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  1. during my weekend errands today saw two things of note for the area:

    Cupcakes Gourmet, Rt 30 Frazer- tiny place, hard to see coming west, as it is in a small shopping center and the sign just has a cupcake on it. I tried some mini cupcakes (vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, mocha) and wanted to gobble them all down at once. Yum!

    I will echo the praise of Cupcakes Goumet. They have 2 sizes: mini ($1.50) and regular ($3.00). I had a couple of the minis and they were insanely good. One was a dark chocolate cake with white chocolate frosting covered w/ a ganache. Another was a chipotle chocolate. I typically don't like white chocolate because it is too sweet for me, but the dark chocolate cake provided a nice balance. The chipotle had a nice flavor that wasn't overpowering.

  2. I had a meeting this morning in Collegeville and thanks to the kind souls on this board I knew exactly where I'd be heading for lunch...Satchmo's for a popcorn poboy. Man, that thing is good! The interplay of the spicy sauce and sweet crawfish tails is quite tasty. The only other comment I have that hasn't already been mentioned is that I think, what with the coating on the crawfish, the roll is a bit superfluous, especially since the roll isn't all that great itself. For me, I think it would have been more enjoyable just as a platter, tossed in the mustard and voodoo sauce and eaten with fingers/fork. Fortunately, it looks like they offer that option under the "sides" section of their menu. :biggrin:

  3. Unfortunately, Corkscrewed is likely closed by now. They had a going-out-of-business sale on all inventory in September which brought some pretty good deals althought the pickings were a bit slim by the time I made it over there and can't imagine it would have taken much longer to completely sell out.

  4. Try Davio's (17th & Chestnut?). They certainly meet your specifications and I think they have the ability to close off certain segments of the restaurant to give some element of privacy. If you are actually looking to conduct business or have business discussions, this might be a bit more what you are looking for as opposed to Fogo de Chao, where servers will be buzzing around to carve you meat.

  5. I don't know if they're up and running yet, but Joe Sixpack says Johnny Brenda's will have a stand at the Linc, serving beer and food.

    That same article mentions that there's a local food presence, including the Schmitter, and food from Shank and Evelyn's.  So it might not be so bleak after all...

    (Thanks to foobooz for the heads-up.)

    Anyone know if any of these places are open yet at the Linc and if so where they may be located? Any help in avoiding a slice of $4.00-worse-than-Domino's-slice of pizza as a halftime snack tonight would be greatly appreciated!!!

  6. Just to add to what has already been mentioned...the Linc is the inverse of the BYO world of Philly. There are a few stands where you can actually get some decent local beer (Yards, Flying Fish, Victory), so you can get the alcohol but for food, I would suggest you BYOH - Bring Your Own Hoagie (and make sure its wrapped in plastic wrap to avoid confiscation by "security"). At least this applies if you are sitting with the common folk, where my seats are. If you are fortunate enough to sit in the club level, the food is not too bad, though ridiculously expensive. Citizen's Bank definitely outshines the Linc in terms of food, but, for me, its football so I don't really care! :biggrin:

  7. So I walked into work this evening and found the kitchen butchering the most gloriously beautiful fish I've ever made the acquaintance of before getting the chance to taste him.  A sixteen pound and change gorgeous Copper River Sockeye salmon.  The fish looked as if he'd jumped out of the river and onto the cutting board in our kitchen.  Still bright eyed and fresh looking, the staff was fortunate enough to get a little taste of it before service this evening.  Fabulously buttery and silky and almost highway cone orange in color.  Really some of the tastiest salmon I've ever had...

    The Copper River Sockeye also made its way onto the menu at James Saturday night where it was served poached and Katie's descriptors "fabulously buttery and silky and almost highway cone orange" were certainly the case for the piece I was served. It simply destroyed every other salmon I've had and I really don't know what else there is to say other than I need to get me some Copper River King!!

