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  1. A new Five Guys Burgers just opened in the Gateway shopping center in Wayne. Stopped by tonight on the way home from work. While I was waiting for my order I noticed a sign which read, "All burgers cooked well done". Well, unfortunately that was confirmed with the first bite. As someone else mentioned upthread, the burger was dried out. The other problem was that the burger and toppings were too thick and made eating it quite a challenge.

    The fries, on the other hand, were very good. They were crisp and flavorful, holding up well on a short ride home. So, at least, they did that well, but when you really only offer burgers and fries, a 50% success ration isn't that great.

  2. update: yesterday at the park regular hot dogs were nowhere to be found, at least in the upper levels (read: crappy seats) where we sit.  instead, there were 'all beef hot dogs' for $3.25 (used to be $2.75 for dogs) at all the stands. 

    i got one, and it was good!  while, generally speaking, i prefer hot dogs made of pork products--or a mixture of pork and beef, or whatever is generally used in 'regular' hot dogs--the dogs at the park last year were so bad that this is a definite improvement.

    Well, even if there's price increase(and when isn't there some increase, whether its tix, food or parking), I suppose its preferable to pay 50 cents more for a good hot dog than 50 cents less for a terrible one. At least there are some decent food options at Citizens Bank. In sharp contrast, the concessions at the Linc are atrocious. After the sampling the fare at the first few Eagles games there, I was so thankful that management saw past that "huge security risk" that allowing fans to bring their own hoagies presented.

  3. I prefer Joe's ??? on 10th south of Spring Garden b/c little cheaper, and I think just as good.

    Spot on, Herb. Passed by 10/Spring Garden at noon, yr post in my head. Stopped in, cops & all. Wanted tacos, got the platos, to go. Excellent! Gotta get more divining of this most excellent find. So much mining to do.

    I'm a new (and excited) member to eGullet, and in reading through this thread, I was wondering when Jose's would come up. I've eaten there a number of times and each time has been excellent, despite the fact that their prices have crept up a bit from when they first opened (still pretty reasonable -- $6-7 for a burrito-- considering the crap you can get elsewhere for the same prices), but before it was an absolute steal. The steak they use in their burrito has tons of flavor as does their shrimp. The menu is quite limited but I guess they figure stick to what they do best.

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