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  1. After reading this, I did some research. It turns out that Serrano Ham was banned from export from Spain until 1990. Since I love this stuff, it will definatley make the menu. I also love the Mexican chocolate idea (as I'm sure Lorna will as well!) Looks like we have a dessert. I thought of ortolan, but I think we'd be crossing the line of good taste (figuratively.) Plus it would be hard to procure. We are leaning towards Matsusaka Beef for the main course. I'm not sure about the banning and import laws pertaining to Kobe and Matsusaka Beef. We have a friend travelling to Japan in a few weeks and has promised to smuggle some back for us. He says it goes for as much as $1 US a gram. I'm not sure why its not availible in the US as real Wagyu from Kobe most definately is. Anyone with info on this?
  2. I should note that our menu is limited to those items we can either find through backdoor channels in Seattle (and vicinity) or smuggle across the border from Canada.
  3. Is genuine Prosciutto di Parma banned? Is this related to curing with the hoof on?
  4. We are planning a dinner party serving all banned foods. So far we have on the menu: Foie gras Raw milk cheese Absinthe Cuban tobacco (not sure what to do with this yet, ideas would be great) Some interesting way to use trans fats ??? After this we are drawing a blank. Any other suggestions?
  5. Clue: "I'm so hungry I can eat the ass end out of a dead rhino. I should have had you get me three of these."
  6. Two more: 1. Meatball sandwiches. "Get me two!" 2. "...sitting in a row at ten o'clock in the morning drinking icy cold, Bohemia-style beer"
  7. Here's an easy one: One omelet, one unbroken shot, no dialogue. Didn't go through all previous 18 pages, so sorry if this was already used.
  8. Yeah!!!! ETA: Oops that was me (Henry). Someone keeps logging in from my computer ← I did it for you, Henry. ← You're awesome Megan! Having experienced Momofuku with the Donbert myself, I know what an incredible experience you must have had. Thanks for sharing it with us. Was it crowded? Having read the New York Mag article, I was a bit worried about the demise of Momofuku Ssam. But I feel that the cream always rises to the top and was not overly concerened. What were your favorites. I still contend that the 3 terrine bahn mi is the best sandwich I have ever had. How juicy was the Bershire Pork Butt? Did you ask how they cooked it? How many hours? thanks Megan!
  9. I thought the Szechuan crab was good, the twice cooked pork was good and the chicken dish was adequate. To be fair, when a Chinese boy is craving Chinese food in a city without any good Chinese food, you take what you can get and be thankful you can get it at all. That being said, Richmond definately has better Chinese options than Seattle. But we all knew this going in. Lorna was a trooper for not complaining too much during our meal. BTW, our non-chinese friedns really enjoyed the meal. The difference between Lorna and myself is the fact that sometimes I have to have Chinese food, even the mediocre stuff; while she would rather go without.
  10. Here's the sales pitch I got from J.J. Buckley this morning: Anyone heard of this? Is this Yquem? Is this too good to be true?
  11. I'm excited to read your blog Megan! One request I have is to hit the late night scene at Momofuku Ssam! One of the best food experiences I've ever had, and I'd love to experience it again through your eyes.
  12. Bare in mind, I moved out of OC in 1998 so these recommendations could be WAY out of date: Pinot Provence by Joachim Splichal (Patina) is decent, and you could probably walk there. Many people rave about Troquet or Aubergine, I was never imrpessed. Although I'd take a cab for some great Chinese food. A&J Restaurant in Irvine for Taiwanese small eats. Sam Woo in Irvine for Hong Kong style Chinese. ( I think there is a small scale Sam Woo in Metro Town, but I haven't been) Mandarin Restaurant in Fountain Valley for mandarin fare. Mas' Islamic in Anaheim for Islamic Chinese.
  13. Chewbacca and muktuk 1. Chewbacca was featured in the Star Wars films directed by George Lucas. 2. George Lucas was a film student at the University of Southern California. 3. (Speaking as a UCLA Bruin ) The University of Southern California is a second rate university which boasts a highly touted football program full of "student athletes" who can barely read beyond an elementary school level. 4. A popular writer of elementary school literature is Judy Blume. 5. Judy Blume wrote the book about preteen teasing called "Blubber" 6. A meal of whale skin and blubber is commonly called Muktuk. Jacques Derrida and Whatchamacallit
  14. What's the word on Higgins? Also, I wanted to check out Doug Fir strictly for the architecture. Any cool / interesting places for drinks?
