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  1. Good news! (at least for me ) Sebastian's is going to be having all-you-can-eat crabs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays all summer. I drove past after work yesterday and saw a sign that said "all-you-can-eat crabs today!" so I called and ordered a dozen and picked them up to bring home. They are medium Maryland blue claws, prepared old bay style. They were good (albeit small, and lots of work, but that's to be expected) and quite a bargain! They charged me $18.95 for a dozen. (The all you can eat dinner was $19.95.) That's about half the price of the medium crabs at Loupy's Crabs down in Marlton (which is also over an hour away.) My only complaint is that they weren't cleaned, which made them that much harder to eat. (Loupy's offers them "down and dirty" or "cleaned"). When I called to order them the gal didn't know if they would have them again, but when I picked them up, I asked someone else, and was told that they plan to have them every Tuesday and Wednesday. Yay! ← It's so funny.... I was just outside talking to my nephew who is a busboy at Sebastian's asking him about when they have the crabs because I have been craving them!!! He told me about Tues. and told me the price but he said sometimes they sell them cleaned. If they don't , I'm not really sure how to clean them!! I know I must sound stupid but I've never gotten them not cleaned before. I'm planning to get them on Wed.!!
  2. Acacia in Lawrenceville is excellent! I think it's the best in the area! Its a byo too!
  3. we have them at our restaurant....david drake!
  4. Those pictures are wonderful!!! I finally got to go to lunch last week and I had the new risotto dish with the prosciutto and peas. I loved it!!! I also had the chicken dish with the spaetzle and the root vegetables. The chicken is only on the lunch menu not on the dinner menu. And I ordered the new raspberry tart with the vanilla ice cream. That was delicious!! It was nice having a leisurely tasty lunch for a change!! At school we only get 30 minutes and I usually eat a Lean Cuisine!!! Hope to see you at the restaurant sometime!!
  5. I'm going there for lunch this week since I have off from school and now I know just what I want to eat!! I've never had lunch at our restaurant, so this will be a first!! Too bad I didn't go today, I would have gotten the chance to meet you!!
  6. I have to say I prefer Adega Grill and Sol Mar to Casa Vasca. I have had some good meals at Casa Vasca, I love the soup but I LOVE cod fish which is a very typical portugese dish but the 2 times I had it there, there were soooo many bones it was barely ediable. I tried it 2 different ways on 2 different occasions and the same thing happened both times. Unfortunately, the last time we were there our service was horrible so now I'm reluctant to go back.
  7. You really can't go wrong with either one as far as the food is concerned but for a special occasion I would go to Highlawn. The view is breathtaking!! Try to make your reservations a little later so it's dark outside!
  8. Acacia in Lawrenceville is very good but I don't know if they have lunch or brunch but they are open on Sunday.
  9. Don't forget the cookies!! They are wonderful too!!!
  10. He adds and removes items all the time from the menu, especially some of the fish items. Unfortunately , he doesn't always keep the web site up to date. My son is working on a new website as we speak! I know there are 3 new dessert items that have been added, I was forced to try them on fri..... like a nontraditonal creme brulee that has chocolate on the bottom (unbelievable!) a lemon dessert that is served in a glass and has blueberries on the bottom and a meringue like topping (my favorite!!) and a chocolate tart with bananas and maple walnut ice cream on top!! So I gave in and tried them all!! It's a dirty job but someone has to do it!!! I'm sure other new spring items will be added as well. Thanks for asking!!
  11. great pictures Randi!! You should become the official food photographer!!
  12. Bit of a thread ressurrection here, but is this place really that bad? They just put up an ad on the local mailing list I'm on, and it has me curious. ← Yes it is REALLY, REALLY bad!!!!!
  13. Does anyone know how far in advance you have to make reservations for a Sat. ?
  14. Those pictures are wonderful!! I'm on map quest now, trying to figure out how far Emerson is from me!!!!
  15. Sounds good. What did you eat and how would you say it compares to the Bernards Inn, a place I love to eat.
  16. And does the restaurant Venue ring a bell???
  17. I beg to differ with you!! I am not here to promote my restaurant!! Fortunately, I don't have to !! I rarely talk about it and have posted on many other topics!! Your age is definitely showing!! I probably shouldn't say that cause my son is 22 and he would never be so rude!!!
