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  1. Last night's episode was excellent. Just bare bones, THIS is real cooking. Wonder if the sales of Food Savers will go up after this.
  2. This show is so below Gordon. There was almost nothing about the actual food, and more about him having to babysit that moron. The British version is far superior. I'll give it another shot, because first shows of any genre are typically horrible.
  3. Bourdain's blog about this week's show is the funniest thing ever!
  4. Excellent episode, the husband now wants to visit HK! Loved the fight scene. Said husband asked if he'd actually run up the pole like that. I said " The way he smokes??? " I actually spent all day watching the marathon. Really enjoyed Peru, until the guinea pig thing, and was REALLY distressed by the alpaca reference. I think I'll just be in denial about that one.
  5. Funniest episode ever. After the porn comment, I was no more good.
  6. Yes, there seemed to be a great emphasis on prepackaged, quick fix meals.
  7. IMO, Food Network has too many shows where they TALK about food, and not enough of actually preparing it. And when each host has 2-3 shows, they all kind of run together. The novelty has definitely worn off for me. Now I'm watching PBS or other cable channels for some variety.
  8. BeauNoze


    Yesterday, I made the husband do a run to the mushroom farm. I am now the proud owner of approx. 8 pounds of fungi- mostly white button, with some creminis thrown in for good measure. Tell me some of your favorite mushroom ideas.
  9. I've tried using salt mills to no avail. You're right, there's nothing like your hand to measure out salt. And really, how in the world can you get a " pinch " of salt out of a mill?
  10. BeauNoze

    Great Balsamic..

    Obviously, tomatoes and mozzarella strawberries, melon, etc avocados
  11. My favorite quick pastas: Carbonara olive oil, garlic, crushed red pepper, parsley, Parm Sauteed mushrooms, butter, cream, Parm olive oil, anchovies, garlic, breadcrumbs Ahh, comfort food!
  12. Who won the street bowling? My 18 yr old daughter and I have now decided we want to go to Ireland and play.
  13. If His Excellency Mr. Ambassador has ANY pull at all at Amstel, could you see about getting Amstel Bright sent over here to the U.S.? We had it in Aruba, and it is now our favorite, and we can't get it here. Thanks a bunch.
  14. The chocolate Bundt cake with the coconut tunnel was unbelievable! It was so moist, and I really miss it. I have a copycat recipe for it, but I'm almost afraid to try it. If it sucks, I'll be really depressed.
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