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  1. Restaurant David Drake doesn't advertise in NJ monthly. I can't speak for the others but in our case, it isn't because we advertise.
  2. I received a gift certificate for this restaurant and have been anxious to try it. Thanks for your comments! They were helpful and now I am definitely going to go. I do love mussels!! It is busy on weekends?? Since there are no reservations, did u ever have to wait??
  3. I would like to add David Drake to the group of patio dining. I know it's not in the towns you mentioned but it is a very nice outdoor space with a different patio menu and wonderful summer drinks. It's in the back of the restaurant, not on the street, so it is very quiet and casual!!!! I'm sorry if I sound like an advertisement. That was not my intention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a person who LOVES outdoor dining so I'm always looking for new places to go! I hope others will add more to the list. I know this topic has been brought up before but it's always good to revisit it, this time of the year!!
  4. Why did you change?? I hate to say it but there is a reason why it is so much cheaper!!!
  5. ...sorry...18 year old!! ← Sorry, but I disagree!! You shouldn't be able to tell the difference in most restaurants! Most chefs have to have a day off!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!! unfortunately, it just might happen to be on your birthday or anniversary, but an 18 shouldn't be in charge of the kitchen ever!! I don't know if Cafe Matisse had an 18 yr.old acting as a head chef. I find that hard to believe, but I guarantee that in most really good restaurants you wouldn't be able to tell if the head chef is there that day or not!!! But, a highly trained chef de cuisine or sous chef should be left in charge not just any old "cook".
  6. That is correct, it is in Rutherford, I am sorry but I should have clarified which one. ← That's a shame what happened to you, because I also really like Cafe Matisse but haven't been in awhile. Any restaurant can have an off night and I know that doesn't help you but you should probably call them and tell them how you feel.
  7. Hi Christine, The girls and I loved our lunch!!! We all teach at the same school and WISHED you were closer so we could come for lunch every day!!!!!!!!!!! They came for lunch last week too, when I was on vacation. It takes us about 30 minutes to get to you so it would be a little difficult during the regular school year!! We especially enjoyed the crab cake sandwich and the chicken salad melt! We will be back before the end of summer!! Maybe several times!!!!! Thanks! Lori
  8. Just looked at the web site and it looks great!! I plan on going when I get back from Europe! What did you eat?? Did you go for lunch or dinner?
  9. Thanks for all the information Nishla!! We are leaving tomorrow for Europe and we will be in Florence July 8 - 13. Your report has been very helpful!! I've been compiling a list of restaurants for weeks now and I certainly want to try several you mentioned!! Your pictures are wonderful too!!
  10. I'm just curious why you didn't want anyone to include Rats or David Drakes.
  11. I've always had good meals at an Italian restaurant on Rt. 27 in Iselin, very close to the mall called Casa Giuseppe. It's high end Italian with good food and good service!
  12. I'm dying to go, but I've already brought most of my friends. ← Pretend you are with friends who have never been to DDs before!! I'll never tell!!!!
  13. NJ Monthly named us the Most Romantic restaurant in NJ in the January issue!! Now when I accuse my husband of not being romantic enough, he tells me to go sit in the restaurant!! That's cause he decorated it!!!!!!
  14. Try the chocolate parfait dessert!! It is wonderful!!! My new favorite! Have a great time!!
  15. I don't beleive so... ← I don't think it is either.
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