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  1. When I bake I use Lindt or President's Choice dark which is excellent. You just use less sugar.
  2. From the old world style I would say that Beaver Club is 4 stars or more
  3. Where can you find this magazine? It sounds geat!
  4. UmConumdrum - let's be clear. Corned beef is BRINED and then smoked, not pickled. Pickle = the final act of preservation before eating. Brining is a pre-cooking preparation. Also, let's be serious - smoked meat and psatrami have TOTALLY differing amounts of fat. Pastrami is ALWAYS lean. Sorry if my english is not perfect i am asking my husband to proofread!!! Also, for the fact finders. Pastrami is the same as BASTURMA in Turkey and the other countries in the region. It is the only one of the bunch that can be halal!
  5. Hello friends. I bought some mushrooms today from Jean Talon market (various vendors). I t seem that most mushrooms are cultivate herein QC. This is so sad since the ones I bought have no taste at all! Spend a fortune on portobellos and shitaakes and oyster and no taste!!! Very disappointed. I bought also a big box of cafe mushrooms aka buttons and they were the same taste but different texture. So sad. I know and for sure there is better venfors here in Montreal?! I had some great saucisse grille at the JTM yumm, so tasty!!!
  6. Thank you Carswell very helpful. I know that piemontese truffles are not from france, what I mean is if there are no piemontese maybe someone sells perigord. I will ask at the jeantalon market thank you.
  7. Hello helpful people, TOdays rainy weather is making me think of mushrooms. Is there a mushroom saison here in Quebec? I heard we have lovely wild mushrooms here. Is there a store or market that is specialized? I like cepes, portobella, oyster, morels, or more exotic also. I can guess it is very expensive but can we have piemontese truffles here? Maybe from France? I searched the archives and I found a lot of discussions about where not to sharpen your knife professionally but no clues of where to go to get it done well! My beloved Wusthofs are very dull and desprately need to be sharpened and honed. Where can I go to get this done?
  8. This is a good thread! Forgive my ignorance - what is the differnece between pastrami and smoked meat and corned beef? I had a smoked meat at SHCWARTZ and it was OK, reminded me of the STAGE DELi in NYC but a little more heavy. Is it the same as hot pastrami?
  9. It is hard I suppose to grow onions here in Quebec the weather is so terrible for crops and produce in general. I have noticed not so much that they are stinky but more sharp/acidic and ultimately not as tasty. I know I am spoild from living in Italy for many years. I will try out these places for the lamb shank, thank you for the kind suggestions.
  10. Hi there ladies & gents, My first post here. Who can tell me who makes the best lamb shank in Montreal? I would prefer the slowly braised variety. Any kind of resaurant is fine for me, fancy or simlple bistro, expensive or budget.
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