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  1. I wrote way to much to post it in here, but my wife and I dined at Bluestem last September for our Anniversary and enjoyed it immensely. http://www.stlbites.com/2007/10/10/blueste...as-city-part-2/
  2. I realizing you're joking, but if you were to vacuum seal mac & cheese, you could probably bring it back up to temp in a water bath the way those Stouffer's creamed chipped beef deals are.
  3. That budget certainly limits the St. Louis picks Niche is definitely the don't miss for our city in a higher range, but cheaper, I'll throw these out: La Pizza - Killer Meatball subs and pizza - http://www.saucemagazine.com/lapizza/ Banh Mi So - Vietnamese - www.banhmiso1.com Stellina Pasta Cafe - house made fresh pasta, and the best pulled pork (oddly) I've ever had - www.stellinapasta.com I'll second Iron Barley, though it might be a touch over $15 depending on what you get, and with their limited but excellent beer menu, you'd be hard pressed not to want to have a taste.
  4. go at lunch...we walked right in and were seated promptly at the end of May as everyone wanted Frontera. We did not, having eaten there many times before. It was a great experience which if I find the time will comment on further later....more then anything though we had some of the best service we've ever had.
  5. I emailed them too, but they haven't gotten back to me...what other kinds of stuff do they carry?
  6. terraspice.com just got back to me. "The retail cost per pound is $16.96 and it is available in one pound increments. The price does not include shipping. You can place an order by emailing me at judy@terraspice.com with your shipping and payment information. Thanks, Judy" They offer wholesale pricing to restaurants as well though I'm not sure what that cost would be.
  7. Here i am, evidently i had an account this whole time......who knew? ← Glad to see you here. In I guess 1998 when I was the pastry chef on a jr culinary olympic team I set up a dinner with my team and a couple other random teams members we'd picked up at competition. We were crammed in the front of the ever tiny Stolen Grill as a last minute favor, and I was served one of the most memorable meals I'd eaten to this day. I can still remember you finishing all your sauces to order in 1/2 quart pans, and I recall a cook in the back of your tiny kitchen cleaning proteins in the middle of service. It was a great night, and within the next two months I drove to KC with my girlfriend to show her what all my fussing was about with another fantastic meal. I do monthly searches for your name hoping that I'll come up with where you've landed so that I can make whatever trek is necessary to show my wife what it is I've been fussing about all these years. Sad or not, I'm no longer a cook but I now have a job that has given me the luxury of afforind seats in some of the best restaurants in the country. Still, when thinking of all my memorable meals, I always come back to the Stolen Grill when I think of a meal that was simply put, perfect. So...where are you anyway?
  8. This is an incredibly late response, but if the implication was that St. Louis does not have a Restaurant Week, you would be mistaken as we have had one the last two years. It already came and went in August, however. http://www.downtownrestaurantweek.net/2006/index.html
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