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  1. Ok, so I have a bottle by Marie Brizzard. I think it is delicious, albeit sweet. Shame about making every cocktail I've tried it in look like dirty bath water. :shock:

    I desperatley want to use this stuff. I did manage to make a "parfait margarita," but too much/little screws it all up. Too strong.

    Any suggestions for this rather unique liquer?


  2. Hello to all.

    This is my first post on the EG forum. I found this place doing a random search for cocktails one day on google a month ago and have been devouring the pages.

    I am a the barmanager of a very small restaurant in north eastern Massachusetts.

    I have, over the last year, discovered the amazing world of vintage cocktails and a world of new tasty ingredients I never knew existed. My eyes have been opened to the joys of marie brizzard, marachino liquor, orange bitters, and my personal favorite, the corpse reviver #2.

    I have picked up copies of The Gentleman's Companion, The Craft of the Cocktail, The Joy of Mixology, et. al. I can't get enough. The topics and discussions here are a blessing, as I seem to be the only person outside of Boston, that I've met, who has heard of these things. Guess we're a little bit behind. Damn puritains.. :raz:

    This brings me to my problem. I am dying to do something interesting with my cocktail menu. It is expected to have a "martini" list in this area (Beverly, Essex County) but almost all of the lists within 20 miles focus on, in my opinion, excessively sweet, fruity, juicy drinks. I getting a little tired of the 150 versions of the cosmo I can get within a 10 minute drive.

    I just want to do something different, maybe bring back a few classics like The Aviation, French 75, etc.. My difficulty lies in the ingredients. As soon as a cocktail includes gin, whiskey, or vermouth people shut down. I've had some success with The Algonquin, but it has taken me 6 months and I basically have to hide from people about what is in it until they try it.

    So I guess my question is how to approach a fairly virgin audience without scaring people? How do you all approach it? I've noticed that many of you are from New York, Philly, and other cosmopolitain (there's that word again... :wink: ), where, I assume, the crowd knows a little more. Even when I worked in Boston, people didn't seem to be put off by these, but out here in the burbs, well, it's slow going.

    I've basically talked up the Algonquin, and now I have poeple who come in for it. Have I bitten off more than I can chew, or is it just a slow, painful process?

    Any suggestions for, shall we say, "training wheel" drinks?

    Anyway, thanks in advance for your help. I love the articles here. I have much to learn.


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