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  1. Downtown-Roosevelt Tavern-great selections of beers and good comfort bar food Sens-soup gyuza dumplings very good Breadfruit-Jamaican, I have not been there but heard good things Lo-Lo's Fried Chicken and Waffles- Lunch Matt's Big Breakfast-Breakfast and Lunch
  2. Richard hired my good friend Chef Brian Lewis to run both the of the concepts. Brian is a serious talent and you can read my report on him while he was at the Vu in Scottsdale. Also, Martha, yes that Martha, is a big fan of what Brian is doing up there. I very much look forward to getting up that way to see what Brian is doing with all the great purveyors that he has sourced for the project. He also brought in Sous-Chef Jeremy McMillan to work with him from Redd in Napa and previously Zinc Bistro in Phoenix. He also got a little love from the NY Times.
  3. Chris, 2 cups Red Wine Vinegar 1 cup Sugar 1 cup Water 3 pieces Whole Star Anise 1 Vanilla Bean Split 5 Allspice 1/2 Tablespoon Whole Black Peppercorns 4 cloves toast spices in a pan...add vin, water, sugar and v bean to toasted spices let simmer until sugar dissolves and everything has enough time to "mingle" then strain liquid over huckleberries and let cool to room temp then refrigerate for up to two weeks less fuss way to enjoy: come to noca...order...put in mouth...say yum we also use them on a seared foie dish with black pepper- fuji apple reduction, pickled huckleberries, brioche crouton... Best, E
  4. we are limiting the covers for a bit, but ring me at the restaurant manana and I will make sure you are taken care of... E
  5. Eliot, congratulations on passing your inspections! Don't try this in the city of Los Angeles, unless you want more hoops to go through ... You might want to double-check your menu on your website for spelling et al.: Fettucine or Fettuccine? Please pardon the pickiness. Mind you, you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. No pressure, ehh? You got your purveyors all lined up? Are you sourcing your produce from California and/or more locally? What's been the buzz around town about your restaurant? Please respond at your earliest convenience, as though you have nothing else to do ... Again, wishing you well, Eliot. ← Hi Russell, Spelling is a moot point on that dish because we have taken that one off the final menu...as far as purveyors go-we have a few superstar local organic growers that we try and get as much product from as possible, but in the heat of the Arizona summer their offerings diminish. The produce company that we get the majority of our products from sources some things thru the Santa Monica Farmers Market. As for the buzz, let's see how it shakes out when we open up on Friday. Best, E
  6. I am also very anxious Genny. However, I believe Wednesday the 30th is the first night of service. ahurwich ← We will most definitely open up Friday August 1st...we just want to make sure everything is in place...
  7. we have the green light...we are going to open for business on Wednesday July 30...let me know when you are going to stop in E
  8. That is too bad and not at all representative of any of my visits there. What time of day did you try Smoque out? I can not get any good "Q" out my way and Smoque is a place that I crave.
  9. Thanks Genny...we will offer sweetbreads, marrow bones etc. down the line. We will print the menu in house so it will change very frequently. I like Graham Elliot's verbiage of "refined dining", our aim to to create an experience that we would like as a diner. Our Chef Chris Curtiss's background is in fine dining kitchens (Fifth Floor, Charles Nob Hill and Masa's both as Sous-Chef for Ron Siegel) so we will have the attention to detail from fine dining but presented in a casual but attentive atmosphere at an accessible price point. We will have a full bar and will have some fun with the drink offerings. The wine list will be comprised of California, French, Italian, Spanish and Australian wines with glasses from $6 - $12 and the bottles will have a range of pricing. I will have some dates soon as we have a couple of final inspections to follow... look forward to having you...
  10. Bev-Mo in Tempe is not that far from the airport Beverages & more! Tempe, AZ 15 S. McClintock Dr Tempe, AZ 85281 Store Contact: Email: store83@bevmo.com Phone: (480) 446-0368 Fax: (480) 446-0370 Zinc is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner
  11. Doc...the method that I am familiar with is the standard method of poaching but stopping when barely set then into cold water...dry the egg and standard breading procedure then a quick fry so the egg stays molten...delicious...we will have a crispy poached egg with a prime ribeye at NOCA. E
  12. molto e


    Kitchen Arts and Letters in New York is where I bought my copy from...
  13. April 13, 2008 From the Arizona Republic: Vegas Dining...Food Critic Howard Seftel reviews a few high-end tables in Vegas. From the Phoenix New Times: Frozen Yogurt in the Valley...Stacey's Smokehouse...Overeasy...Humble Pie...Food Critic Michele Laudig's latest reviews... From the Tucson Citizen: Sunny Daze Cafe...Food Critic Tom Stauffer's latest review in "Cheap Eats" is the Sunny Daze Cafe, which he finds is an "imaginative, little island in an ocean of standard-issue breakfast and lunch joints>" Trattoria Pina...Tom Stauffer reviews Trattoria Pina and feels the "the house specialties have stood the test of time for good reason and will yield positive results." From the Tucson Weekly: Dragon's Village Restaurant...My Big Fat Greek Restaurant...Chow Bella...Bayou Cafe...some recent reviews from the Tucson Weekly gang. Good Eating, Molto E
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