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  1. WARNING: there might be a HUGE Top Chef 7 spoiler in the linked post! However, I did not include it below. http://www.slashfood.com/2010/09/08/who-should-be-included-in-top-chef-all-stars/ Last week, rumors sprung up on Grub Street and Eater, indicating Top Chef's Season 8 is currently being filmed in New York City, this time billed as Top Chef All-Stars. The more popular chefs from the series have been spotted shopping at Brooklyn's Fairway grocery store and being filmed at the American Museum of Natural History. Of the 18 rumored chefs, here's a list of 14 (after the jump) that have been seen and identified by our top-secret Top Chef spies. Read more: http://www.slashfood.com/2010/09/08/who-should-be-included-in-top-chef-all-stars/#ixzz0z2CTvrym Marcel Vigneron Richard Blais Fabio Viviani Tiffany Derry Michael Isabella Dale Talde Carla Hall Tre Wilcox
  2. Those CIA people looked really uncomfortable. Like they didn't want to be there. I'm happy for Tiffany and was surprised Angelo was so far off his game. I agree about the interpretations.
  3. He's lucky the food was good. I thought was an interesting concept. When he said he was 86'ing all sides because he didn't feel like making them anymore I laughed. His girlfriend even said they shouldn't have a restaurant. The meatloaf cupcake is nothing new. I was surprised the judges went gaga over the idea.
  4. When Angelo said the name of the restaurant was EVOO I immediately thought of Rachel Ray. I'm surprised nobody said anything. I really thought Amanda was going home. But Kenny messed up two dishes and he was the executive chef. The Blue team was sore losers. Instead of taking responsibility for their mistakes they had to bring up Alex and what a mess EVOO's kitchen was. They needed to worry about themselves. I hope Alex goes next week... And where has Eric Ripert been? I thought he was supposed to be a regular!
  5. KristiB50

    Jack in the Box

    The tacos are excellent hangover food!
  6. The show reminds me of the Restaurant Wars challenge on Top Chef. I think the show is entertaining. It's definitely not one I watch for the food. I liked the episode with the three generations of Italian women best.
  7. I just have a hard time believing there's no footage of Alex buying peas or making his puree. I guess the speculation makes a better show. I also find it odd the other chefs didn't raise more of a stink about it. Especially Ed. Not necessarily on camera but if it were me I would definitely go to the producers. They kicked Cliff off for what he did to Marcel and I think if Alex stole the puree he should get the boot too. At least Alex didn't win a nice trip or money. And I doubt he'll win so maybe it's no big deal after all.
  8. Alex may have stolen the pea puree but there's no visual evidence. Which is also suspect. Did he buy peas? Can they check his receipt? If he were whirling peas in a blender wouldn't someone notice? And Tom was in the kitchen a lot when they were cooking. He really didn't know until the show aired? Also Kenny made a comment about not having enough time to make a pea puree. Besides cooking, pureeing and seasoning how much time could it take? I thought it was funny that Kelly would rather over-salt her slab of beef than share. That was karmic. Tiffany's boyfriend has nothing to worry about from what I could see. She and Ed sitting 4 feet apart talking about food is flirting? Padma really dismissed Andrea at the end with her, "thank you that will be all." Sounded kinda harsh to me. i think Andrea was ready to go though.
  9. If I knew I were going to be a contestant on Top Chef I would hone my dessert skills. It's a given that you're going to have to make one. Tracy reminded me of Rosie O'Donell.
  10. I'm happy they replaced that awful judge Toby Young with Eric Ripert. At least that's how it looks on the website.
  11. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/05/dining/05achatz.html?ref=dining Interesting concept for a restaurant. Not just the ticket sales but the themes.
  12. I'm just amused SyFy has a cooking show. Their bad CG monster movies are entertaining and I do watch some of their original series but I never thought they'd have a cooking show. I'll check it out just to see how he does. I'm glad he got a show. Better him than Illan.
  13. http://io9.com/5527362/that-guy-everyone-hates-from-top-chef-to-host-syfys-cooking-show
  14. I wish they hadn't shown Sursur Lee in the preview commercials before the judging. But I love Modern Family and thought their judging was great!
  15. The Bo Ssam is to die for!!! I didn't even have the book and had seen a rave review of the recipe on a blog. After that dinner I ran out and bought the book. Anyway it takes a lot of time but it's well worth it. I probably won't add the oysters again as I didn't think they added much of a wow factor and I'm the only one here who eats them.
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