  15. Some more insight on the Gypsy segment here: Gypsy questions
  16. Not on this trip, but make sure you watch the Pacific Northwest episode of No Reservations. I think it airs Jan. 22nd. ← Henry and Lorna - I got a chance to catch No Reservations last night and I have a few questions: 1. How do I get an invite to one of those Gypsy Dinners? 2. Who was that Chef and where does he normally cook? 3. Was that your house? 4. What was the "donation" per person for that Dinner? 5. Is that a typical menu for a Gypsy Dinner or was this kicked up a bit for Bourdain? 6. How was AB off camera? Same persona? 7. Can I have your autographs? ← 1. Here's a link to the site: Gypsy They supposedly make you write an essay to get in, but if you already know a member, you're in. 2. Chef Gabriel is CIA educated. I'm not sure where he used to cook, but he now runs a cooking school called Culinary Communion. 3. The house belongs to some friends of ours. Robbie and Louis who were sitting at the end of the table with us. The house was designed by a firm I used to work for called Stuart Silk Architects. 4. Donations vary per dinner. They range from $35 to $150 plus tip. This particular dinner was free for us. We happen to be friends with the person that did PR for Gypsy (Traca, "would kill for a diver scallop.") When NR and Gypsy were looking for a nice house with a view of the lake, gourmet kitchen, and gorgeous dining room; Traca asked me if I knew of a good fit. I said I knew of the perfect house. This was not an ordinary Gypsy. All the guests were invited. There was us, the couple that owned the house, Traca, a Seattle food writer, and some friends of Tony's in the restaurant business. Gabriel recreated the menu for a dinner a few weeks later that he charged $200 (I think) for. 5. I've only been to a handful of Gypsy events, but this one was much more ambitious than usual. 6. AB is exactly the same person on and off camera. 7. Sure Tony mentioned that at most dinner parties, he goes around the table with the same question, "You are going to die a horrible death tomorrow morning; what would your final meal tonight be?" We circle the table hearing stock answers of steak, foie gras, mac and cheese. My answer was my mom's ma puo tofu. When we get to Lorna, she excitedly shouts, "A KILOGRAM OF AMEDEI PORCELANA CHOCOLATE!" That's where her subtitle came from. Side note, We also got an invite to the Salumi lunch in the last segment, but Lorna and I were flying to LA that day. Shucks!
  17. Sir Walter Raleigh and Spaghetti-O's 1. Sir Walter Raleigh's name is quoted in song I'm So Tired on The Beatles' White Album 2. The Beatles were contemporaries of The Velvet Underground. (The groundbreaking albums Sgt. Pepper's Lonley Hearts Club Band, and The Velvet Underground and Nico were released only months apart.) 3. The Velvet Underground's first album was produced by Andy Warhol 4. Andy Warhol famously silkscreened numerous Cambell's Soup cans 5. Campbell's Soup Company manufactures Spaghetti-O's Howard Roark and Chilean Sea Bass
  18. Kafka and pea soup 1. Franz Kafka wrote The Trial which was made into a film directed by Orson Wells 2. Orson Welles was Francis Ford Coppola's first choice to play Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now 3. Apocalypse Now starred Dennis Hopper 4. Dennis Hopper starred in Easy Rider with Henry Fonda 5. Henry Fonda starred in 12 Angry Men which was remade in 1997 by director William Friedkin 6. William Friedkin directed The Exorcist which contains a scene of Linda Blair vomitting pea soup Lord Alfred Tennyson and Sodium Alginate
  19. 1. Rick James has long been linked with cocaine use. 2. Cocaine is a white powder. 3. Powder is the name of a movie from 1995 Starring Jeff Goldblum. 4. Jeff Goldblum was born on October 22. 5. 22 is the number of calories from fat contained in White Castle Clam Strips. Clearly I'm not going for points.
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