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  1. Straight from the Oven, It turned out nice the next day when we ate it. It needed more salt on each slice, I forgot to salt each layer as I added them and banged the bubbles out. I didn't have any sweet pickles so I didn't want the zuchinni to goto waste so I baked it with olive oil and white pepper then roasted some walnuts blended together in the food processer with some cream cheese and served it as a dip on the side with some nice rounds of a baguette. Im still getting those pics resized I will post those later. I pickd ginger because I wanted a nice "ahhh" feel after each bite and clean taste in the mouth and I think ginger makes that happen. I will make more terrines in the future just with meat that im not going to use this time I bought meat specifically for the dish. It did however feel like a little peice of the French Country side eating it at my desk today.
  2. I cook with walnuts and pecans alot. Its on of my favorite little snacks too. On the top of the stove I place them in a heavy skillet and turn the heat to medium high and shake the pan till I can just barely smell them. then I add butter and tosss to coat, there is a nice sizzle from the butter melting. And turn the heat to high and continue to tosstill the butter is gone and they get to the brown I like. Then remove from heat and add salt. But thats just so I can snack on them. No butter or salt if you need them for som recipe. But start medium high tp warm them up then finish on high shaking to get even coverage/toasting. In the oven I lay them in one coat/layer on a cookie sheet and preheat the oven to 400. place the sheet in and then check ever 3 minutes when I open it and hear a sizzle I know its done. Usually less than 4 checks (12 minutes) Normally about 10 minutes actually. They are different nuts so they have different oil contents and that oil is what I hear sizzling when I open the oven. For me, I like them a little darker, just when I think its too dark I taste them and they have a really good smokey flavor. Hope this helps.
  3. Ok all, Ive been reading and digging through the internets and generally hyping myself up to do this. Tuesday I took 1 lb of chicken breasts, 1 lb of pork sausage Garlic, Ginger, Paprika, shallots and merlot. No food processor big enough to handle the chicken before it got to warm, so I used a cleaver and chopped the chicken into oblivion. Minced the Garlic, shallots, ginger, basil, thyme , added paprika and the merlot. Mixed them with a combination of my un-sliced left hand and a potatoe masher. Let sit till Wednesday, last night. Blanched some asparagaus and thin slices of zucchinni and set aside. Took a loaf dish and lined with bacon and in bottom layer placed asparaguas spear that I sliced in half with pairing knife and thin slices of zucchinni then some of the meat and repeated till top layer which i topped with asparagus spears. covered with bacon and placed in water bath of another glass dish and cooked at 375 for 1 hour 55 minutes. Covered with two layers of foil. Internal temp was at 160 when I took it out and let cool on counter. Covered again and weighted down with big can of peaches on bottom of frigde. Scolded dog for looking for bacon scraps in kitchen and went to sleep. This morning before work I peeked at it and there is a lot of liquid some of it solidifying. It didnt shrink like others I have read or crack or anything. Before cooking I cooked a small amount of the mix and let it cool and tasted it. It was nice would taste better on rounds of french sourdough. So my question is when I goto slice it tonight, do I take the bacon off? do I get rid of the jelly that has formed? Not totally sure. It smelled really nice.
  4. Dont know if it qualifies but I like baked beans on toast. I crisp up a few slices of bacon set aside then crumble, and then add then cook some sweet yellow onions in the fat. Add chopped black olives and fresh ginger and garlic then mix in one can of baked beans and use a potatoe masher and mash till the conisitency of refried beans. Then cook uncovered till the loose most of the moisture. I have a Central Market store where I get a loaf of Prosciutto and black pepper bread. (Bread with meat in it! YAY!) slice it on the bias toast it with olive oil and salt and then dip/spread/dunk/dive it into or with the beans.
