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  1. Rob, I assume that all of the meat and aromatics have been removed from your stock and it is still hot when you strain. If necessary strain pieces of vegetables out with a regular kitchen strainer. Most professional kitchens use a fine mesh chinois to strain stock. It does not clarify the stock but removes a high percentage of the sediment. Update Chinois are very inexpensive and fine for home use. I was surprised to see that a fine mesh chinois can be purchased for under $20. $19 Chinois Actually, at that price I would be very wary of the retailer. Tim ← I was about to say, that is a very good price for a chinois...every time I see one, the cost around $80-100...
  2. Word round these parts is that Tony was spotted in Phoenix this week w/ camera crew. At Cooperstown believe it or not. Anyone know if Phoenix is definitely on the schedule? Let's hope he visits Pizzeria Bianco and Binkley's.
  3. It'll definitely depend on the type of stout. Most american stouts def. lean on the bitter side. I'd stick w/ a belgian dubbel or even an english brown. Something that is more malt accented.
  4. http://www.cooking-lobster.com/cooking-lob...er-killing.html
  5. I par-cook the potatoes first on the stove, with enough heavy cream to cover. It will seem like there's an excess of liquid, but believe me, after some time in the oven (and the proper rest afterwards) the consistency is perfect.
  6. Tom_June

    Soaking Rice

    Growing up in a Korean household, we would just rinse the rice in cold water until the water cleared.
  7. Well, you can never be too sure. I felt the same way about the Korea episode, never thinking they were gonna replay it, but what do you know? They did!
  8. Tom_June

    Cooking with Beer

    Any stout/porter/brown ale goes awesome in a beef braise.
  9. It's all about the Skittlebrau for me.
  10. I think my favorite involved Christopher being pissed and throwing a box of pastries down on a table. Paulie yells "The sfogliatelle!!!"
  11. This one. I believe Marco Pierre White is hosting the UK version this year.
  12. Nice! Will definitely be recording it. I love Nari! Her love of food and Korean culture is awesome.
  13. I agree w/ everyone else here. Most cooks I know prefer simple food, something that reminds them of their mother's cooking. I don't think you can go wrong w/ something like a roast chicken.
  14. From the 10 you're looking at 40-60 minutes, depending on how fast you drive. It's definitely worth it though. I know my heart hates me for it, but we've been finding ways to add bacon to everything this week. Pasta, sandwiches, soups. I can't wait to head back on Friday! I didn't see it, but I'm wondering if they do other bacons like pancetta or guanciale. If not, maybe I can get the cuts and cure it myself. Hmm...
  15. I live in Queen Creek and finally made it here yesterday. Picked up some pepper bacon and western sage sausage. We had a great pork fat filled breakfast this morning and everything was excellent! I'm going to head back down there later this week to pick up some brats and ribs for this weekend. Highly recommended!
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