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  1. Tri2Cook

    Thank you again so much. People like you do make our world better. :)

    I do have methyl cellulose and will look for Xanthan . Thanks for offering to send me some of each but I live in Israel and it's a little bit too far away from you. it was so kind of you to think of sending it. :)

  2. No, my mixer is not new.

    I think that maybe that happened because halfway through adding butter my cream got very thin (I was sure I spoiled it), it looked like buttermilk. Then I changed the paddle for a baloon whisk and it saved the situation - but it may be the reason of the colour problem.

    Anyway thanks to you I made it! I'm sure next time it will be perfect! Thanks a lot!

  3. Though the link doesn't work I think I know what you're talking about.

    Jhanna is not a bakery. :) Jhanna is a very nice young lady who makes her cakes at home, as far as I know. If you want I can write to her and invite to visit this forum. :)

  4. nduran, Actually I made that cake. Do you see now what I mean ?

    I'm not sure why I'm supposed to be familiar with "that cake" exactly, but if you're attempting to produce a sparse brittle as depicted in "that photo" then yes, moisture is definitely going to be a problem for you. Not sure I'd want a mouthful of gum-slicing, tooth-cracking shrapnel in a cake anyway, so it may actually be beneficial to soften it up a bit.

    Your post sounds as if I offended you. I'm so sorry. But the problem is that English is not my native language and I didn't practice for a long time. Please excuse me. I posted the picture just to show the nuts in order to explane what I tried to make. I'm really sorry if I didn't sound polite.

    What I wanted in that cake are nuts in caramel. Before you eat the cake you take a piece of crunchy caramel and after that there's soft muss. I thought the contrast would be interesting.

  5. I tried to make caramelized nuts. Everything went OK but in about an hour my caramel got sticky at room temperature. Nuts were warm and dry.

    I have some leftovers of these caramel and now it got so soft that I can't even lift it from the baking sheet. :sad:

    Is it the quality of the sugar? Or air humidity?

  6. pastryelf, thank you! I already have Rose Levy Beranbaum "Cake Bible" and I like her style so I'll definely buy that Pie and Pastry Bible. By the way, I was recommended to buy The Professional Pastry Chef (by Bo Friberg) and I asked my husband to give it to me as a bday present. :)

  7. Not bread , certainly. I think "classic euro-style pastries" - that's what I like to learn. Though, as I said, I like to learn new stuff so a book or two on American-stile baking would always be interesting. As about the style of books- this time I want somthing that's written not by a housewife who's good at baking, but smth by a real pro,so I guess that would be text-like instructions.

  8. I LOVE baking. And I love to learn. :biggrin:

    So now I want to combine these two things and start learning to bake. :rolleyes: The problem is I can't take any course (2 small kids) so I deciced to start with reading proper books. With all the explanations and step-by-step instructions. Can you help me to choose books?

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