  5. BACON, I think im going to cheat on SO with more bacon than safely consumed by humans. No bread on sandwiches, ill use bacon instead. I will no longer chew gum ill chew bacon Need to tie up a chicken, no twine, just bacon. Need a topping for that root beer float. Bacon Ahoy. "I have something stuck in my teeth", hmmm, Bacon toothpick anybody? *Bacon Coma*
  6. When its just me I still cook but just comfort foods that I know she doesnt quite like. Cantonese noodles with eckridge smoked sasuage cubed and fried crispy covered in house of tsang ginger flavored soy sauce. is my favorite one when alone. Grits with sugar and lots of butter and crispy bacon or pan toasted pecans with salt and peach soda. Spinach with grilled portabella mushrooms and earl campbell hot links red peppers and toasted walnuts Bologna sammich with mustard and pickles and olives Hebrew NationalKosher hotdogs grilled with onions on potatoe bread. not buns, just sliced bread and rootbeer float with pistachio ice cream. Pre cooked steak patties, I get them from walmart on the way home. Cooked on the Foreman and then sliced and over white rice with peanut sauce. Im soo hungry now!!!! Damn this thread...
  7. It was a slow day at work Friday. After most of my tasks were done I hit Guidelive and Egullet to find a place to eat. I live off Central and Beltline, so I'm really close to all of the hotspots; nothing is more than five minutes in either direction, even faster if we don't see cops. SO, I always pick three restaurants to eat at in case one is too packed or no parkng can be found. We picked Rouge as our first stop and SCORE, there were a handful of parking spots. Just my girlfriend and myself. She has been hip to trying anything I cook or discover to eat so this was a good one, Spanish Cuisine from Basque. The atmosphere is great. Rich red fabrics along the dark colored walls seems to pull the light from the candles on the tables upwards. Making the shadows come from below which adds to a the feel of a secluded Spanish village. We expected Antonio Banderas, or an even more spanish version of him, to come from the kitchen at any moment and challenge me to a duel for the love of my lady. He may have won because I was already having a torrid affair with our first dish. Jamon and Queso Croquetta, Ham and cheese croquettes, Hot. They were light and crisp and the cheese inside was perfect. I later found this is standard fare for tapas and a recipe as well. After I recover I will attept this for sure for entertaining. Then a Terrine of Eggplant, mushrooms and red peppers, Cold. It was served as a pie slice and was crisp and each layer of flavor could be tasted. My only wish is that it was served maybe rectangular sliced so it would be easier to eat. But taste overshadows that completely. Next was Pan Boli, a simple flat bread rubbed with a tomato mix with garlic and other spices, Hot. I was sure that I could recreate this when I read it on the menu, but after tasting my memory was apparently wiped and I was reduced to teenage girl phrases of OMG OMG. Our next dish was Potatoes and Serrano ham in oil and herbs. We live in Texas, pig is my default meat for goodness sake, but it never tasted like this. At first I could taste a wild flavor in it and it was almost overpowering, but as I ate it with the oil and herbs on the dish they cut away the wild taste making it seem sweeter and as bad as it sounds I could taste country. My girlfriend could not believe how different this ham tasted as compared to good old Thanksgiving ham. The potatoes were just regular russet potatoes, what my mom calls Ice potatoes. They were just quartered long ways and with the skin on. The oils and the ham flavor penetrated through the top few layers of the potatoe but the inside was fluffy and moist and the combination of ham in your mouth with it was very nice. Simple and homey meat and poatoes, but so different and much more flavorful. Last we had the winner. Stay tuned for your Ghetto moment. Seared Chicken with capers and wine reduction. The chicken was very moist and full of the flavor of the reduced sauce on its crisp outside. The capers made a nice salty explosion when they made the joyus journey from juice to mouth. Now, the bread service was ok, small garlicy biscuits a little too browned in some places but I am not expected to be wowed by bread service. However, Ghetto moment imminent, the sauce called to us. A shared glance at the biscuits was all it took, no words. I took a biscuit in hand and tore it, the method used was gentle hoping to expose as much of the fluffy interior of the biscuit as possible, disregarding only the crust. A deft movement and into the sauce it did dive, yes, the sopping had begun. Being a product of public shcools, my math could be flawed. But I calculate a little bit of Southern ingenuity + Flavors of Spain = A whole bunch of tasty We believed it a crime to our stomachs, the chef and my mama, to leave any sauce on that plate. Full of the flavors of Spain we ended the meal there. Wonderful flavors, amazing atmosphere and a nice price just at 40 dollars for the two of us including a nice tip. It was not very crowded on a friday night, and that usually scares me. Makes me wonder if they are on the way out. But I would reccomend it for anyone who wants more than the standard fare but not pay much more than normal.