  18. I think we are talking about 2 different things. I think there are restaurant towns...Montclair , Red Bank, New Brunswick and then there are restaurant destinations like the Ryland Inn, Nicholas(which isn't located downtown red bank) and our restaurant. The restaurant towns have a variety to choose from and competiton is strong but when you go to a town specifically for a restaurant, you are going to dine somewhere special. I don't think it really matters where it is located as much as the quality of the food. People come from all over the state to our restaurant. Most of them have never been to Rahway before. But, they know we received an excellent from the nytimes and they want to try it and they return. Some people from Rahway come to the restaurant but more people come from out of town. We have heard time and time again that our rest. is as good as any in nyc. Some even come from the city to eat here. But let me be honest, it takes A LOT of money to start up a fine dining restaurant so unless you feel you have a good chance of making it, most people are afraid of losing their shirts!! We are busy during the week ( i would also like to know your definition of slow) not as busy as the wkend but we are busy. We are usually booked several wks in advance for the wkends.
  19. It's just the nature of the business. Don't have exact numbers, but there must be at least 10 times more people eating at restaurants on weekends as on weekdays. I'm sure many restos in NYC are quieter on weekdays as well, not including the "movie star" places that draw crowds 7 nights a week. But I suppose we need one of the restaurateurs here to chime in on this issue. ← I thought I did!
  20. I hope you will try Restaurant David Drake for fine dining. Rahway may not be a fine dining town but our restaurant is busy most nights of the week and people come from all over the state. I think we fit your description of fine dining with white linens, fine china, glassware and silverware, 3 tasting menus and FABULOUS food!! The average check is over $70 too!!! I hope this didn't sound too much like an advertisement!!!
  21. As of a few minutes ago, Fascino has space for parties of 2 and 4 on Friday, a week from today, and the following Saturday. Minimal accomodation for tonight or tomorrow, though. I've found reservations accessible at Fascino once you go out beyond a week on OpenTable. ← Last month I called on a Friday for reservations for Fascino for the next day. They were for 9:00 but we went and had a wonderful time and the food was delicious! Had no trouble parking either!
  22. Brandl and Moonstruck are both excellent retaurants. I would however, put Brandl a little higher than Moonstruck. ← Thanks for the info.! I never heard of Brandl but I checked out their website and it looked wonderful. I've heard good things about Moonstruck and always meant to try it. Well, now I'll ask the girls which one they would like to try. At least now when I go to the shore I have some good choices instead of going to the Lobster Shanty!!!
  23. Beth you won't be disappointed! This and SOB (Silver oak bistro) are on the top of my "go to" lists when we go out again to eat as a couple, hubby and I. We only go out once a month so it has to be good. I'm also considering The Chart House - I hope it's good too! So it'll be Fortunato's, SOB & TCH! in some order. ← My recollection of the Chart House was that, while the view was great, the food was just mediocre.However, that was years ago, and I have not been back since. Anyone dine there. lately? yes, and I agree with the view being wonderful and the food as mediocre. But the view at Vu in Jersey City is great and the food is much better than Chart House! ←
  24. For many yrs. I've gone out on Valentine's Day and I can honestly say that I haven't had a negative experience. And I'm not saying it cause I'm in the restaurant business because this is the 1st yr. I've ever owned a rest. !! Maybe because we've always gone to great restaurants( which might have made a difference) many in nyc like One if by Land, March and Aureole to name a few, but this year we went to Serenade and had a very good meal. Do I expect everything to be absolutely perfect?? No, but not so bad that it would stop me from ever going out again on Vday. I like some of the special menus the rest. offer on Valentine's day that you normally can't get. I have to brag a bit but we only received very positive comments about our restaurant that nite as well!! If I stayed home and cooked it would surely have been a negative experience!!
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