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  1. Stone Milled Grits. This is a recipe that would would feed four for breakfast. Boil 3 cups salted water.... The water must taste like there is salt in it. Add 1 cup of stone milled grits. Stir. The more you stir the more creamy they become, the less you stir the more they keep their form. Some of the milled grits may take more water. Grits like butter and a bit of fresh black pepper after they have been cooked. Learn how to cook the properly befor you try to do other things with them. Good Luck.
  2. Im from NC and my Aunt you to always make Red Velvet Cake. Though I knw that in originated in the NY it still always reminds me of the South.
  3. My fav's that I have made are Pistachio and Coffee Chocolate. But hazelnut is on my list for my next go. But for the Pistachio and the Hazelnut you would need a good quality paste which my become a bit pricey. Worth it, but pricey.
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