  8. I don't know how long its been around bit MINT on Central and Forest Mint When I went I was quite impressed. For the location and the price Its a winner. Now I that I compare its nowhere near the price of say Nobu. So for those of us working on a budget this a good spot. Mint first then Nobu.
  9. nocturnalsunshine


    For lunch I just had salad made in the 5 minutes before the bus rounded the corner. Baby spinach and arugala shreeded swiss cheese a sliced chicken fried steak patty thin strips of slice carrots and a few salted pecans and walnuts. And three ill-gotten girl scout cookies.
  10. I always have the mac and cheese in the pantry for times when not inspired to cook. Its also good for my 2 year old neice when shes over. I can cook it and add new ingredients to it to get her to try new foods. She now likes Tuna, Cod, all manner of olives and spinach thanks to mixing it with Kraft mac and cheese.
  11. Man, I was just having a long discussion about this with my girlfriend. Her point was it does the same thing as I do on the stove. Hot water on pasta. I was saying that it does'nt have enough water and there needs to be oxygen circulating to help it cook properly. Then it brought up questions scientifically about what happens when water boils. I was under the impression that it looses oxygen when it boils and that is why you can't resuse pasta water for a second batch. And that in an open container, big pot, it looses oxygen and gains some back. Then I thought that if this cylinder is letting steam out through what appear to be vents on top then new oxygen can't get in at the same time steam comes out. And when the steam stops rising and the oxygen is able to get in at that point no cooking is being done. The only data I could find to backup my loosing oxygen theory is an episode of Good Eats I vaguley recall and sites for making Tea that all say the same thing. Does anybody know if this is true? Because this would be another reason should'nt work. I think it would be fine for cooking shrimp and asparagaus though.
  12. You definitely do not need molds to do the traditional triangle shape. Just wet your hands, salt a little and form away with your filling in the center. This graphic shows the technique. ← Printed and ready to go! Thanks! Once I read <b>torakris </b> say she made them for breakfast and lunch ive been craving them. So one weekend of making rice balls is ahead of me.
  13. So I read and read the posts and links and hyped myself up to make these rice balls. Made the rice, formed the shapes. 3 balls and 3 of the more bullet shaped ones I saw on the map that shows the different shapes for different areas of japan. I was pleased. Then I tried to fill them with scallops, and umeboshi paste. Disaster, hahaha, so apparently you have to form and fill them while the rice is still hot. I ended up getting fresh tuna and just having a big bowl of rice with a few strips of tuna and nori and ginger soy sauce. A mistake, but a tastey one nonetheless. Are those molds just called Onigiri molds? I need some I think.
  14. I don't think someone who really appreciates cooking can really put a stop to doing it yourself on certain things. Cooking is your territory, your thing. Ive always called it "my kitchen" and normally hover like a vulture if somebody is in there cooking, heck even getting a snack or drink. I have to make most everything when im cooking just because i am trying to broaden my horizons to all types of cooking. And when I find a new method I call it a success. For instance my Girlfriend wanted Chinese take out once but was only getting fried rice. "Thats it? shoot, I can make that for cheaper and way better tasting" So ended making the fried rice at home and Lo Mein, Peanut flavored Tofu and Noodle soup. Ok, an hour and 45 minutes later everything was done and they could have got there in 30 but the point is, anybody can just order food or buy it already made. Only the special talented few can make it. And just like at work, the better you are usually doesnt mean rewards, just more work.
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    I normally have spinach two or three times a week for lunch in salad. Spinach, tuna, black olives, toasted and salted walnuts and mozzarella or smoked goat cheese. Or if i think about it, ground turkey or ground beef seasoned with red pepper, cayenne pepper, cumin and garlic. Recently ive had Arugala, shredded jicama, shreeded carrot and vinnagrette with lemon juice, apple cider vinager and oil and feta cheese. Of course growing up weekly collard greens cooked into oblivion with ham hocks and hot water cornbread and when mom wasnt looking...sugar.
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