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  1. This is some serious money for a seriously inadequate oven! Do I really need a oven to tell me that I'm putting steak into it? So glad it did though, I thought it was chicken breast I was going to eat tonight. The internal probe is a nice feature, so are the two fans (though one needs to wonder in such a small oven, if two are really needed). The max 450F baking temp is not hot enough btw.
  2. I find it interesting that the pictures show the steak seared on all sides. You probably have to cook it at a low them, them raise the temp and sear it. Would be smart if it could do both without having to touch the steak. It would need to heat up very quickly and it probably wont sear the sides.. but hey.. maybe one day.
  3. My 2 cents, the lack of circulation is going to give you gradients in temperature in the pot. Eggs for example, that sink to the bottom won't reflect the correct temp as the probe which is set in the middle. Large cuts that will fill the pot, will cook at higher temps at the bottom, and less at the top. Which can be exaggerated I would assume on long cooks when air starts filling up the bag at the top and reducing further the heat transfer.
  4. If you're looking for the PRO version of the Anova (http://anovaculinary.com/pages/products) More expensive than the One, but much higher tank capacity. I've seen the other two models go on promotion once in a while, but not the Pro model.
  5. Not much to say about the Rational, I get to use one on occasions. You can pre-program it for your recipes and just press that one button. It's very much all controllable, from temp, fan speed, steam levels, etc.. It makes cooking or baking easy and perfect each time.
  6. Sorry about the pdf confusion, didn't realize it didn't get pasted properly (and couldn't edit the initial post). What I find interesting is that all the combi ovens that are available for home, from what I see in the pictures, none seem have taken the leap when it comes to the controls. The Rational ovens are so easy to use, it's a pleasure to work with one, sadly, no home version available.
  7. This might help you out: http://kurtskitchen.com/Portals/201554/docs/CombiSteam%20Oven%20Comparison.pd It compares most home combi ovens that are currently available.
  8. A microwave can superheat water and this is the reason it's not suggested as a calibrating method. Side note, boiling water temp can very depending on altitude. For example, on Everest it's 160F, at the dead sea shore it's 214F.
  9. I like both, for different reasons. Anova One - I find the touch screen to be much easier to use, especially with a timer. You can also calibrate the unit through the menu. It heats up water much faster (in my opinion) and can handle bigger tubs. I will be using this unit for most long cooks. You can also direct the jet flow any direction you want. It is heavier and bulkier though. Anova Precision Cooker - Pain to use the timer, especially with no app out (And no news of an Android version). I do like the clamp and that it's smaller as I can use it with any pot I have at home. My unit was off by 1.5F and had to be recalibrated, I have a new replacement coming in on Monday as it can't be calibrated without the app. To me it seems to take longer to reach high temps but I get around that by using boiling water to speed things up. Aesthetically, it's nicer. You can still direct the jet flow in the direction you want, but it takes a little more work "you can move the bottom cap in one of three positions, then more the whole unit around in the clamp" They are both great devices, both seem to maintain temp very well. The Anova Precision Cooker prefers to be used with a lid on your pot/tub, I find it maintains temp much better that way. If you have any questions, let me know.
  10. I do, using both to do protein and veg at the same time. Though I really should sell one and instead get myself a proper vac chamber, only problem is finding room for that thing
  11. Out of curiosity, did you tighten both knobs? The one that secures the clamp to the pot, and second that secures the circulator to the clamp?
  12. Which connection? I've been using the V2 for a while now and it's as solidly built as the V1.
  13. Ok, so did a test this evening. Ran the V1 and set it to 130F and put the V2 in the same pot. 130F was hit by the V1, my thermapen showed 129.9F, the V2 (which was only turned on but not running) showed a temp of 131.3F. So my V2 is off by ~1.5F https://www.dropbox.com/s/vy3kkhi4ubio9bf/2014-11-15.jpg?dl=0 (I have no idea how to attach an image.., sorry) That said, I also ran the V2 and set it 130F, and it never reached that temp, it would only get up to 129.7F, if I turned the unit off, the temp would immediately read 130.3F. It's within range I assume, but it might have been a better choice to give round up/down temp? Anyone else seeing this as well? I did cover the pot with some foil to see if it would make a difference and it didn't much.
  14. The manual is online at https://anova.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories/200110280-Guide And unfortunately, no app yet. Apparently the iPhone one is still in development and there is no news for the Android. Which is a pain as it's the only way to calibrate it as there seems to be quite a few units that are off by a degree or two. I've yet to test mine, but I have a feeling I'll be using the v1 for any long cooks, just to be on the safe side.
  15. Considering so many other kickstarter projects were delayed by over a year, I think people will survive having to wait a few more month. I certainly will.. This isn't amazon people, you saved money buying the unit knowing the risk. Next time, wait until it's available to buy direct (ie: wait PAST the kickstarter campaign is fulfilled), get immediate gratification that it ships within a few days and pay full price on the unit.
  16. Best of luck!!! I know there are many of us that would LOVE to see Sous Vide Dash adapted to work directly with the new Anova circulator.
  17. Well that's pretty rude! The advantages of having app running immersion circulators is that it makes life a bit easier. The apps are a tool, you can use it, or, in your case, choose not to. Not all of us have the temp/time/thickness charts memorized
  18. It's like Microsoft saying you can only create a program for Windows, but not OSX. Or for example, Apple saying you can create an app just for iOS but not Android. These T&C pretty much rule out having Sous Vide Dash app for the Anova. Unless I'm mistaken?
  19. ANOVA needs to come clear on their T&C and the way the API is handled.
  20. To add to the list above: -An audible alert to tell you it reached desired temp
  21. I wholeheartedly agree, way too conservative! I wish the presets could be tweaks. Ideally it should let you setup your own presets/recipes.
  22. True, it's an extra $100, but you get a 2kW heater instead of 1kW. Not saying it's worth the extra $$ but that thing must heat up water so quickly!
  23. Good to hear! If you ever get your external thermometer (assuming that's what your facebook points to) and tie it in with the new Anova, you have over 10K new anova (as per their kickstarter) users that would jump all over it!
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