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  1. Hi Gulleter's! I am on my way to NU tonight for the first time, really looking forward to trying it and as I was out of town all of September as well as early October I missed all the reviews and buzz so I am looking forward to going in a bit blind! To the subject (or topic) at hand - Lumiere is one of my clients so I will have the inside scoop on the complete menu with wine pairings as soon as it is finalized and will post it for you right away. What I have seen of the menu is rather spectacular, as are the wines that are short-listed. I have not seen Chef Trotter's portion of the menu yet b
  2. Hi BC in BC, I had the Chicken Cordon Bleu. Dry and tastless. I soldiered through as I can pretty well eat anything when I'm hungry and I didn't want to appear ungrateful in front of my hosts - Who I hope don't read e-gullet, gosh I only just thought of that...
  3. Hi gulleter's! I tried tracking Thai food as a search, then tried your various best of threads but I can't seem to find anything on recommended Thai restaurants. Normally I would send them to Montri's but they are staying at the Hyatt and want a downtown restaurant. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Cate
  4. I ate at Henry's on Friday night. Now granted I did not pay the bill, in fact I didn't even see it, so I can't really speak to the value aside from guessing based on my menu items but I have a pretty good idea. I must have been in on one of those hit or miss nights and it was a miss night. My hosts mentioned that they felt the food was going downhill and that the portions and food quality were below what it had been. They, as regulars, were generally becoming luke-warm about the restaurant. Having never been there I was unable to compare it, but having said that, I still don't see what all th
  5. Is this a different place than Ho Yuen Ke on Fraser? Or one in the same? Cheers! ← Hi Vancouver Lee, I can only assume it is the same place as the recommendation came from someone else and I just wrote it down phonetically. Surely there can't be two places that sounds that similar at 43 and Fraser? Thanks!
  6. I was praying that the weather would not be so good as to guilt me into getting up early this morning so I was pleased to see the clouds, had a little sleep-in, then did my favorite Saturday morning routine. Make large cup of tea and take back to bed with the first of my 3 Saturday newspapers. Watch Global TV's Saturday Morning Chef (this week it was Morton's, next week it's Tina Fineza, formally the Exec Chef at Bin 942 and the new Exec Chef for George, a new Ultra Lounge opening later this summer (a partnership with owners of Brix and Seattle's best Coffee) Second cup of tea and now halfway
  7. Here is a few excerpts from some press I was sent on Marmalade...I haven't tried it yet, but plan to. Cate "Marmalade Kitchen & Bar located on Vancouver's Beach Avenue waterfront is now open and set to become your local. The retro-mod setting seats 75 including a spacious patio"... "Marmalade is the brainchild of owner and designer Ash Sharifaie. Sharifaie has spent 15 years in food service within the U.K. His last role was as a buyer for food industry leader the Compass Group, the largest food service company in the world" ..."Chef David Alsop - formerly of Aphrodite Cafe, Tomato Fresh Fo
  8. Hi Karole, your story about how a thrift store ended up on the corner of 41st and Arbutus is quite true! Great stuff huh! Guess that landlords not too popular... I don't think that Linda is going in to that location as she is still tweeking Picnic and has some plans for remodeling the store as well, but I will ask her as I should see her in the next week or so. Cate
  9. Does this belong in this thread? as it's not a restaurant... Barbara-jo's has opened a "wee culinary bookshop in the net loft on Granville Island. We are not fully dressed yet, but please come visit us in our underwear. et Loft on Granville Island" It's a little annex store, opened today. Her much larger new "main" store on West 2nd will open in August some time. Barbara-Jo's Books to Cooks www.bookstocooks.com
  10. OK, next time I have a hankering for Italian, Quattro it is! I swear I have been in their loo's and never noticed anything strange... They have a pasta dish on their menu that they served as staff dinner all the time and it made it onto the menu. Very spicy, excellent! I have worked in/for a few restaurants now where a favourite staff meal has made it on to the menu. In fact, the cover of Rob Feenie's first cookbook is a pasta dish that his old Sous Chef Marnie cooked for staff dinner all the time. Jamie, I thought Enoteca was Sushi, why did I think that? I love roast chicken, order it all th
  11. I was speaking to Caren McSherry this morning, she was preparing to move her Gourmet Warehouse to a new location at the end of June. If you haven't shopped there, it's amazing! Her new location will be at Hastings and Clarke, still on the East side to keep prices down. She mentioned she was going to have a sale at the old location on Pandora (Hastings and Victoria) about 2 weeks before she moved and said she would let me know. I will pass that date, as well as the new address on to you e-gulleters. Her products, selection and prices are great. Fleur de Sel at half the price of other location
  12. Read the Media Digest Arne... July 1! ← OK, I finally decided to stop lurking and get a cute/wierd e-gullet name and post or rather get questions answered by y'all. I just ran by this yesterday morning and there is no way they are going to be open by June 15th. It is certainly a very "solid" building... Daddy A, was the menu posted somewhere outside? I didn't see it.
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