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  1. Neil Hamburger and Lemon Meringue pie: 1. Neil Hamburger has a really bad comb over 2. Comb overs are usually found on older people 3. Some older people have been known to make Florida their home. 4. Lemon Meringue pie is a very popular dessert in Florida during the summertime! How bout… Roy Clark and nan -Therese
  2. Sure And Twizzlers cherry licorice work well too. And then there's peanut butter play dough - equal parts uncooked oatmeal, dry milk, peanut butter and honey. Not too bad for the kiddos. Therese
  3. Sadly, Shake a Pudding goes the way of the dinosaurs, while Suddenly Salad defies Darwin, and lives on. -Therese
  4. I think you're on to something here. Somewhere along the way, the chocolate in M&M's changed. I'm thinking around the early 70's?? I remember saving up dimes and nickles and buying a big pound bag of them when I was a kid and thinking "YUCK, something is different" -therese
  5. When I was a kid, I thought the ultimate in adult party eats equaled one of those green slushy whiskey sours (Made with the fancy green maraschino cherries ) and a tin of smoked oysters mmmm) That, and maybe some cheese stuck on a toothpick like "T.O.F." mentioned, just screams air hockey and shag carpeting to me. -therese
  6. Starving... nothing at desk... dry Cremora.... sugar... oh gawd... Guess it's Cremora and sugar. Hmmmm that month old strawberry Brummel and Brown and frozen bagel are starting to sound like a feast. -therese
  7. What a heavenly test. Who cares if it's not scientific... it's BACON for crying out loud. Carry on soldiers. Must have hot slaw…now. -therese
  8. Tmnoland

    Halloween Candy

    Resistance is futile - I love Smarties. As a kid, my friends and I would pretend they were pills. Make you all better. I noticed the candy store is selling candy cigs again! haha! Nobody wants to be non-P.C., so I'm sure they won't make it into the trick or treat bags. Why is the white part on candy corn the best? hmmmmmm -therese, m.d. (take two white smarties and call me in the morning.)
  9. Exactly!! Some white chocolate covered pretzels or reeeeally good milk chocolate almond bark A good book maybe a shot of tequila and leave me the hell alone! -therese
  10. Compliments of Dave : Top Ten Things Overheard at Martha Stewart's Thanksgiving Dinner 10. "Martha's carving the turkey with a shiv" 9. "The yams really accentuate your jumpsuit" 8. "Let's give thanks that we live in a country where vast wealth still has a good shot at keeping you out of prison" 7. "Federal agents -- come out -- you're surrounded" 6. "I didn't feel like doing much this year, so everything's from Roy Rogers" 5. "A meal like that is worth a dozen cartons of cigarettes" 4. "I don't know about justice, but you sure obstructed my diet tonight" 3. "I'm totally gonna bid on that couch at the government auction" 2. "Malt liquor -- it's a good thing" 1. "We should do this again in 4 to 6 years" -t
  11. Chili spaghetti. Fun to make, because you can vary the ingredients and toppings to your mood. Makes the house smell like heaven. I usually have all the ingredients on hand and the end result is always sooo comforting. -therese
  12. Wanted something sweet, made bananas Foster. Discovered we had no vanilla ice-cream - rats. Still good. -therese
  13. OH, don’t even get me started on raisins in my rice pudding. It’s wrong I tells ya! All that nice, rich, creamy goodness adulterated by little, brown, slimy blobs. Kimmy for president!! --therese
  14. Braunschweiger strange? nah. But then I'm from Cincinnati and I'm german. (With onions on rye please! Big dark beer on the side). I get the strangest craving for lemons with salt on them. I also get that weird cornedbeef craving now and then; it must be a sodium thing. --therese
  15. Cool! :) I did a global search with the word "smoking" and got 2500 hits. Is there any chance you can direct me to the thread of which you speak? Speaking of cheffing... isn't there a salve you can get for that? ;) smoking chefs Ask and yee shall receive. -t
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