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  1. the food was, as others' described hit and miss -- sometimes good, somtimes terrible. I will never forget the one time I went with my husband though. We had a tomato based soup, and the waiter, while removing the plates, spilled it down my husband's back. My husband didn't feel it at first, but later put his hand up to see what it was and discovered the evidence. The waiter denied spilling and blamed my husband for getting soup on the back of his collar and shirt?! It's a running joke in our house. And, irony of ironies, my husband was in Stavros when the fire broke out at Sassafraz and saw the whole thing close up.
  2. < just went. Enter, go down a flight of stairs, and the restaurant is split into 2 halves: dining room on the left and bar on the right. < is that the old Vines location?
  3. < this might not be as outrageous an example of "fusion" as you think (I refer here to the concept, not the taste...). Tomato, and other seemingly incongrous (cream? cheese??) sauces are common on "Hong Kong-style cafe" menus > oy! to think this is a common combo is terrifying. My dh & I still refer to this as one of the worst dishes we have EVER had. It was horrible, however realistic it might be.
  4. < My SO laughingly calls it the $90 store, because I never leave there under that (and we have a car and go at least once a month!) > hilarious! so does mine. Glad it doesn't just happen to me. We're working our way through the jam selection -- terrific finds there, at good values.
  5. Am beyond excited to be in Paris for 2.5 weeks with my husband - for pleasure not business as well! We've got reservations at: LeCinq Taillevant Alain Ducasse Market tour with David Leibowitz and a tour of the Rungis market with one of Paule Caillat's guides. and an early morning hot chocolate at Angelina's The rest of the meals we were going to to just wing it (via my pages and pages of notes gleaned). What have we missed? What are the must-try places? I have fond memories of Wepler (first time I had the rose of the scallop) -- anyone been recently? Also, we will be at the Palais Garnier for NYE -- what would you suggest we do for food that evening?
  6. John thanks, that Aspen tip WILL get used this winter
  7. My husband & I plan to eat our way through Paris over the holidays. Much debated, is whether New York or Paris will be the best artichoke city in the world (Castroville doesn't count). What are your recommendations for the best artichoke dishes in Paris? We'll probably head up to Brussels for a day or two to so if there are any standouts there also, I'd love to hear them.
  8. Hi, this really does work well cover the can with water -- no hole in the can boil, ensure the water stays covering the can (I do it for more than 2 hours -- I like it pretty thick and brown) let it cool, THEN open the can (personally, I do a couple cans at once and just boil it while I am doing laundry and other schtuff) It tastes realllly good.
  9. I'd recommend the soups and, believe it or not, the fries. The wontons in tomato sauce were gross. A asian wonton in a heavy tomatoe caper/oregano flavoured sauce -- fusion at it's worst.
  10. Thanks all y'all. It's Toque then. I'll fit in Latini, just not on a highprofile meal.
  11. Dunno about BonAppetit Cookbooks . . . but the Knife Skills class as Calphalon is excellent, very good value and a good learning if you're a homechef i.e. no technical training
  12. DADDY D'Z. ROLLING BONES SHANE'S second location in Buckhead Any updates on the 'que scene in Atlanta (preferably the Buckhead area)? I'm a fan of the Kansas City style - vinegar based sauce on pork.
  13. I am taking clients out for dinner in Montreal mid-October (6 people). Torn between LeLatini and Toque! but I haven't been to either in a while. Any thoughts? LeLatini has my sentimental vote as the first place I ever had Puttenesca sauce (which turned into a love affair). And Toque!, well it's been flawless every time I've ever been. The ziplock bag is for the Schwartz's I'll be hauling home
  14. depends on where the out-of-towners hail from. Some of my favourites for good food and happy vibe: - Carmen's (on Alexander St) for Steak - Ethiopian House (on Irwin) for Kitfo Special, Sheero wat and Goman wat and coffee - perfect for Sunday brunch - Jerusalem (on Eg west) for the best tahini in town - Bymark (for general deliciousness) - 360 (at the CN Tower) for touriestyness and pretty good food and a fun wine 'cellar' in the sky - Rodney's (if they aren't from a coastal town) - Mustachio (lower level of SLM) for a delish veal/eggplant sandwich - Buddahist Vegetarian Kitchen (on Midland) for great gluten - Terroni (the one on Victoria) - love the tagliatelle with artichokes and ham - Romagna Mia / Noce for italian -- when truffles are in season
  15. I like the burger at Tulip the best in Toronto -- $5.95 for truly excellent flavour and lots of meat. Get them to grill the onion and tomato slice that comes with it, and it's even better.
  16. My all time favourite for-special occasions restaurant in Toronto is Bymark -- it's a bit too far to walk (on Wellington, west of Bay). If you need a fast cheap lunch, there's a great veal sandwich to be had at Sweet Pepper which is a block and a half south of Sutton. One block west of Sutton, is Not Just Noodles -- cheap and cheerful chinese.
  17. where are you all buying your Ethiopian spices in dwtwn Toronto? In particular, I am looking for the Ethiopian mustard powder that is used in the green salad at Ethiopian House.
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