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  1. The Flute in Fyshwick is an excellent patisserie... I digress, as this is a bread thread
  2. Come and spend a day or two around the Canberra region, visit the wineries and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Canberra District Wine Harvest Festival Host Note: see here for the terms under which this event is posted.
  3. Check out Epic Market (Saturdays) or Old Bus Depot Market (Sundays). There's a stand that sells very nice sour dough bread and good quality bagels. They have their own bakery and retail at markets.
  4. Try to get Asian kitchen supplies in Sydney, they are usually more expensive here in Canberra. In addition to the places nickrey mentioned, the Farmers Market at EPIC in Mitchell is also worth a visit. Open on Saturdays only, there are organic, grain-fed meat (beef, pork, chicken, etc) fruit, vegies straight from the producers. There are numerous Asian groceries peppered around the city. In the city centre, there are a couple of Korean groceries, a few good all-around Asian ones in the Belconnen area (one inside the mall). One in Phillip that I've not been to, but have heard that the prices are low but variety a bit limited. There are also a few in Dickson, more Chinese than the others. Most of these shops sell fresh Asian vegies. If you go on delivery days, they're quite fresh.
  5. Does anyone know of any online stores that sell Japanese food, ingredients and kitchen supplies? Thanks.
  6. in summer, we like serving sang-choy-bow and the korean sam-gyop-sal. lettuce is so refreshing! and for dessert, black gelatin with lots of ice.
  7. Try the Korean grocery stores in Eastwood. I've seen them in a number of the stores there. I'm referring to stores on the side of the train track where there are many Korean restaurants, not the side where the Chinese stores and restos are.
  8. lamington, would you be referring to the Hall market that is held on the first sunday of each month? there's the Jamison market held every sunday morning, has good selection of fresh produce and trash and treasure stalls. not sure if the one at the Exhibition Park, which used to be every saturday morning, is still there. this one has some cooked food and baked products while the one at Jamison doesn't. >>I'm told I won't have much else to do, aside from work! ... depends on what you like to do... there's a big exhibit at the national gallery "Turner to Monet", but i think it finishes around june. you can go on a balloon ride august is winter and once the fog has lifted we get beautiful sunny crisp mornings!
  9. has anyone had any experience with the samui institute of thai culinary arts? http://www.sitca.net planning to attend their 12-day professional course and would appreciate hearing about what others have to say about this school. thanks.
  10. Thanks for everyone's recommendations. My friends and I will check them out. We had a late dinner at Capitan Torres a few weeks ago. We tried a few tapas. They were decent but nothing to write home about. Sounds like we need to go back and try their paella. Thanks again!
  11. Please recommend some really good Spanish restaurants in Sydney. We're looking for places that cook excellent paella and have a decent tapas selection. Thanks!
  12. What about ice cream? Soft, delicious and healthy.
  13. Jimmy's Place in Dickson is good for live seafood. Live mudcrab is always done nicely, served on a bed of noodles of your choice. In terms of "outstanding and memorable", I can't think of any. Sad, but true.
  14. Would the first beer in SE Asia be San Miguel Beer? The brewery was established in the Philippines in 1890 by a Spaniard. Here is a link to San Miguel Corporation's web site.
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