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    Buying a half cow

    Thanks for all the tips guys. As a follow-up, we are very interested in the front cuts and not planning on wasting a thing. The cows will be grass-fed and finished, but we've had cuts from the farmers before and are happy with the product. Your advice did make us do a re-evaluation, and when we contacted the farmer again to ask about some other options, we were lucky enough to find out that another couple was looking at the same situation, so we are now going to buy a half of a half but not front or back. I have already called dibs on the Flank, since it is my favorite cut, and cannot bear to see it ground. My wife loves Brisket and this is our first attempt to make it.
  2. Hey everyone, I am a long-time lurker on the board, and could use some tips if anyone can help. My wife and I are thinking of buying a 1/2-cow from a local farm. They are willing to cut to request, age and deliver. We have the freezer space, so the basic need is covered. To anyone who has done this before, any tips? What cuts would be best to ask for or is there a special style we should have in mind? What kind of list should we be submitting, if any? We are looking at doing 21-day aging, any feelings on that? A lot of this will obviously have to do with the farm's flexibility, but I wanted to have a basic framework in mind before sounding like a fool.
  3. Toby made his feelings clear about American frustrations with his judging and his amazing British wit: http://www.spectator.co.uk/print/the-magaz...s-anxiety.thtml Essentially, if you don't enjoy his amazing observations, it's because you have never heard someone who can form full thoughts.
  4. It sounds funny, but there is a BBQ place in Winston, Prissy Polly's, that is fantastic. It is a total dive joint, nothing fancy at all, but the food is just plain good BBQ.
  5. I've seen the raves for JKWB, any thoughts on his other location @ The Gardiner? I am also visiting Toronto for about (or aboot) a week after staying with my relatives nearby. I'm checking on a lot of the places listed here, but didn't see that one thrown around. Did I miss it?
  6. Thanks for the tip bryan. I went back and read the article, and you touched briefly on Chef Royal's background being a little more complex than just the straightforward Angus Barn approach. Do you know what other kind of stuff has he done?
  7. My "plan" was a 5-pound butt at around 250 for 10 hours or so. It's in the brine already, so for this shot, the best I can do is improve the rub-type thing. I would love to get into a real smoking deal, but this one is sadly down the river too far to be brought back. I will message about a future plan rich.
  8. I should add, I am going for a pulled pork-type product.
  9. So I've got a pork butt in a brine in the fridge now, used a tupperware pitcher, thought it worked well. Anyway, gonna slap a rub on it in the am for a nice slow roast. I've heard the usual ideas (cumin, pepper, thyme, fennel). Anyone got any other ideas? When you do a roast butt like this, do you used a liquid? If so, what?
  10. My wife and I went yesterday actually. We know we are going twice more in the next few weeks, so we started slow. We really enjoyed the Spanokopita and its wine pairing and the pierogie wasn't too bad. The escargot were pretty gummy, but it was out of a cart, so how much can you expect. The goat cheese tart, also from the French area, was nice. The dough was very sweet, and it paired up with the cheese very well. We watched a cooking demo in Turkey, but it was for a cold olive salad (didn't know ahead of time). Basically just tossed ingredients together. The recipe sounded decent, but the "demo" was kind of a waste of time. The presenter was very nice though, and did try to weave in a few stories from her homeland.
  11. Right now, I am kinda leaning toward Delmonico's, from what I have seen on here.
  12. Since we're all gonna be off doing our own thing, steak and conversation will do fine. If we want to see the water, we can go do it after/before/another day. I'm more looking for impressive food, not the side acts. After all, I want to end up happy too .
  13. Read your post and story RJ. Thanks for the heads up, first of all. And 2 questions about the restaurant, if you would be so kind. 1) In your first photo, I saw a guy in a tank top and shorts walking out of the place. Is that sort of attire standard in Vegas? I ask not because I mind, just wondering what to pack/wear. I live in Orlando now (but only for two more months, thank God), so I am used to that kind of casual attire in even higher-end places, but is that the Vegas standard as well? 2) I understand that the ordering at Bartolotta is done by the whole fish. Is that correct? And just to get a handle on the price, what would an average bill run there, in your experience? Did you find that style of menu to be a hurdle at all? Would people who are not as into food be turned off? Just curious. Again, thanks for your help. Jon
  14. Well, I guess it depends on whether you think food is art, or simply dinner. I used to be a huge Who fan, but since they've been whoring themselves out on the open market lately, they have less appeal to me. You have to have a little bit of pride in what you do, in my opinion. ← Sometimes food is art, and sometimes food is food. And sometimes art is a photo of a crucifix submerged in urine or a model of the Statue of Liberty made out of gum wrappers. It's all relative. If you don't like it, fast forward over it and don't eat at Applebee's. Sometimes I can't understand how people will debate the relative merits of mayo vs. Miracle Whip for 10 pages on this board, and then get outraged because some guy with a nice face who hosts a cooking show on TV tries to make some endorsement dollars off his name. The people he's pitching to are not going to be eating in your 3-star restaurants -- all they want is some mozzarella sticks, a 1/3 pound burger, and a margarita. They have chosen food, not art, and that is their choice to make. ← Well, I've only been on this board a short period of time, and just shared my opinion on something and then got sniped at for it. They aren't MY three-star restaurants, and I don't deny anyone's right to eat wherever they want. I was just saying that, to me, it's sad, and I am less likely to listen to anything he has to say because of it.
