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  1. <A HREF="http://www.lileks.com/institute/gallery/index.html">The Gallery of Regrettable Food</A> Gulp! :o
  2. So do any shops in Culebra carry Barillito? I've always had to buy it on the big island.
  3. Shiva

    Pulled Pork

    Well, if you've got a smoker and six hours to kill here's one I can vouch for. The Carolina style sauce is very good. http://www.epicurious.com/run/recipe/view?id=101803
  4. It is, and the sporting event is known as "Standing On Passyunk Avenue Eating A Cheesesteak Without Dripping It All Over Oneself". Roll your sleeves up past your elbows, stand with your feet apart, lean forward at the waist and let it drip on the sidewalk. :)
  5. I found the article. Gotta love Google. http://college3.nytimes.com/guests/articles/2001/11/07/878780.xml
  6. Great place. One of the best things about The Perryville is its consistency. They do a very reasonably priced Prix Fixe menu on Tuesdays.
  7. The <A HREF="http://www.horneddorset.com/">Horned Dorset Primavera</A>. Strange name, great place.
  8. Shiva

    Fullers Vintage Ale

    I dug into the beer cellar the other evening and here's the scoop: 1998-- Drink now, it's past it's prime. 1999-- Perfect. Smooth, rich in caramel and ready to drink now 2000-- Drank it all last year :(
  9. I'm looking for a good quality, affordable olive oil for general cooking. It should be flavorful, moderately priced, and available at a decent supermarket. There are plenty of different brands on the shelf. Which ones are your favorites? I'm not looking for 'Shop-O-Rama Olive Oil Lite', nor am I looking for ุ/fl. oz. oil cold pressed by barefooted Albanian midgets only during full moons if you get my drift. Thanks In Advance, Shiva
  10. Here's a food riddle/joke that may require explanation: Q. What did the Dalai Lama say to the hot dog vendor? A. "Make me one with everything."
  11. Beware, I've got a million of 'em and they're all bad! Two cannibals run into each other in the jungle. The first one says, "I'm having trouble with my recipes for missionaries. I've tried boiling, baking, roasting, and they always come out tough and stringy." The second cannibal asks, "Which missionaries are they?" The first replies, "The ones down by the river bend with the strange haircuts and brown robes." "Oh. Those are friars." Thank you folks, I'll be here all week!
  12. Shiva

    Home-made pasta

    I love fresh pasta prepared simply. 2 cups semolina (AKA Pasta Flour) 2 eggs salt olive oil water (if needed) I mix using the well technique, sloshing with the right hand and pushing flour in with the left. As soon as the dough is smooth I stop kneading, wrap it in plastic and let it rest for 10 minutes. The rest allows the gluten to relax and helps make a more tender noodle. I use an Atlas machine and roll the pasta to "5" ("7" being the thinnest) then through the linguine cutter. I'm not into filled pastas. Gilding the lily, IMO. A minute or two in highly salted boiling water, drain then into a pan of hot garlic oil. This time of the year I'll sautee tomato chunks in the oil first. Garnish with some basil and parmigiano-reggiano. Ooh, now I'm hungry.
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