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  1. Easy. Brown in a cast iron skillet in hot oil (not olive, use goose fat if possible) until you see the potatoes begining to cook all the way through (you can look at the colour and tell), then sprinkle with a tablespoon of flour, give it a good shake and brown in a hot oven for 20 mins. VERY crispy, nice and soft inside, and doesn't taste like flour!
  2. Sod Sussex, STAFFORDSHIRE, now, there's a place that needs a decent restaurant!
  3. kutsu

    Pizza: Cook-Off 8

    Soldiers are slices of toast, cust into "finger" type shapes. Think what you guys would call fish-sticks for the shape, but buttered toast instead of greasy fish, obviously.
  4. Sounds fantastic, thanks for the report!
  5. Got to agree, she really is the only professional person in the teams, the rest just run around like headless chickens.
  6. Kerry, Kellie, Collie. Different names, same annoyingly-loud woman.
  7. Kerry is a sure to win this now, only that Geordie bloke and her to deserve to be in this. I missed the first few minutes last night, why was JCN so moody? Besides him being french, and everything
  8. kutsu

    Pizza: Cook-Off 8

    Hi folks, first ever time contributing! My recipe: 4 cups flour mixed bread flour and 00 grade flour 3/4 - 1/4 respectively 1 cup water 1 cup yeast sourdough starter salt to taste No sugars at all, just the flour and the starter to allow for the taste of the dough. Always comes out in a proper neopolitan style, with the base actually tasting great and NOT floury. The secret is no oil, no sugar, and SOURDOUGH STARTER. It really really makes a huge difference. Now, just need a wood burning oven ( sigh)
  9. Still watching, Gary R, I have a lot of respect for him, but man, since finding my copy of his "Tate and Lyle" cookbook and now THIS.. :) It's a good enough show, fills the post-dinner void quite well I guess. Still find it hilarious at how Sam played Arron out of the game, she didn't really think much to the idea of meeting up again, whilst he was smitten. She's playing the game, watch as she now starts to cuddle up to someone else so they get the chop.
  10. Thanks for all the great information guys, this is a really good discussion. I think I'm starting to lean towards the idea of working up, and yes I was asking the other half about B&B in and around Birmingham, and area I've not been to, but an area with seemingly an active attempt to gain food recognition. Or heck, even leeds or somewhere like that. Glad to hear that if I ever DID decide to go 3*, I wouldn't be made to feel unwelcome on account of the whole age thing. x
  11. Good suggestions, will have to have a look at Ludlow. Funny you should mention Paris, we were supposed to be staying at that hotel that just had 20 people burn to death in it, next week. More than slightly glad that I decided to go and save up for a house instead. Thanks again folks, I love this place.
  12. Something I hadn't considered, to be honest. The reason I haven't eaten ANY michelin-starred level is simply because there is nothing within a 100 mile radius that has a star, the closest being manchester which the last I heard, only has aspiring "star". Still, it's a good idea, certainly one I might have a look into. Perhaps several 1 star/nearly 1 star meals would be more "worthwhile" than jumping the gun? Interesting, and thanks.
  13. Hah thanks for the welcome Bapi, much appreciated! Good to hear we wouldn't be laughed at, it hasn't happened yet at all (although I do get the odd strange look when I ask a butcher for pig's cheeks or course-minced veal) but I've never dined Michelin-level. Hopefully it would be a thursday/friday and its a good 3 months or so down the line, but any day would be good, then I would have an excuse (*cough*) to get time off work ;) thanks for the info! (oh and sure, come along, you can pick up the drinks bill ;))
  14. Can I ask a question? I'm thinking of taking the girlfriend to RHR for her birthday. Would we be treated differently because we are both young? (both 21 y/o) I would love to sample my first michelin-starred meal (and a 3 at that) and the money wouldn't be a problem, but I wouldn't want to be treated like an idiot for wanting to dine here, would I? perhaps a stupid question, but forwarned is better than being laughed at.
  15. I tried the idea of the generic curry sauce, with the thick onion and tomato base last night, served with some nice basmati rice and with some chicken thighs (favourite cut for most things, breasts are so un-flavoured compared to them) and it was actually very very nice. Time to go forage for that "50 Currys" book.
  16. Hi folks, long time reader, first time poster. I'm actually really enjoying this show. I thought Masterchef was pretty appaling, and the big-brother aspects of this show are somewhat mind-numbing, but the service is very interesting to watch, even to someone as far-removed from the trade as myself. I really wish that Sam woman (I think thats her name anyway) would stop with the "Hey, I'm a single-mum, I'm useless" bull. That.. Vicky? (Trying to remember the names whilst at work is hard, can't access the show's website) woman who acts like Angela Hartnett is quite entertaining however. Glad that law student went out, I thought he was more than a trifle pretentious.
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