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  1. I do mean wholesale, but thanks for the tips. As far as retail goes, I have heard that "The Truffle" www.denvertruffle.com is a good source for cheeses and vinegars, etc. I am sure that I could find many high-end items on the retail side of things and hopefully they will be open to providing their suppliers. I have worked in some great restaurants over the past few years and am interested in talking to some wholesale purveyors to see how I might transition to a different aspect of food service.
  2. OK, maybe these items are not available? How about purveyors with a decent selection of olive oils and vinegars? There must be someone who does specialty foods?
  3. I will be moving to Denver in the next few weeks and am interested to find some sellers of high-end specialty goods. Does anyone have a compiled list of restaurant vendors who dabble in the foie gras, 100 year balsamics, and prosciuttos of the world?
  4. For veal shanks, sear the meat and place in the fridge to cool. When cold vaccuum it with a strong, but not too salty sauce, about 2 T per shank. Cook at 64 C for 30 hours. You will not be disappointed.
  5. Lamb Rack (De-boned) You will need a thermal circulator, a thermometer with a hypodermic probe, some weather stripping, and super glue. Set the circulator to 60 C. Sear the lamb. Place in fridge or freezer until cold. Vaccuum the meat. place a small ammount of glue on a small square of weatther stripping and glue it to the bag. Insert the thermometer so it reads at the center of the piece of meat. Place it in the water bath until you reach an internal temperature of 56 C. Remove the meat and let rest in cold water for 30 minutes, then in ice water for 30 minutes, then to the fridge. To serve, re-sear.
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