  15. Well, I guess it depends on whether you think food is art, or simply dinner. I used to be a huge Who fan, but since they've been whoring themselves out on the open market lately, they have less appeal to me. You have to have a little bit of pride in what you do, in my opinion.
  16. I never really thought much of him, but my wife liked him for a while a few years ago. She had fallen off his bandwagon and when she saw the Applebee's ads, she was pretty dissappointed.
  17. jonnymikes, if possible, would you please give us some more details about your trip, where you and your in-laws are from, first-time Vegasites, and any other culinary characteristics. Food likes/dislikes? Are they easy to impress? Are they foodies/eGers as well? I suspect not, based upon your request to find "a good steak dinner to impress the in-laws." There are other steakhouses which I haven't tried yet (Smith & Wollensky's, Craftsteak). And there is Lawry's the Prime Rib (which is different from steak, IMO), off the Strip. Lreda, I just checked the Mandalay Bay website and I couldn't find that "4710 Restaurant" you were mentioning. Different casino, perhaps? ← Thanks for asking . I am the only first-time Vegasite in the group of four (me, wife, and her parents), but I am pretty much the only foodie also, which is why I am planning the restaurants. They are very easy to impress, and for the most part, they like what could be described as "normal" food. We're staying at the Bellagio. That kinda reaches the crux of my problem. I have been trying to find places with unique, outstanding food, but staying away from the type of food that some people find too exotic (the gelees, oxtails and raw meat) My choices so far are Bradley Ogden, Daniel Boulud and a steakhouse. Ogden is an easy pick because we are seeing Jerry Seinfeld at Caesar's that night. Anyone got any better ideas there? They all love seafood, so if that could be an option to replace Boulud, although I am pretty excited to try his food.
  18. The in-laws?? Hmmm.... I like N9NE at the Palms. But it's not a traditional steakhouse. It's very hip. and loud. But they cooked a mean steak for me. And it's a cool place. If you are into cool, hip places. This past June, I had a VERY nice meal at Austin's Steakhouse at the Texas Station casino. It's off the strip. The part of town looks slightly "dicey". But it was a very nice meal. I'd recommend it. For a fancy place in a fancy strip casino? How about Prime? Never been, but I hear good things. ← Yeah, I know. A little wierd to go to Vegas with the in-laws, but it probably won't be as awkward as you would imagine. At least, that's what I keep telling myself. I've heard big things about Prime, it is on the short list for sure.
  19. I checked most of the vegas threads on here, but was wondering if anyone had any new takes on vegas steakhouses? Eating at DB Brasserie and Bradley Ogden on two other nights, but looking for a good steak dinner to impress the in-laws .
  20. Funny, because while my wife and I were there this weekend we made the same call. We skipped BlueZoo for Flying Fish, and couldn't have been happier. We had a great meal there, but our experience at Artist's Point the next night was very dissappointing. Had to send my food back, and eventually just switched entrees all together. That said, our server was very accomidating and made the best of it. I'll be attending the Food & Wine Festival, and will keep an eye out for your session.
  21. Well, price is another consideration. Not everyone on here can eat at V&A, Daniel's and FL every night or every weekend. When I said that I enjoyed 310, it was that it was a good meal at a reasonable price with some creativity. In between every "experience" there are at least 30-40 times I just go out to eat. I don't think most people on this forum would consider 310 or Chefs de France on the same level as V&As, but it was just a recommendation for the other times out. And yeah, Orlando is a totally plastic town with little to no food culture, or any culture for that matter. My wife and I have been here 6 months and can't take much more of it.
  22. Not at all bad etiquette, and I think I'll start a new discussion about this restaurant. Go here for the discussion about Piedmont, the soon-to-be-opened restaurant from the team that brought us The Federal. ← Thanks everyone for all your help. I have decided to stop my journey on one side of the counter and am withdrawing from culinary school. I realized that I wanted to be a good cook at home, and I loved exploring new cuisine while eating out, but I didn't really want to do it for a living. I probably will check out almost every restaurant mentioned here, but it will be sitting at the table instead of standing in the back. Again, thanks to everyone for your time and guidance.
  23. Going to bluezoo this weekend for the first time. I will let you know what I think. I can vouch for Jiko and Cali. Grill, although I would say Cali and bluezoo will probably be similar, while Jiko is a very unique experience. I have been 4 times, and each time I am surprised by how far on a limb it is for a Disney resort spot. It is excellent food, and very unusual cuisine for the normal Disney tourist.
  24. I have to back Ross up on this. My wife and I were walking around Winter Park 2 weeks ago and we ducked into 310 Park. The food was great, the service was exceptional, and the atmosphere was perfect for a small bistro setting. My wife had the fettucine alfredo, and I ordered the special, a steak sandwich with a fennel and orange salad and bleu cheese. Great all around, and some out of the ordinary beers on tap to boot.
  25. That is the kind of thing a lot of chefs at my school have told me so far, and I totally agree. I respect and admire elite chefs, but to work NEXT to someone with superior skills is much more of a concern for me than working FOR someone like that. The best thing about my current job at a fast-casual indie place is that a total of 15 or so people work there, and 4 are the owners, one or two of which wrote almost all the recipes we follow. It's such a boost to me as an aspiring chef to hear the hows and whys of the business and the food that I really don't want to even look for something in fine dining or a chain, because I still learn something almost every minute I am at work. I have heard good things about Magnolia Grill in Durham. Anyone have any opinions?
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