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  1. You need a reservation for Breizh, to eat crepes? ← YES, definitely. I called on Saturday afternoon and he had to squeeze us in that night and turned away tables while we were there. It's tiny and good. ← Good to know. I was just hoping to stroll in whenever I happened to be in the Marais. Is it usually that busy, even during lunch or week days dinner?
  2. You need a reservation for Breizh, to eat crepes?
  3. So how was your RW meal? Not really sure if you ended up having one or not.
  4. I've been once and I second the opinions in this thread so far. It was excellent. Has anyone tried their hot pot? It's not mentioned on menupages. Any information about it would be great.
  5. skiter53


    How much did your meal come to?
  6. Silly Disciple, I will be in Barcelona next week, and I'll stop by to check out your stall!
  7. Regarding the reservation at Espai Sucre, is it necessary? I don't have a reservation and hope to be able to visit one of the next few days.
  8. skiter53


    Sneakeater, I agree completely with your post. I dined there about a week and a half ago and while I thoroughly enjoyed the food and my meal, I felt that something was off. Reading your post, I now understand what it is. That said, I still like the place and would definitely stop by if in the neighborhood.
  9. skiter53


    I have a reservation upcoming for Annisa in early Nov. Looking at their website, I'm just curious if anyone can tell me if the menu/prices are accurate? It annoys me to no end when dishes, menus, and prices aren't as expected upon arrival...
  10. I agree, it's quite clear they have a non-Japanese bias.
  11. Lol Daniel, That's a good way to get a reservation. I've often had trouble getting a table at Totto, maybe I'll try that next time.
  12. What about Sugiyama? Next to Yakitori Totto. Shimizu (on 51st between 8th and 9th) is also a good choice. It's always packed with Japanese businessmen, a good sign.
  13. Not worth it, IMO. For the money, you could do Nobu ← Nobu is more expensive and a lot harder to get into. ← Certainly its harder to get into, but you can easily spend the same amount at EN ← And what amount is that? The last time I went to EN, it came out to be about 50 per person, including drinks and tax and tip.
  14. Daniel, The banh mi place I always go to is "Viet-Nam Banh Mi So 1", on 389 Broome. I'm pretty sure it's the same one you mentioned.
  15. skiter53


    I remember it being $15 a pitcher of Kirin. Not sure if that's what Daniel was talking about though.
  16. skiter53


    That's very odd, did you figure out why they did not seat you? I agree, you can't go wrong w/ the kalbi and the harami. I like the smores also, it's a fun way to end the meal.
  17. skiter53


    Keep us updated Sethro! I definitely enjoyed your work.
  18. skiter53

    Soba Koh

    Here's a link to the article: Soba Koh
  19. skiter53


    Did they change the wine pairings? On their website (http://www.compassrestaurant.com/menu/menu-dinner.htm) it seems that they are merely suggesting wines that are sold by the glass? However, the prix fixe still sounds appealing.
  20. About that two for eight gimmick they have going, I was just thinking the same thing. Opentable would be so much easier. Besides that, I'm liking it. It's varied and interesting enough for me to check up on it a few times a day.
  21. What a pity, I just spent the last 30 minutes reading through the venue thread and looking forward to going soon. Is the chef opening a new place anytime soon?
  22. I second Hell's Kitchen, but I'd heavily recommend a reservation. They get very busy esp after 7pm.
  23. skiter53


    Please do keep us updated on where/what you will be doing in the future. I had Uovo on my list of places to try out, but I guess that won't happen anymore. Best of luck.
  24. Thanks for the very helpful link. Although the list was last updated in august 2004, I'll be sure to give some of these places a try.
  25. My one visit to Tang's Pavilion was excellent. My impression was that it was striving to serve higher-end authentic Chinese (Cantonese?) food. I would say it's one of the best Chinese restaurant visits I've had in NYC (comparable to an average restaurant in Hong Kong).
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