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  1. I was there for lunch and I have to say, I'm a bit concerned for their future.. Perhaps I'm being Chicken Little here, but they have closed the Bleu Market, and have stopped accepting Discover Card. There two things alone show a desperation to cut costs. I know that the development of the space must have cost $$$; I will be surprised if they last until Summer. I still have not had a chance to go for dinner or cocktails (the wine list/wine by the glass/cocktails look amazing) but looking at the menu again, it strikes me as very unbalanced/lacked cohesiveness. The fact that so many dishes required so many different ingredients must mean that the food costs are through the roof.
  2. thoughts on Bleu? I've been there for lunch a few times and felt it was good value for money. The space is really nice and the concept is good. I did feel like the menu was a bit boring. My friend Mandy is doing pastries but I haven't had much of a chance to talk her about it.
  3. MWD, Sorry I missed this somehow. I would've been happy to meet you there. Damn job - how am I supposed to keep up with eG and work? ← 'scool. I did two three hour classes at Olathe North, and it took way more out of me than I expected. Who knew 16-18 year olds were such a handful? And to think high school was only a decade ago! Instead of a visit to the Bluestem lounge, I ventured down K10 to Lawrence and hit up Wheatfields for a few loaves, Free State for a few pints and Lovegarden for a few platters of vinyl (actually made out like a bandit here and found a few out of press records for way cheap).
  4. would anyone be interested in dinner at Bluestem on the 26th? I'll in KC giving a presentation to the Olathe North Culinary Arts program that afternoon, and would like to try the new menu before I head back east.
  5. Has anyone noticed a slight dip in quality at Sycamore? The last two or three times we've been we've had iffy experiences. We had a (admittedly late) lunch where nearly half the menu was 86'd (only after we ordered), a dinner where everything off the grill station was under or over done; I ordered lamb chops rare and they showed up cold rare (seriously under 50 degrees in the middle). The service seems of much less quality, We had our last waitress ignore us half the night (with a 1/3 full dining room) and look clueless on wine service. The time before that, I asked if my cassoulet had pork belly in it, and the waitress told me it was lamb! It's still hands down the best dining in Columbia, and we'll continue to go, but the recent trend worries me.
  6. Sorry for the late reply' I've been off the board for quite a while, but I would disagree that it would grade out at prime. From what I've seen and eaten, I would say that it would grade out fifty-fifty split select/choice. It's harder to tell, though, as I've only experience with the frozen product. I would be more willing to open a shop locally if there were more local producers, and if they had the beef graded.
  7. I can't believe I've missed this entire thread. It shows how little I visit the eGullet forums lately. Some glaring disagreements: Taj Majal and India Rasoi (or Kitchen I forget. The one on Broadway) are very pedestrian and I only bother when I'm really hard up for some Indian food. I think Taj Mahal is slightly better, but I wouldn't suggest either to any visitor. I'm spolied I guess because I was introduced to Indian food at India Palace in Lawrence when I went to school. Classy's may be all right for lunch, but the dinner menu has to be one of the wierdest, amaturish I've ever seen. In fact, it is responsible for one of the single worst meals I've ever had, esp. considering that the bill was higher than a dinner at either Sycamore or Trat. I'd like to like it more because I have friends on staff there and the owner is really sweet, but I can't. Has Flat Branch Brewery been mentioned? I'm not keen on the food there much at all (although the burgers are pretty good. They don't use Show-Me Farms anymore I don't think, though) but the beer is very, very good. I'm a pretty big microbew fanatic, and I really, really like the majority of their brews. We shop at HyVee, but I would avoid both the fish case and the fresh meat case based on my own industry knowledge and some insider knowledge. Also, the majority of thier self service case has bee switched to Tri-gas laden case-ready junk from Cargill that I wouldn't feed to a dog. I can't honestly reccomend any meat market in Columbia. I'm severly unimpressed by them all (I hope to maybe change this.) We also shop at Clovers and the Farmers Market.
  8. I obviously have access to a pro one at work, but I keep meaning to pick one up for the house. Just keep an eye out for restaurant closing or surplus auctions...seems like every auction I go to one is on the block. The Hobarts are the best in my experiance, but Berkel makes a very nice one as well.
  9. THat's funny, that's exactly what I did come butchering time; I butterflied one for stuffing and one with the intention of smoking it.I think I may still fire up the smoker this week
  10. slaughtered one at the begining of the winter, so I'm rushing to use it up to free some freezer space for the Veggie season. Last week I made a Jamaican Curried Goat. I used about 4 pounds stew meat ( mostly from the shoulder, but odd bits from when I butchered it), two onions chopped, three or four cloves of garlic, minced, two habaneros (couldn't get Scotch Bonnets) ~4 T. curry powder, Thyme, S&P to flavor and marinated all this over night in a ziplock with the juice of one lemon. Next day I heated up some oil in a heavy stew pot and browned all the ingredients. Once brown, I added ~4 cups clear chicken stock and simmered for about 6 hours. An hour before it was done, I threw about two cups of 1/2" diced, peeled potatoes in. Served on white rice cooked in coconut milk instead of water. Awesome. Think I will try this recipe next week that a goat rancher in PA sent me: CAPRETTO AL FORNO CON PATATE (Baked Spring Kid with Potatoes) 3 lbs. spring kid leg and rib fresh herbs 6 tbs. grated Pecorino 2 lbs. potatoes 4 tbs. white breadcrumbs 6 tbs. olive oil 3 cloves garlic Prepare a mix with Pecorino, white breadcrumbs, chopped garlic and herbs. Sprinkle the spring kid with this mixture. Peel and slice the potatoes. Put 4 tbs. oil in a baking pan and arrange the sliced potatoes in it. Place the baby goat on top of the potatoes and add more of the mixture. Add salt and pepper, drizzle with remaining olive oil and bake in oven at 450ºF for one hour.
  11. I'll echo Chad on the Tojiros, and add Hiromoto's High Carbon line. I bought a 300mm (~12") gyuto for less than $60. If you like/can deal with carbon steel, these are likely a higher value than the Tojiro DP line. Very nice. Also to add that the new CC's are not the same beast that they once were. They are all recycled, junk steel nowadays. The pure, virigin steel of the older knives will hold an excellent edge, the new ones, notsomuch.
  12. Aye, find a processor. Generally they will have meat lockers for rent. Mine rent for $9/mnth (or $25 per quarter) for a 2'X2'X3' locker.
  13. Never heard of them. I wonder if they're called the Cringe because he cringes everytime she laugh/gigles or has a food orgasm. I know I do.
  14. It's a specific way to butcher a chicken breast, involving taking out the keel bone but leaving the lower wing drummette in place. Sometimes people prepare these as twined lobed, two breast fillet, but that's more accuratly called a banquet breast. Ah, finally found an online illustration of this...see http://www.redbirdchicken.com/foodservice/index.cfm and scroll down a little to see what I'm talking about. -J
  15. Has Cafe Provence closed as well? ← Oooo... maybe not... maybe I'm getting it mixed up with Hannah's Bistro... By the way, Katie - what happened to the innaugurating post on this thread? your first sentence seems to come from the middle of nowhere... or maybe I'm not reading carefully.... u.e. ← Now I'm confused...the title on the webpage when you click menu is "Hannah Bistro"
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