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  1. I've worked in bars before and swore that we had the same bottle of B&B forever (not the B&B crowd), so I was wondering how long liquor was good ... does it have an expiration date? I would like to start building a bar, but I don't drink that much. I like to buy nice things, but I would like them to last a while. For instance, when I went to France, we went to the Grand Mariner distillery & I bought a (most wonderful ) bottle of Cuvee du Centenaire and Cherry Mariner. As wonderful as these spirits are, they will not be finished for a long time.
  2. jBo

    Restaurant Names

    Always my fave ... in Jacksonville, FL (no longer open, I think) ... Yings Chinee Takee Outee.
  3. jBo

    Kir recipie

    After going to France, I fell in love with kirs ... after having them at the beginning of every meal. My name is Jen, I am an addict. OK, my question ... I know a kir is white wine and creme de cassis ... but what kind of white wine? I also need to find a good creme de cassis ... not Hiram Walker, or whatever $4 bottles are out there. Any suggestions?
  4. Claim Jumper ... holy crapola. It's about ridiculous
  5. I am a water snob ... I like Culligan water and Aquafina ... and I am one of those people that can tell the difference between tap and bottled water.
  6. I've never been to Vancouver, but there used to be a restaurant in Jacksonville, FL named "Yings Chinee Takee Outee". Thanks for letting me butt in.
  7. jBo

    Breakin' the Law

    Measuring? What's that?
  8. Good lord, Chef, what are you still up for? Don't you have to get up early? So do I ... if you need help, I'll be there. This demo at OCA will show how to build a pantry, let you know how long foods stay good, how to cook w/out power, etc. It should be fun and interesting!
  9. jBo

    Kir recipie

    I think you're thinking Chambord ... that's a variation of a Kir or Kir Royale, but Creme de Cassis is the original (and it originated in France). Cointreau is an orange liqueur (with cassis? ).
  10. It's not a store brand, but when I was a kid in Green Bay, Jolly Good soda was it. The cream soda was da bomb.
  11. Thanks, guys, you're awesome!
  12. I'm not here to argue with you. You asked for opinions, and you got one. If you need me to explain myself, I'll try with a question. Why is it not OK for a vegan to eat baby back ribs, but OK to eat tofu ribs? Not only is it an oxymoron, but isn't it perpetrating the whole evil meat industry?
  13. I am not a vegetarian, but I feel that I can still put in my $.02 ... I find it hypocritical for vegetarians (especially vegans) to eat these faux foods. If you don't eat meat because you find it cruel, then you should not eat tofu ribs, vegetarian chili, or soy lunchmeat. These foods are fine as they are made, just come up with different names for them.
  14. jBo

    Kir recipie

    Kickass, AFN! I bought a couple bottles of Chablis from the Laroche Monastary in Chablis! Now to find a good brand of creme de cassis.... P.S. Your signature...it's from a movie, right?
  15. I was just in Lyon & Paris on a trip thru school and we went to Institute Paul Bocuse (in Ecully, near Lyon), and Ferrandi (in Paris). I don't know if I am blinded by the thought of spreading my wings and living in a foreign country, but I am seriously considering going to either one of these schools. I know that both of them have short-term classes that are taught in english, and it's not very expensive (compared to what I'm paying for school). I'm sorry, I don't have any of the information near me, so I can't tell more. I hope this post was not useless. Oh, and if I go to Insitute Paul Bocuse, I'm taking Chef William home with me.
  16. jBo

    Tampa Restaurants Question

    I was just there yesterday...and I ate at a tapas place (Tina's Tapas?). Oh, yeah baby! The (red) sangria was yummy!!!! I feel like a dork, but I can't remember what street it was on, but it's walking distance from the Marriott. It's by Hooters, so ask the hotel staff, they'll know.
  17. The Orlando Culinary Academy is hosting a hurricane survival demo on Saturday, July, 16. Chef instructors are going to demo how to cook without power. I believe it starts at 11am? Maybe 10am? I'm a student there, and I just know to be there at 8am to help out! See you there!
  18. I just came back from France a couple weeks ago (a trip thru school), and I absolutely loved Au Pied de Cachon 6. rue Coquilliere. The soupe a l'oignon gratinee and the crepes flambees au Grand Marnier were to die for. I would go back just for that! Oh, the Cocktail Maison is yummy too (Kir with a sugared rim). It's open 24hrs and is in Les Halles, across the street from the Metro Stop (Line 4, I believe). For those of us who have limited French-speaking abilities, the menu has english translation. Yeah! Bon Appetit!