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  1. Thanks for some awesome posts on this subject. I am working with the Tea Association of Canada and I will let you know what we set up for events in Victoria, hopefully some of you Islanders can come by. Do any of you know who in Victoria does a more healthy approach to tea, maybe a vegetarian or organic place? And Michael, you stick to your guns, none of those IPA fakes, I'm with you!
  2. Hello, I am looking for the top tea rooms in Victoria please? It can be a modern tea lounge or a classic afternoon tea shop. I am also looking for the oldest tea room in Victoria (The Empress has been serving tea for 100 years, is there anywhere older then that? I would appreciate your help! Thanks Cate
  3. My earliest recollection of the RARE location was first as Massimo’s, an Italian restaurant, which was followed by a restaurant with a wine name (Zinfandels maybe?) After that E’Toile, owned by Andre Durbach of Parkside, then Bis Moreno. I think they all had their own reasons for closing. In the early days there were very few residences around there so they had to rely on destination diners and visitors to the city but without a view, or stunning architecture and a courtyard (like Il Giardino). The area now seems to have more businesses and certainly more residences. The area around Rare is
  4. Can you describe it? Thanks. ← Hi Shelora, it was nice and tangy, clearly had some fresh lime or lemon - I liked how fresh tasting it was. Chunky, but not so much that it was hard to eat on a chip. It was a traditional salsa with fresh tomatoes, onion, a bit of cilantro but I didn't examine it as I was walking away from the table when I ate it. It was not “hot” with garlic, as I have found some of the fresh made salsa in the plastic tubs and it didn't have corn or black beans in it, which many jarred brands seem to. I also like that it was a locally made product, similarly to a pasta sau
  5. Just got back from the Juvenile Diabetes Walk for the Cure fundraiser and among the many generous sponsors offering free samples and food items there was a new Salsa from a company in Kamloops called "Fresh is Best Salsa & Company" I was just about to walk by them, as I really don't care for store bought salsa finding it's often too sweet and preferring to make my own, but this stuff was fabulous! Give it a try and support a small local company - their info sheet said it’s available at Overwaitea, Save On Foods, Coopers Foods and Safeway. And no, they are not my client... Cate
  6. Nyala Afrian Restauarnt is opening a second location in mid March at 26th and Main. I will post more in openings thread when I have more info. Cate
  7. Looks like El Patio at 225 Smith Street is no longer. They shut it down for a few weeks to "renovate" then opened for a few days (during Super Bowl) and shut again. Asking around, it would seem that they have shut their doors forever. It was bought by a new owner about a year and a half ago...
  8. Tojo is working on his book as we speak, and it will be beautiful! Cate
  9. Hi there, a great web site you can look at is foodvancouver.com. This site lists restaurants that have been reviewed for their ability to handle dietary restrictions and special food related needs. It is endorsed by the celiac association and is well researched. I have used it as a resource many times for enquiries that have come to me. Web site is www.foodvancouver.comthen click on special diets. Cate
  10. Funny, we called it that in Toronto, there was one right next to my place of employment. The new one will be a rather frightening 6 blocks from my place of residence. ← Jasmine, I too live in Fairview, where is the new Whole Foods going? Cate
  11. I was at the Four Seasons this morning for a breakfast meeting and it suddenly occurred to me to ask if Chartwell was in Dineout (yes I know I probably skimmed by their name 100 times on Tourism Vancouver’s site, but for some reason they were under my radar. I just looked at the menu and it's fabulous! I don't know why it has been so under the radar but as one of the best hotel dining rooms and one of the more expensive restaurants in Dineout it must be one of the best deals out there. I always have amazing service and great food ther. Their chef is excellent and the staff wonderful! I wond
  12. I was invited to a friend’s birthday party at the Cannery. Hadn't been there for years and it was fabulous!
  13. I have been doing some very preliminary work with a new concept restaurant in the heart of the downtown eastside called Butirmoth. Owner Terri Storey was part of the opening team of Wild Rice. The other owner is from California originally. They are a ways away from being ready and/or for me to actually start working for them but in the mean time they have a good blog! Had a great read over Christmas. Looks like they are frustrated with money issues, but have gone ahead and bought the building, now they just have to come up with the financing for the restaurant. Very early days yet but fun to
  14. Yup, Gotham (no S by the way) is always the first to sell out which is amazing as it's a lot bigger then a lot of the other restaurants.
  15. THe Gnocci at Amarcord is to die for as is the Strozzapret bolognese La Terrazza!
  16. I saw them at a shop on Arbutus and 11th in Vancouver last week. West side of the street, across from Tile and carpet place. Also saw them in a shop near Victoria on the weekend. Maddicks Farm (sp?) in Cordova Bay. Cate
  17. Oh dear, sadly (for you) Chambar is not open on December 24th. They are closed for Christmas the 24th, 25th and 26th and fyi are also closing for some renovations (refinishing floors and woodwork, etc) Jan 8th - 17th, 2006 Brix on Homer Street is open on Christmas Eve. Cate
  18. Here is what La Terrazza is doing....(one of my clients) From Russia with Love A Black Tie New Years Eve at La Terrazza This year La Terrazza take's a 007 theme of civilized decadence, great music and wonderful food and wine. Without giving all the secrets away...guests arrive on the red carpet, handing their car over to the valet or having their taxi door opened by a doorman. The courtyard has a special white tent full of surprises for later and a finely polished Astin Martin pulled up to the restaurants entrance. Already a feeling of mystique envelops you. Through the double French doors o
  19. Lucky me! I work with some of the finest restaurants in the city and because of my job as a publicist dine at the restaurants with media, for events and at various corporate dinner meetings. I have certainly had some of the best meals of my life here in Vancouver at these clients' restaurants, but to mention them would be shilling wouldn't it! I do so many events and dine out so often (yes I know, no sympathy from this group) that consequently I don't get the opportunity to dine out at places that are not my clients very often. I will however mention a couple of dining experiences I have had i
  20. Thought I would share a few more private rooms in some of the restaurants I work with. Cate LA TERRAZZA has two stunning private rooms. The Enoteca (the word “Enoteca” in Italian means wine bar - at La Terrazza it means a relaxed wine room) and the Terrace Room. Whether you have 10, 20, 60 or 200 people, La Terrazza has space for your private function - larger groups can be seated in the dining room. The Enoteca room is a private wine room that can seat up to 25 people boardroom style. The room has a private entrance from outside, (a doorman can be provided) an entrance through the restaurant
  21. An excerpt from the CCF Victoria Sponsored Chef of the Year Competition The Canadian Culinary Federation Victoria Branch is holding a cooking competition open to all Chefs of Vancouver Island to award them with the Chef of the Year Award. This event will take place Nov.6th at Camosun College Interurban Campus. We request that the applicant is a resident and is employed on Vancouver Island and that they incorporate island products into their menu. The menu has to be for a four-course dinner for ten persons, with no logos, no advertising, or identity on the menu. The format will be a blind numbe
  22. Woopsie! By the way, I have taken the Liberty of putting a ticket aside for e-gullet so no need to give them a deposit. C.
  23. Hi Jason, the draw will take place at Lumiere on November 10th. Young chefs from throughout BC are welcome to have their names submitted by their Executive Chef or perhaps it will be a pleasant surprise for someone! Please e-mail names to Lumière at Lumière@relaischateaux.com or fax to 604-739-8185, don't send it me please! (Gulp, I don't want the responsibility!) We expect to get students, apprentices and cooks. The young cooks/students etc. get exactly what the other guests get at $1,000 but they don't have to pay. Rob gives those seats away, and then takes the $6000 those seats would have
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