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  1. Some friends special ordered venison from Metropolitan Market on QA. Despite being told several times that it was for a dinner the night of pick-up and MM assuring said friends that that was not a problem, it was a frozen brick of venison loin when they picked it up, so they ended up not being able to use it for the dinner. So ... that's at least one option, but beware that it may come in frozen brick form.
  2. Just heard that Dandelion in Ballard is closing at the end of the week. Can anybody confirm? If so, it's a shame. It's been one of our neighborhood favorites. Interesting timing with the recent closure of Ebb & Flow in Wallingford, too. Wonder if a decent quality neighborhood restaurant of that size just doesn't work these days.
  3. Nope this is a new place, west of 15th on Leary. I have been past it...I will try to duck in tonight. ← Thanks, vinelady. Take one for the team. Please report back if you're able to check it out -- it looks like an interesting little place.
  4. Anybody have info. on Station Bistro on Leary in Ballard? I think they're open, but can't seem to track down any info. Looks like a nicely done remodel of a long-abandoned gas station.
  5. First of all, love the Iron Chef idea. I've always thought it would be a fun evening among friends, and it looks as though it was, indeed. Funny how easy it is to figure out who's who, even for a sometime eG lurker like myself. (The dessert gives Ling away, and the "foie" and foam blow Henry's cover.) I have no business judging this, but what the hey? To me, Iron Chef #1's cuisine reigns supreme, 9-8, although if I could taste (actually, scarf down) just one of the dishes, it would be Iron Chef #2's corn + "foie." Finally, allow me to pile on the praise ... great blog so far. Thanks, and keep up the good work.
  6. Haven't been there in years because I left Chicago, but El Nuevo Mexicano on Clark St. in Lincoln Park was my standby for basic Mexican food done really, really well. Little neighborhood place, good margaritas, and a nice little patio too. I miss a lot of things from my time in Chicago (... like being in my early 20's), but good Mexican food might top the list!
  7. I can second the recommendations of Zaina, Grand Central and Mae Phim. For pretty good (and fast and cheap'ish) soups, salads and sandwiches, I also like Soup Daddy (on Occidental Ave. north of Occidental Square). And when you just need to satisfy a bbq fix (it happens), Longhorn works (on 1st).
  8. Grant, First of all, congratulations on all your success. As somebody who grew up eating burgers, French Dips, and the like in Achatz Restaurant, I know how far you've come (a long way from Jungletown, to be sure). (Aside to those who don't know Grant's past: his family was/is in the greasy spoon business in Michigan, so Grant started out in a very different part of the industry.) I stumbled into eGullet and have followed the development of Alinea with much interest. Along the way, I've often wondered: is there ANYTHING from the Achatz Restaurant days that you've carried with you to Alinea? If so, what? Again, congratulations, and I hope to get to Alinea in the future to experience your ®evolution first-hand. -Don
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