escape this one as my father explicitly requested it as he only likes my recipe and he gets to eat it only when I visit). Now, I wanted to accompany the potatoes w. a simple steak, cooked in cast iron and then finished in oven. Today I woke up and realized that the kitchen has no oven! Now, to be honest, I think I already knew this but kept blocking it. Now, w/o an oven what kinds of simple good meats would you suggest I could possibly make? How? Chicken is out of the question (sick and tired of it), but I could replace the meat for some sort of seafood. Thanks in advance for the suggestions! -Sus
  15. I never gave a report back on the turkey. It was absolutely delicious. The turkey was both crispy and soft. It was such a degree of melt in your mouth that the other students at first thought it was raw....until a more educated palate informed them it was simply cooked to perfection and not they dry kind they are probably used to at home. I was thankful for the girl who said that. The turkey was also super flavorful. The stuffing turned out exactly as I had planned. Im not sure how to upload pictures but when I have some more time I will. Thanks so much for the feedback and encouragement! Sus
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