  8. I'm going to S. Jersey for Mother's Day and would like to buy a couple of pints on the way Sunday. My primary questions are: 1) are pints an available purchase option, 2) if so, how much do they cost, and 3) do they provide dry ice or some other means to keep the gelato cold? If someone can help me out, I'd appreciate it! The only posts I saw regarding buying "to go" were from the beginning of the thread in 2004.

    1) Yes

    2) $10.50, I think -- somewhere in the $10-$11 range

    3) They put my pint in a large bag of regular ice for the 15-20 minute walk home. They might have dry ice -- I think you can buy Capogiro pints online and have them shipped to you nationwide, so there's gotta be something they can do to help you.

    Thanks! I thought as much but just wanted to make sure in case I needed to be prepared before leaving home!

  9. I'm going to S. Jersey for Mother's Day and would like to buy a couple of pints on the way Sunday. My primary questions are: 1) are pints an available purchase option, 2) if so, how much do they cost, and 3) do they provide dry ice or some other means to keep the gelato cold? If someone can help me out, I'd appreciate it! The only posts I saw regarding buying "to go" were from the beginning of the thread in 2004.

  10. I recalled this issue coming up in Laban's Q & A forum and went back to take a look and in Laban's opening comment for the 2/6/07 forum he included this:

    ...Also, I got an upset – though quite professional – call this morning from a restaurateur who bristled at an unsavory two-sentence capsule review of his place that appeared recently in my column. I hope he writes in today, as I encouraged, so we can discuss the issue in the forum...

    Further on in this chat, there was this following exchange:

    Q: Let me guess the angry restaraunt guy. Alex Plotkin CHOPS. You were right on the money there though. Im curious on the grade of beef they are serving there

    Don, Glenside 2/06/07

    A: You might be right there, Don. But I'd like to let Alex speak for himself. He plans to write in, he says, but we may not get to it until next week.

    Craig LaBan 2/06/07

    Looks like he got to a lawyer instead.

  11. If you want to buy some fine wine or grocery there's a gourmet shop called "Mercearia da Atalaia", at Rua da Atalaia, on Bairro Alto, a short way walk from Largo de Camões. 

    Lisbon was our final stop on our Portugal vacation and we were only there for a day and while there stumbled across Mercearia da Atalaia. So glad that we did! Its a wonderful store and the owner and other employee were exceedingly helpful, carefully packaging our wares for the flight back to the states and guiding us to a couple of traditional restaurants in the area...i can't remember the name of it but as i mentioned on another thread it served a wonderful rendition of pork and clams and we would have never found it if it wasn't for the women working at this store.

  12. Club Quarters is a business hotel located in the Rittenhouse area (17th and Chestnut). The rooms, while not distinctive, are pretty nice and the location - near Rittenhouse - is central similar to the others previously mentioned. The advantage of it being a business hotel is that the rates are typically lower on the weekend...I've booked a few times through Hotwire and got some great deals at Club Quarters both in Philly and NYC.

    The building is also home to Davios which bills itself as a northern Italian steakhouse. While I have never eaten in the restaurant itself, I did just have my rehearsal dinner for my wedding in their banquet space and found the food and service to be outstanding and even if you don't want to have an entire meal there, they have a great bar to have a drink and some appetizers - they make a mean philly cheesesteak spring roll.

  13. Back from my honeymoon in Portugal where we had a wonderful time. Thanks to all for the recommendations. While the culinary highlights weren't as memorable as trips to other locations, there were certainly a number of standouts.

    Foremost among them was dinner at Fortaleza do Guincho. As others have commented, the food was excellent and the service even better. Had a delicious goose liver starter, followed by sea bass and a chocolate dessert to end all chocolate desserts (which my wife declared to be too rich for her, but not for me!! :biggrin: ).

    Our other meals were far more modest and the only ones that really stood out were our complimentary breakfast at Vila Valverde in Luz which went above and beyond the standard meats and cheeses with its variety of those but also wonderful produce and delicious salmon and a traditional dinner at a restaurant in the Bairro Alto in Lisbon whose name suddenly escapes me - but it was a wonderful rendition of pork and clams.

