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  1. I like fruit cobblers in small pans like these. How many times have we been on vacation looking for the easiest of ingredients and a quick dessert to serve? The very quickiest I saw was from Pepin's show where he laid fresh fruit in a small pan and maybe put some sugar with it and sprinkled crushed butter cookies on, then popped into the oven. The fruit becomes warm and releases some juice and the cookies brown up a bit more. super easy and extremely tasty. Jennifer
  2. The reason I used yogurt was my local dairy puts out buttermilk that is the noncultured kind. So there would have been nothing to grow. Their heavy cream is also so thick it can be sliced when it is cold. I believe this is because the milk is pasteurized. The buttermilk nowadays has cultures added. I think mukki is right that these things contain different cultures. But if the end result is something you like what difference does it make how you got there? Jennifer
  3. I've made it with yogurt-so what would that be called? Would it still be considered Creme Fraiche? Jennifer
  4. I wear the white aprons you get for commercial use from Sam's Club-only when I'm doing a marathon of cooking. I also have one my hubby's grandmother made me with lots of pockets, the only time I use that one is for yard sales. I'd like to think I look slimmer when it is folded and tied low, down on my hips not up around my waist. Kinda like Giada. Once when I was first married the hubby came home and all I had on was an apron- he still talks about that with a wistful look on his face.... Now these are some cool aprons... http://www.ananasdesigns.com/AD_OS1/ad_osc...f63c0b00a19dc70 http://search2.anthropologie.com/?q=apron&x=19&y=7 Jennifer
  5. Here in rural PA we can burn. So I ask for paper bags, then we put paper trash in that and burn it out in our 'burn barrel' at the end of the week. I have the pullout trash in my cabinet that holds 2 trash cans-nice and tidy. I also use the plastic bags for small trash bins in the bathrooms. Can't you just buy one of those rolls of vegetable bags pretty cheap? Or are we talking just the bigger plastic bags at the checkout. Jennifer
  6. I am not complaining that the Tahitian beans are inferior, I wish I would have splurged on a more expensive vodka for those beans to have their true smell/flavor come thru. At the begining of the experiment it seemed logical that a cheaper alcohol wouldn't matter....so now I know. IMHO. I still am very excited about the whole project though. Jennifer
  7. After opening my jars and taking some whiffs-the ones doing the best are Madagascar beans in a more expensive vodka-Smirnoff triple filtered. 2nd place went to Mad beans in cheaper vodka. 3rd place to Tahitian beans in cheaper vodka. The last still has a very alcohol smell along with the vanilla smell. Since I have so much I tried mixing a Mad and Tah batch together to see what happens. I liked the smell right away, but will resmell in a few days. Jennifer
  8. The Eastern mkt seems to ge going on an upswing from what one vendor told me. When I've been-I can't recall any empty stalls there unlike Central. He also has a stand at the Central mkt and said how that one is really sliding. I'm not sure why that is. There is another very old one I think called Market and Penn over on Market St that is having the same troubles. I really hope they find a way because they are very old and beautiful. There is another market privately owned out in Shrewsbury that seems to be plugging along. http://www.marketsatshrewsbury.com/ And a huge market in Thomasville, but that is mostly a flea/antique mkt, a few vegs stands and foods stalls, and a few baked goods. Jennifer
  9. "Things are changing for the better in York/Adams Co." IMO-I think the Hanover has the same problems as many towns. The local government doesn't work well with small businesess which lead them to fend for themselves. They tend to go with building outer areas then realize the downtowns have slowly been dying and go into this "revival" mode. Recently we were at York's Central Mkt on a Saturday and were shocked at how it was half empty, not crowded like it used to be. It does have a nice new restaurant, in the back- Mezzogiorno. Sam and Tony's (?) over on Market is good. The have "creativity encouraged" written on the menu. I went to William Penn High School, my parents still live in York, but they are happy with the chain restaurants, so I don't hear about where to eat anymore except from maybe that Central Penn-which I enjoy reading when I get a chance. Jennifer
  10. "It's my understanding that for interesting fine dining in York, Co....one must travel over to Hanover and go..." I just about snorted my tea out when I read that. Central Penn Business Journal has really good articles on Central PA trying to save farmland and reviving downtowns. http://www.centralpennbusiness.com/article....617&aID2=60478 http://www.centralpennbusiness.com/article....265&aID2=60385 Jennifer
  11. I did go ahead and buy a pound of B-madagascar beans about a week later and did about 25 beans to 1 quart jars with vodka. Those jars are much better vanilla smelling than the Tahitian jars. Jennifer
  12. Is that the little place on Market St near the fairgrounds? If it's true-we'll have to check it out. Jennifer
  13. I like the list you have! Just curious-what is a Pow wok? Jennifer
  14. wow, good to know, thanks!! Jennifer
  15. We found a great little dairy farm that is selling fresh milk and a few dairy products. While I love the milk, the butter they make has a slight cheese flavor and smell to it. Is that normal? Maybe I have grown so used to store bought butter I don't really know what fresh is. Jennifer
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