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  1. We are going to be spending a week at Ko Olina Beach Club in February. We wondered if, instead of needing to drive into Honolulu, there are places where we can eat which are great and are close to where we will be staying. They do not need to be fancy..just good. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thank you..that is exactly what we did and the book arrived yesterday..However, I was just wondering if anyone knew why Amazon USA listed the book as coming, but never carried it...all very puzzling to me.
  3. Does anyone know why this book (in English) is in such short supply?? It was just printed,I thought. Amazon (US) never seemed to carry the new translation..it just went to the Marketplace for huge amounts...Thanks...
  4. Shmily

    Per Se

    Dear Seth, Would you please share when you have eaten at Per Se and why you feel there has not been a change? Another point of view would be interesting to me...thanks.
  5. Shmily

    Per Se

    We have dined at Per Se every year since they opened...and until this year the meals have been ethereal. Yes, the prices have risen very often but the quality of the meal, in our estimation, has also. HOWEVER, this year has been the first time we are questioning whether or not we should return. That is very sad for us to consider. Would more people (who have eaten at Per Se previously and again this year) share their experience and their suggestions? It is almost as though Chef Keller has other projects and is not as hands on with every detail as before...and also as though they are lowering the ingredients of some of the dishes to save money (as they continue to raise prices)...do they think no one notices?? So sad...
  6. please comment on Cafe Arugula in South Orange
  7. Hi..I had heard that Primavera has bought back their original location on Pleasant Valley Way. I am not certain. I think we may go talk to them next week. Thank you for the suggestions. I know someone who had their rehearsal dinner there also. Thank for taking the time to write...
  8. Hi..We want to have a restaurant's private room located maybe up to a 20 minute drive from West Orange, and our budget is $60 to $70 max with liquor, tax and tip included. Thanks.
  9. My son is getting married at Highlawn Pavillion in April on a Sunday. They are looking for suggestions for a dinner on Saturday evening in a private room for 21 people with good food (liquor included if possible) close to West Orange since that is where out of town guests will be staying. They are on a budget. All suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi...Thanks...Problem solved..think it will either be Kingfish Hall (they have lunch and dinner or Sel de la Terre...thanks a lot...Sadly, Durgin Park has disappointed us ...we went to college in Boston many, many years ago and now come up every Feb for the Beanpot. We usually come up on Monday, have a late lunch and go to both hockey games... This year we decided to arrive on Sunday and make a mini vacation...thus, the quandry of where to eat. So thank you everyone who responded.. :smile:
  11. Thank you to all who wrote...Kingfish Hall's food is so much better than Union Oyster House (despite their history) or Legal Seafood...but I will look into the other suggestions...yes, sadly, there are a few sandwich places..but they are closed on Sunday. Well, if anyone can think of someplace we are missing, we will be delighted to hear...and thanks again.... :smile:
  12. Hi..We are coming to Boston from this Sunday midday until Tues morning and staying at Marriott's Custom House so we can go to the Beanpot on Mon night. We plan to eat a late lunch on Monday at Kingfish Hall but we wonder if anyone has suggestions within walking distance for a great, healthy sandwich place for Sunday...or any other healthy suggestions...Thanks in advance... :smile:
  13. We plan to go to the State Theater on Sunday, December 26th...and Daryl's is closed. We would love other suggestions within walking distance...same sort of food. Thank you in advance.
  14. Shmily

    Per Se

    Thanks a lot for this information...
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