    Unfortunately, a couple of recommended places were closed on the days of our visits, but that's all the more reason to return!

    One final note, is that we made it to the Chocolate Festival in Obidos where we spent a couple of hours alternatingly sampling and drooling!

  14. I think No. 3rd fits the what you are looking for a little bit better than Standard Tap, in that No. 3rd has a wider selection of more conventional bar food items (including some outstanding wings) but still has a substantial selection of less conventional specials. Other things to consider are the fact that you actually get a menu in addition to the chalkboard specials at No. 3rd and that you will actually have someone seat you there as well - both of which might be more comforting than the alternative at the Tap were the lack of those things may make the uninitiated a little apprehensive from the start.

  15. Thanks Paulo!! I did notice you providing most of those suggestions in the Lisbon thread but wasn't sure about distances between locations...good to know they are all relatively nearby.

    It seems this region certainly has more gastronomic offerings than the Algarve, or at least more than I've been able to find from various sources. A couple of places that at least sounded interesting there are:


    Praia da Quinta do Lago, Almancil



    Sítio do Porto Escuro, Monchique

    Does anybody have any thoughts on these places or alternatives??

  16. I've just completed the final booking details for honeymoon in Portugal from Oct. 31 thru Nov. 9. The first half is to be spent in Sintra area (staying two nights at the Convento de São Saturnino near Cabo da Roca and two nights at Casa Miradouro in Sintra) and the second half in the Lagos area (staying at Vila Valverde) exploring the Algarve. My wife-to-be, while enjoying a good meal, does not get nearly the same excitement from it as I do and therefore we won't be blowing our budget on many fine-dining meals though I'm sure we'll splurge once or twice! So what I'm looking for are recommendations for good renditions of tradional Portugese fare and a couple of places worth spending the extra money on in these areas (note: we will likely have a car so we will be mobile and not confined to these immediate areas). I have seen some other threads offering suggestions but nothing too recent so I don't know if the rec's still apply. I look forward to any suggestions!!

  17. I find it interesting that most places mentioned so far have been restaurants and not necessarily ice cream joints (except Franklin Fountain). Anyhow, one of my favorites in the city is Philly Flavors on Fairmount Ave., right next to the wine school. They make (or at least used to as I haven't been this summer) great shakes with any flavor of their homemade ice cream. A chocolate banana shake is my personal fave.

  18. my initial reaction in seeing this thread bumped up is that i can identify many things that qualify as "what's crap" at the ballpark recently, but i digress as they have nothing to do with the food... grumble, grumble :angry:

  19. My greatest problem though was with Dave and Stephen.  Getting drunk the night before and showing up drunk for the final cookoff - immature, disloyal and totally unprofessional.  In real life they would have been fired on the spot.  I lost any respect or appreciation I might have had for either Dave or Stephen.

    Holly, I agree with you on this point to a certain extent...was it the wisest thing to go out and get drunk the night before? No, probably not. However, it did not seem to affect their performance in the kitchen, evidenced by Dave's dessert which drew raves from all. Also, whether its right or not (not), at the least I think its understandable when an "employee" (Dave and Stephen) is not motivated to perform at his peak for a boss (Tiffani) who doesn't garner the employee's respect. Her treatment of her fellow competitors along with all the lying makes their behavior somewhat understandable. The greater motivation should have been the fact that this was playing out on national TV and may impact the direction of their careers in their chosen industry.

  20. I stopped by the 20th steet location on Saturday afternoon and combined the dark chocolate with the lime cilantro sorbetto...it was amazing! The flavors played off each other so well, with an initial burst of citrus from the lime giving way to the richness of the chocolate and capped off with the lingering freshness of the cilantro. So good!!!

    As for the oft-debated serving size, hopefully any previous problem has been rectified as mine was more than adequate.

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