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  1. Hilariously bad meal here tonight. £300 And the best thing was the amuse bouche... 7pm sharp arrived to two other tables occupied. Amuse was a cheeze sable with red pepper Jamie dodger. Great cheese taste, a good start Took the fiver course with matching wines. First course was crab with cauliflower jelly. Actively offensive, not least due to the bit of shell I found in the crab. Fridge cold and lacking seasoning. Second starter was scallop with carrot emulsion; the scallops weren't seared properly and the carrot purée (with multicoloured carrots inside) weren't seasoned - yes, it was "sweet"
  2. Holy shi.. really? that's terrible. My thoughts go out to them..
  3. Is there a worse county than Staffordshire to live in for Michelin goodness? ..sigh..
  4. Thanks folks - going to see if I can get into Hedone - looks fantastic. Crap website though.
  5. After a meal with the following criteria, if anyone can kindly assist: - Satrday lunch, anytime between 12 and 2pm sitting - Must be high-end, so at least 1 mich star, prefer. 2+ - Not fussed about type or style Everything I have googled so far is closed saturday - god knows why, I'd have though sat'd lunch would be buzzing.. Thanks!
  6. Birthday lunch yesterday (Saturday 21st) was exellent. Amuse of a very tangy and, considering it was tres sunny, very welcome gazpacho. Starter of home cured beef fillet, avocado ice cream, parmesan custard, assorted tomatoes - superb, the beef with real flavour from the curing process, and the whole dish eating together very well. Special shoutout to the sun-dried cherry tomatoes - really fantastic. The wife (upgraded since last visit) had a blackstick's blue twice baked souffle - tasted nice enough, but my starter was in another league, so didn't press the issue. Mains were lamb rump & c
  7. Thanks; I was hoping for somewhere a little closer to home in the UK though, but I appreciate the reply!
  8. Anyone have any good suggestions for places to pick up some top italian / italian-style ingredients? after good olive oil, salted anchovies, mustard fruits etc - not London based but happy to mail order.
  9. To stick up for Fischers - I've eaten in lots of 1 and 2 star restaurants, but I'd still rate Fischers as my favourite restaurant. It's great; good portions, great surroundings, friendly staff - really recommend it.
  10. I know it get knocked here, and the truffle thing is dissapointing, but that food (and the pictures!!) looks fantastic. Old school, but fantastic.
  11. Good meal at San Carlo Chicceti - nice space, good, unpretentious food, tasty ingredients. Not cheap, but absolutely packed on a tuesday lunch. Food is served tapas style, fritto misto de mare, lasagne, excellent ribs. Only miss-hit was lamb chops - mega succulent, but stingy portion at 2 for c. £5.50.
  12. I'd put a Burford Brown against any egg from a US supermarket. Let alone good italian eggs, with vivid orange yolks and a superb depth of flavour. Plus the whole scenario highlighted in "Eating Animals" puts a bit of a distaste in my mouth..
  13. No star at Claridges for gordo though Is Petersham Nurseries a.. garden centre?
  14. Absolutely stunned this hasn't leaked yet - anyone heard anything "on the inside"?
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